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How to Get Zappos Student Discount

Summer is rapidly fading and with its passing, the new school year is fast approaching. For some, it may have already begun. Naturally, most students want a brand-new wardrobe for the session; it won’t do to start the semester with the same cycle of outfits.

So, where can you get magnificent clothes at a store that accommodates your budget? You’ll solve all your clothing problems and more with the Zappos student discount.

In addition, Zappos doesn’t only sell shoes and clothes to you, they also give you a little more to sweeten your deal. We’ll talk about it in the next section.

What is Zappos?

There can never be too many clothing retailers, so here’s another one for you. Zappos is an American online clothing and shoe retailer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Although the retail company launched twenty years ago as a small shoe retailer, they’ve expanded to accommodate other clothing items. Regardless, you need to be special to stand out, and for Zappos, that extra something is outstanding customer service.

Within the last fifteen years, this company has ranked among the top twenty in the Fortune 100 magazine’s list of ‘100 Best Companies to Work For.’ This further proves the overall friendliness of Zappos, both to its customers and employees. The company’s primary aim is to be known as a service company that just happens to sell.

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Zappos Pricing

Of course, you’re in a hurry to know about the Zappos student discount, and would probably prefer to skip this. However, you must know what you can get from Zappos, and their regular prices, so you’ll get a better picture of discounts if there are any.

In 2010, estimably, shoes made up 80% of Zappos’ business, while clothes, handbags, and accessories like eyewear made up the remaining 20%. Hence, the majority of Zappos’ available goods are footwear. Their wide selection ranges from casual footwear like Crocs to Birkenstocks, Dr. Martens, Vans, Hokan, and even Adidas. Currently, these items typically cost anywhere between $50 and $100 on more casual shoes and up to $200 on corporate shoes or heels.

Also, on the Zappos website, you can buy a proper evening gown for that hot date you have. And no, your size doesn’t matter. Zappos is all-inclusive for size, color, style, and budget. Now, Zappos dresses cost anywhere from $80 to almost $300.

Finally, Zappos has basic back-to-school functional pieces like jeans and affordable backpacks between $30 and $100. Plus, if you love athleisure, Zappos is your one-stop shop for casual tees and sweats, workout sets, and hoodies under $100. Visit the Zappos store to see your full options.

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Does Zappos Offer Student Discounts?

Now, for the real deal. Zappos doesn’t retail high-end or luxury items, but saving any amount of money can go a long way for a student. Thus, does Zappos offer any discounts, especially for students?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Zappos doesn’t joke with serving you, so naturally, they’ll have discounts in place to keep you happy. With Zappos, you can get a 10% student, teacher, or military discount. All you have to do is meet one condition. Want to know what this may be? Then, keep reading.

Conditions for Zappos Student Discount

Now, let’s discover what this mysterious condition is. It’s not as serious as it sounds, and if you’re genuinely a student, you shouldn’t have any hitches.

Discounts are awfully attractive and everyone wants to take advantage of them. However, because Zappos loves you and wants to keep these deals exclusively for you, they have to be sure you’re a student. Consequently, this means that you must be a properly verified student before you can use Zappos student discounts.

Zappos is so generous that they don’t care about your program type or structure. There’s no specification on the kind of student that’s eligible for discounts. Whether full-time or part-time, you only need to be registered with any recognized American 4-year college, 2-year college, or trade school.

Still, further demonstrating their generosity, Zappos allows you an extra eighteen months of discount eligibility after your graduation. See the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

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How to Get Zappos Student Discount

So how does Zappos confirm that you’re a student? Is this requirement just a corporate bluff? Fun fact – it’s not, so get deceived. Zappos does check!

There are two ways you can get access to Zappos student discounts, and neither of them is stressful or difficult.

Zappos uses two main platforms for student verification – SheerID and Student Beans. We’ll get into them below.

What is SheerID?

Numerous brands outside Zappos, including Spotify, YouTube, and Nike, use SheerID. In essence, SheerID confirms that you’re a student on behalf of the parent brands offering student discounts.

This means that you can’t get a Zappos student discount if you bypass SheerID because Zappos can’t know that you merit them.

Next, how exactly does SheerID check your status? What do you need to provide for your verification to be successful?

To seamlessly register on SheerID, you must present some necessary documentation. Ensure that your preferred document contains personal details like your first and last names and school name with a valid date.

Here’s a list of acceptable documents. You can choose to upload more than one if you please.

  1. Any official academic letter showing your full name and current term date.
  2. Student ID card showing valid date
  3. Current learning curriculum with dates and your name.
  4. Any other school document that shows your name and a valid date.

Signing Up with SheerID

If you have any of the stated documents, then proceed to the registration process. Don’t stress – it’s very easy.

  1. Visit Zappos to go to the SheerID signup page. You can also go check out the Student, teacher & military discount page to use the official Zappos link.
  2. In the returned form, click the student radio button. Next, enter your school name, first and last name, email address, and date of birth.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Now, here comes the most important stage – document upload. Note that your document must show the name, and school name you entered previously, and the date within the current term. If it doesn’t, you’ll be declined.
  5. Click Upload Document, and send your choice document in the required format. Then, click Submit for Review.

That’s it! Wait for your email confirmation, after which your discount will automatically apply whenever you shop. Meanwhile, Zappos carries out this verification yearly, so expect the annual checks.

What is Student Beans?

Alternatively, you can opt to go through Student Beans. Like SheerID, Student Beans is an online verification platform brands use to check your student status before giving you access to corresponding promos.

Does Student Beans also demand a document upload before you can be verified? No. Unlike SheerID where you’re required to upload acceptable documents, Student Beans only needs you to have a working student school email address, for example,

Still, Student Beans lets you sign up even if you don’t have a personal school email. Just follow the stated prompts and provide a valid student ID. Nonetheless, this method does take longer than the almost immediate regular method, so give it some time and don’t be impatient.

How to Create a Student Beans Account

Now, the next step is to create your Student Beans account. Again, Student Beans is quite simple to use; there’s no rigor involved in the process. Sometimes though, step-by-step instructions prove helpful, so keep reading if you need assistance.

Like Zappos itself, Student Beans doesn’t place restrictions on student programs. Full-time or part-time students of all colleges, universities, and apprentices are welcome. So long as you’re up to 16, and you have a valid ID for verification, you’re ready to zoom off.

Student Beans divides its account opening process into three phases with groups of information.

Stage 1

Here, you’re filling in your user details.

  1. First, open your browser, search Student Beans sign up, and click on the first search result. For convenience, you could use this link.
  2. Fill in your first and last names, email, and password.
  3. Click the blue Create Account button at the end of the form.

Stage 2

Next, you need to input your personal information:

  1. Add a profile photo (this is optional).
  2. Again fill in your name, date of birth, gender, and the checkboxes.
  3. You’ll notice a green button labeled verify as a student. Save changes, then click this button to proceed.

Stage 3

Lastly and most importantly, we have the verification process. To verify, do the following:

  1. Select your graduation year
  2. Input your student email address and click Continue.
  3. Select your country and input your institution.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. After clicking, you’ll get a link in your student email from Student Beans. Click this link to complete your process.

And you’re done! It’s that simple. Congratulations, you’re now an officially verified student. To get your discount, click Then, click Continue to, login, and follow the prompts to claim your discount.

However, keep in mind that it’s better to go through SheerID as the Student Beans website claims you may need to externally verify with Zappos. So, unless you need a Student Beans account, save yourself the extra work.

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How to Save on Zappos Purchases

Outside Zappos student discounts, there are many other ways to save when shopping with Zappos. We’ll get into it below.

1. Join the Zappos VIP Programme

This is one of Zappos’ ways of thanking you for being a loyal customer. Here, Zappos rewards you with a free point for every $1 you spend.

When you’ve accumulated enough points, you can log in to your Zappos account and access your dashboard to redeem VIP points for VIP codes. Moreover, you get access to free shipping, bonus points on some brands, and a lot more goodies!

What’s more, joining this program will cost you nothing; it’s free! To join, follow the Zappos VIP link and sign up.

2. Look Out for Zappos Sales Promo

Zappos carries out multiple sales throughout the year. This includes student-friendly back-to-school sales, Black Friday sales, and general random sales.

And don’t think they throw unwanted, knock-off items into sales, you’ll still be getting the best from Zappos, but at substantially reduced prices.

You need to take an extra step if you want to get first-hand information about sales. Subscribe to Zappos’ mailing list and make their newsletters your new best friend.

3. Use Coupons

Zappos doesn’t offer public coupons, consequently, don’t bother with those Zappos coupon websites and links you see all over the internet. However, they do have you in mind, and you’re uniquely valued, thus, expect occasional surprises in your mailbox from time to time even if you’re only a potential customer. Additionally, you can apply any Zappos gift cards you earn, so be on the lookout for those.


You deserve to shop at a store that promises you great customer service along with quality goods. In summary, Zappos is the retailer you’ve been searching for.

Not only do you get top-notch service with your purchases, but you get it at affordable prices with Zappos student discounts. So, hurry now, and make Zappos your go-to online store to enjoy the numerous benefits they offer.

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FAQs About Zappos Student Discount

1.   What is Zappos?

Zappos is an online retailer that deals in shoes, clothes, and accessories for all ages, sizes, and genders.

2.   Are there any Zappos student discounts?

Yes, Zappos offers a 10% student discount to all registered students of two or four-year colleges and trade schools in the United States.

3.   How do I get my Zappos student discount?

Head over to Zappos, get verified with SheerID, and Zappos will automatically apply your discount for a full year. Alternatively, you can go through Student Beans.

4.   Does Zappos offer free shipping?

Yes, Zappos offers free expedited shipping to its VIP program members, so join the program with this link.

5.   Is there a return policy at Zappos?

You won’t believe this, but Zappos has a dreamy, legendary 365-day return policy! However, make sure your goods are in good condition; don’t be a crook.

6.   How do I learn about Zappos sales?

Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! Sign up to receive Zappos’ newsletters; you’ll be the first to hear about freebies and sales.

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