How To Get YouTube TV Student Discount [Simplified]

Getting a YouTube tv student discount would be in your best interest as a student. 

If you don’t use YouTube as a student, then the fact that you can secure a YouTube TV student discount should spur you to start today.

By the end of this post, you will be glad to have insight into how you can save money as a student by getting a YouTube tv student discount.

Let’s dive in!!

A brief on YouTube TV

Not everyone would be conversant with what YouTube TV and hence, this article would bring every to speed on what it is and what it offers.

YouTube TV is simply a streaming service that allows registered members to view live TV through cable TV networks.

On YouTube TV, you can view channels such as PBS, NBC, BBC, ABC, Viacom CBS, Disney channel, and other 78 channels.

YouTube TV was first launched in five US markets – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia in April 2017. And in 2019, the services of this TV were extended to other US cities.

Currently, YouTube TV has been made available nationwide, and all you need to get it is to enter the 5-digit ZIP code on the website, to see the full list of channels available in your area.

Now, you can enjoy national sports, breaking shows, live shows, and other interesting shows.

Devices on which you can watch YouTube TV

As much as you would love to enjoy YouTube TV, you cannot view it on all devices. But for insight, this article would give a brief on devices that are compatible with YouTube TV.

1. Android Devices

First on the list is the android phones. An android phone can be accessed by everyone. To say the least, it is quite affordable and has the majority of the apps on the play store.

All you need to do is to download the YouTube app TV from the play store, register, and start enjoying it. 

But if you are unable to download it, then your device does not support it. And you would get a message stating that it is incompatible with your phone.

2. iPhone and iPads

iPhones and iPads are top devices that can also be used to view YouTube TV. But like Android devices that have an issue with compatibility, iPhones and iPads have their issue.

To access YouTube TV on your iPhone has to be an iOS 12 or later. You can watch it in portrait or landscape mode on your iPad.

3. Personal computer

Your personal computer is not as mobile as your mobile gadgets, but you can also view YouTube TV on it.

All you would need is the internet and a connection to the web. And also you need the latest edition of browsers such as safari, firefox, or chrome.

4. Television Set

Before now, television sets were not able to access YouTube TV, but with an increase in technology comes more exciting features.

Some selected television sets that can now carry YouTube TV are Hisense TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku players, Samsung and LG smart TVs, Vizio SmartCast TVs, Sharp, Apple TV boxes, etc.

Also, if you are a gamer, you can view YouTube TV on Chromecast, PS4 Pro, PS5, PS4, 

And Xbox One consoles.

How to get YouTube TV student discount

Now, you would get the simplified method of getting a YouTube TV student discount on your devices.

A computer, an Android phone or tablet, an iPad, or an iPhone can all be used to register for YouTube TV.

A. Using a computer, you can sign in to YouTube TV

  • By first signing up with your web browser, and by visiting
  • Next, press the button that would begin your free trial.
  • Then use your Google account to log in.
  • Next, verify where you live. With the help of a simple zip code. Use your phone’s location permission to verify this. Please keep in mind that this information will allow you to connect to the correct local network.
  • Customize your membership after that. Through the networks that have been added to your YouTube account. The cost of membership, as well as the due date, will also be displayed. To proceed to the next step, click the next button.
  • Additional premium networks can be added at any time. Then tap on the circle icon next to a network and then press enter to continue.
  • Next, you’ll need to verify your credit card to take advantage of the YouTube tv student discount.

B. Using an android phone

Follow these steps to get a discount on YouTube TV for students on an Android device:

  • Go to Playstore to get the app for Youtube TV.
  • To start the trial, click the button.
  • Use your Google account to sign in.
  • Enter your home zip code to find out where you live.
  • Then, make your membership your own by
  • taking a look at the channels that come with your YouTube TV Basic Package.

You’ll also see the price of your subscription.

  • Select Next to progress on to the next step.
  • You can add another premium network to your Base Plan by pressing the circle next to a network.
  • You can add as many top-quality networks as you want during your trial.
  • If you like the choices you’ve made, click Next. Make sure you want to use a credit card to pay for your membership.
  • You won’t be charged until the end of your trial period, and you can stop at any time.

Price of YouTube TV

For one membership, it costs about $49.99 (tax inclusive).

Benefits of using YouTube TV

The benefits attached to using YouTube TV student discounts are many. But some merits would be listed below.

1. No hidden charges

Unlike most TVs, there are no hidden charges with YouTube TV, and to top it off, the plans are straightforward and cheap.

2. Availability

You can view YouTube TV on either your phone or your, smart TV or your tablet. And in some situations, you could be viewing YouTube TV on your smart TV, and then you get a call that requires you to move out.

Because of the availability of YouTube TV in any location, you can easily continue your viewing from where you stopped.

3. Error-free streaming

Have you ever encountered an error message while streaming a TV? And how pleased were you when it occurred? 

Well, with YouTube TV, this cannot occur and this is because Google has put into place systems that ensure you do not encounter this.

4. Channels

Paying for a TV that does not give you options for viewing multiple channels would be a wasted effort.  

YouTube TV has over 85 channels from which you can choose and enjoy. These channels were carefully hand-picked and cut across various sectors. Some are sports channels, music, channels for your kids and so much more.

5. Subscription package

Subscription of up to six accounts in less than 4 weeks is very possible with YouTube TV. Also, you can connect three devices at the same time. Isn’t this wonderful?

6. Voice control

YouTube TV allows you to make use of voice control to select a channel, playback, or even TV shows.

This is made possible with Google Home, an unusual feature that comes with youtube TV.

7. Digital voice recording

With YouTube TV, you can keep recordings of your photos, shows, and other content for up to 9 months. Also, you can break, forward, or rewind it. And these features cannot be found on other TVs.

List of YouTube TV channels

There are over 85 channels on YouTube TV, with the most popular being BBC world news FoxNews, MSNBC, FX, Bravo, CNN, truTV, Adult swim, CNBC, etc.

Some YouTube TV channels:



Adult swim






Cartoon network



E!, etc.

YouTube TV vs Hulu TV

For clarity’s sake, Hulu TV is another TV that comes close to YouTube TV, but you will get a good insight into the difference between both.

ConsiderationYouTube TVHulu TV
Cloud DVR storageUnlimited50 hours
Popular channels7873
Free trialsYesYes
Pricing$65 monthly$70 monthly
Fast-forward or skip commercials with cloud DVRYesNo (Except you pay $10)
Comparison between Hulu vs. YouTube TV

From the above, it is clear that YouTube TV is the best for you. Asides from being cheaper than Hulu TV, it also gives more flexible options than that Hulu TV.

YouTube TV vs Sling

For most people, money can be a factor when subscribing to a TV. And sling comes in handy. But would it get you the juicy offer YouTube TV gives?

ConsiderationYouTube TVSling
Cost$65$35 (Sling and Blue)$50 (Orange and Blue)
Popular channels6725-40
Cloud DVRUnlimited50 hours 
Comparison between YouTube TV and Sling

YouTube TV vs FUBO

Another TV that compares with YouTube TV is FUBO. But is it better than YouTube TV? Let’s find out.

ConsiderationYouTube TVFUBO
Popular channels32/3527/35
Cartoon Network, TBS, CNN, TNTYesNo
Digital video recordingUnlimited1000 hours
Comparison between YouTube TV and FUBO

Now, you have seen the difference between both. Though FUBO has a higher price than YouTube TV, it still does not cut it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is YouTube free with Amazon Prime?

No, YouTube TV is not free with prime TV.

The downside of YouTube TV?

The downside to YouTube TV is the price, ads during streaming, and RSN coverage


In conclusion, you need to get a YouTube TV student discount because YouTube offers more prospects than other TVs, even with its cost.

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