Xfinity Student discount gift card

Xfinity Student Discount – Get a Free $100 Prepaid Gift Card

College students need the Internet for everyday class needs, and they’re in desperate need of affordable plans. This is where the student discount Xfinity comes in.

Xfinity is a brand that is run under Comcast (the parent company). It is widely known for providing phone, cable TV, and internet services as well as a wide range of internet plans to its subscribers.

We know that an internet connection is an essential part of a student’s life because it is required for many academic and recreational activities. 

However, with so many bills to pay, the cost of internet plans may be too expensive for many students.

As a result, Xfinity offers discounts on a variety of internet plans to students and teachers.

Xfinity Student discount gift card

Does an Xfinity Student Discount exist?

Yes, Xfinity offers a student discount. Xfinity provides student plans at cheap prices. The plan enables you to enjoy incredible internet benefits.

Students can save money with an Xfinity student discount while still receiving excellent internet service. 

You can also get a cheap TV service with a discount. Xfinity provides a prepaid gift card of up to $100 USD along with six months of free Amazon Music Unlimited.

However, these discounts are only available to you if you are a student subscribing to any of their internet bundles.

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How to get the Student Discount Xfinity

You’re probably eager to see how you can get the student discount Xfinity. I’d be super curious if I were you.

The best place to get the best student deals and offers is on the Xfinity student page.

To receive an Xfinity student discount, you must fill out the form on the student page and probably provide some sort of documentation proving you are currently a student.

Steps to get the student discount for Xfinity

  • Go to the Xfinity student page here
  • Fill out the form on the page to check if you are eligible for the student plans offered by Xfinity.
  • Once you’re eligible for the student plans, access the Xfinity official website and sign up for the student plan
  •  Input the necessary details to get the custom plan.
  • To learn more about the Xfinity Mobile Broadband disclosure, click here.

Also, when applying for an Xfinity student discount, keep the following points in mind as you fill out the form:

  • Only students that attend degree-granting colleges or universities are eligible.
  • Make sure to spell out the full name of your college or university.
  • Your eligibility will also depend on whether Xfinity Internet is available in the area.
  • It is not available for students living in on-campus housing.

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What kind of student documentation is required?

Student documentation is only required when your automatic student verification fails.

In addition, if you are not immediately verified as a student, Xfinity may request appropriate documents or evidence. 

It will then compare the information you entered in the application to the information on your documentation to determine whether or not you are currently enrolled.

Xfinity accepts any school-issued document with your first and last name, the name of the school, and the date of your current enrollment. Something like a transcript 

Finally, remember that previous or future semesters do not count as current enrollment.

Limitations of the student discount Xfinity

Unfortunately, the offer is not available in all areas.

Furthermore, it is only available to new residential customers.

While the student offer requires verification, the offer must be redeemed within 180 days.

You can also learn more about the limitations of the student discount Xfinity here.

The Best Xfinity Student Discount Plans 

It is extremely difficult to manage bills as a student, you have to cater to your clothes, tuition fees, daily upkeep, and rent.

Due to its academic and social importance, an internet connection is one of those utilities that you cannot live without as a student. 

Moreover, joining the Xfinity Student Discount program can help you reduce the cost of your internet bills.

It also saves you the hassle of dealing with expensive internet plans.

Xfinity Internet provides lightning-fast speeds to ensure that your online classes run smoothly and without lags.

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You will receive the following as a student:

  • A $100 Visa Prepaid card for students to use in order to gain access to a fast internet connection.
  • Six months of Amazon Music Unlimited, with unlimited access to over 75 million songs on the Amazon Music app. 
  • Xfinity Flex is a 4K streaming device for watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

The best part about having Xfinity Internet is that you can connect to any Xfinity hotspot in the country, whether it is in a small town shop, a cafe, a restaurant, a library, or a mall. 

The Xfinity Internet plans that you can make effective use of as a student across all available states in the country include:

  • Up to 300 Mbps

The monthly fee for the 300 Mbps plan is $39.99.

With this purchase, users receive a free self-installation kit. 

This is the most basic and least expensive option available. So, it is appropriate for users who only use the internet occasionally. 

It is small enough to operate in a small household. This plan can support up to eight devices at the same time.

It comes with a 2-year price guarantee and a Flex 4K streaming TV box, available at no extra cost.

You can save up to $10/mo for 24 months when you add Xfinity Mobile.

  • Up to 600 Mbps

The monthly fee for the plan is $59.99.

The high-speed plan is appropriate for students living in groups of 10-15 people.

This subscription allows for the efficient operation of multiple devices. This plan also includes a self-installation kit. It is simple to set up and does not cause any problems. 

It comes with a 2-year price guarantee and a Flex 4K streaming TV box, available at no extra cost.

You can save up to $20/mo for 24 months when you add Xfinity Mobile.

  • Up to 50 Mbps

The monthly fee for the plan is $65.00.

This plan can support up to four devices at the same time.

This plan also includes a self-installation kit and free shipping.

There’s an option to add the Flex 4K streaming TV box and a Voice Remote at no extra cost.

  • Up to 900 Mbps 

The monthly fee is $69.99.

It comes with a 2-year price guarantee and a Flex 4K streaming TV box at no extra cost.

You can save up to $20/mo for 24 months when you add Xfinity Mobile.

  • Up to 1200 Mbps

The monthly fee for the 1200 Mbps plan is $79.00.

It comes with a 2-year price guarantee and a Flex 4K streaming TV box at no extra cost.

You can save up to $30/mo for 24 months when you add Xfinity Mobile.

These are some of the plans available for Xfinity users. Experience quality internet with your student plan today.

Furthermore, if you’d like to see the other plans, you can do that on the Xfinity Student homepage.

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Features of Student Discount Xfinity

  1.  Fast and reliable internet

You can expect lightning-fast speeds and consistent connectivity. 

It allows for high-quality content to be streamed throughout the day. Users can watch their shows on multiple devices at the same time. 

It’s a must-have for anyone taking online classes these days. Try it out now and enjoy high-quality connectivity.

  1.  Security

Everyone is concerned about online safety because they want to keep their personal information safe. 

The Internet is the most significant hunting ground for those looking to steal private information. Security has become a necessity in these times. 

Xfinity makes certain that all of its subscribers have access to a completely secure network. With their plans, you are safe from any hacks or data leaks.

  1.  Entertainment

For the past few months, we’ve relied on TV shows and movies for entertainment. 

You can now get everything under one subscription. The majority of the most popular online content is available for free with an Xfinity student discount. 

The Xfinity Stream app is ideal for effectively combating the blues.

These are just a few of the fantastic benefits of using the Xfinity student discount. 

You are certainly receiving high-quality services at a reasonable cost. Try it out today to gain a competitive advantage.

You can see that the student discount for Xfinity is simply amazing. So, here’s a link to the exclusive offers you’ll find at Xfinity.

What do you get when you join the student discount Xfinity?

  1.  Xfinity Xfi 

WiFi is the most popular method of connecting to the internet. Certainly, nobody enjoys having Ethernet cables running from their modem/router to their computer or laptop.

So, the internet is frequently referred to as WiFi.

Well, with Xfinity Internet, you can take advantage of cutting-edge internet technology. 

You can rent an xFi Gateway for $14/month in addition to your monthly service charge. Connect all of your devices to the internet using dependable and secure WiFi. 

  1.  Xfinity Flex 4k Streaming Box

You can add the free Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box and a voice remote, to your subscription. The device is ideal for students who do not want to invest in a TV service but enjoy streaming their favorite entertainment.

Xfinity Flex is simple to set up, gives you access to all of your favorite apps, and allows you to search for content quickly and easily in one place.

  1.  Xfinity out-of-home WiFi hotspot

The Xfinity Internet service includes free access to over 20 million Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide. 

That means you don’t need to use your mobile data when you’re out and about.

Instead, connect to secure high-speed internet through Xfinity WiFi hotspots!

  1.  Xfinity Visa prepaid cards

When you subscribe to a qualified internet plan through Xfinity, you will receive a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $100. 

The gift card is mailed to you within 3-4 weeks of service installation and is valid for up to 180 days.

In addition, bringing your phone to Xfinity Mobile saves you a lot of money. You get to keep your phone number and a $200 prepaid card.


With the Xfinity student discount, qualified students can enjoy quality services like high-speed internet, consistent network connectivity, online security, and much more at a low cost. 

You can also save money with the student discount Xfinity while still enjoying high-quality content. All you have to do is determine whether you are eligible for the discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Xfinity available in my area?

Probably. To check offer availability and the exact price, press the “Order Online” tab, and get precise details for your address.  

  1. Where can I sign up for the Xfinity student discount?

Getting the Xfinity Student Discount offer is very easy and it can be done by heading over to the Xfinity Student page at

Fill in the form with all the necessary information. You can then proceed to verify these details and verify your payment card after selecting an internet plan.

  1.  How is my information verified for the student discount for Xfinity?

The information you submit on the form at the Xfinity Student page is collected and verified by SheerID. 

If the verification is not successful, you’ll be asked to provide documentation from the school that will contain information that can verify your identity.

  1.  Is subscribing to the student discount Xfinity worth it?

Xfinity is the largest internet service provider in the United States.

It has also made a favorable impression on its subscribers by offering the fastest high-speed internet connection available. 

Xfinity Internet is unquestionably worthwhile, and it is available in the majority of states across the United States.

  1.  Does Xfinity have teacher discounts?

Yes. Xfinity has begun offering discounts to teachers, faculty, administrators, and staff at US universities, similar to student discounts.

  1.  Do any other Internet Service Providers provide Student Discounts?

Yes. Cox Communications, Spectrum, Charter Communications, and other internet service providers also provide student discounts.

  1.  How do I use the Xfinity discount code?

Enter the discount code in the bar labeled as such while checking out.

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