All You Need To Know About Xana Metaverse Coin

Xana Metaverse Coin is a very good project that everyone should grab on to before it explodes. With the advancement in technology and the metaverse, this project would be in your best interest.

In the metaverse, you can purchase land, carry out a musical concert, play games, create avatars and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Would you love to jump on this project now that it is still new? If you want to purchase land in the metaverse with this low-cost token, then you need this article. 

By the end of this article, you will have enough knowledge about the metaverse, the Xana metaverse coin, and its token; the Xeta token.

A brief on the metaverse

The birth of the metaverse was in 1992, following the sci-fi novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson.

“Metaverse” is a term coined by author Neal Stephenson to describe a digital universe that exists side by side with the real one. The real-world metaverse, on the other hand, is still a mystery to scientists in 2022.

Mathew Ball, an angel investor and venture capitalist who has written a series of essays about the metaverse, told VICE that the metaverse is a three-dimensional Internet and computing at large.

Ball says there are two ways to look at this in the present:

All interactions were primarily text-based when these two technologies (the internet and computing) first emerged” (emails, messages, usernames, and email addresses).

After that, they began to rely more heavily on the media (photos, videos, and live streams). 3D user interfaces and user experiences are the next steps in the evolution of user interfaces and user experiences. 

We can imagine the metaverse as “always on the internet and always in our pockets,” so we can think of it as “always a computer and always in our pockets.”

According to some experts, the metaverse is a 3D representation of the internet. In a nutshell, it’s a virtual world in which you live your digital life. 

A virtual world in which everyone has an avatar and can communicate with each other via that avatar. It’s also possible, according to some, that the metaverse does not exist at all.

According to Ibrahim Baggili, a cybersecurity expert and the founding director of the Connecticut Institute of Technology at the University of New Haven, “it’s not real at this stage” and “won’t become real until people have a single location they can go to to get into a virtual world they can live in,” he said.

This “metaverse” will become more “distributed, democratic, fluid, and varied” as it grows, she said in an interview with Vice.

What the metaverse can offer

The metaverse is a shared virtual space that is interactive, immersive, and hyper-realistic, even though the definition of the term varies from case to case. You’ll also be able to create your own unique avatar and digital assets, which are likely to be stored on the blockchain.

Second Life, a virtual reality simulation game, is perhaps the closest to the metaverse that exists today.

According to technologists, the metaverse will enhance the virtual reality experience by allowing users to float into the virtual world and engage in activities like buying land, hosting parties, and even getting married using digital avatars as the couple.

Like most metaverses, the landscapes are divided into individual land plots—in this case, these are formed of a number of 1×1 grids (50m x 50m in-game area). The largest of these plots can be up to 4×4 units (200m x 200m).

These plots are NFT-based and can be freely sold, traded, or leased to other users. In total, just 150,000 plots will be made available, which users will be able to obtain in various ways.

What is the Xana Metaverse Coin


The Xana metaverse coin is an Ethereum (specific) sidechain. In addition to being able to connect to all of the most popular wallets, Xana is also a gateway to all of the most popular blockchains.

The project has grown significantly over the past two years and now employs more than 100 people from more than 15 different countries. Meanwhile, Xana was working on a Metaverse infrastructure that included a side-chain solution for widespread adoption.

XANA also works with some of the largest organizations in a variety of fields, including the Olympics, the City of Tokyo, the Fuji Group, major anime producers, government companies, and organizations with billions of dollars in potential revenue.

It’s now possible to integrate XANA’s first game economies with avatars from around the world. Organizations all over the world create online experiences.

Token XETA is compatible with all popular wallets and all of the major blockchains and is ready to be accepted by establishments, brands, and crypto enthusiasts alike.

XANA is built on a variety of different technologies, including Ethereum, BNB chain, Solana, Terra Luna, Polygon, and Solidity, to name a few.

XANA’s Metaverse is powered by the Unity game engine and includes two native games that are ready for release. In the Metaverse GameFi space, XANA is one of the leaders thanks to its ability to integrate with avatars and a virtual real estate market.

To compete with the most popular Metaverse projects like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity, XANA has built a robust ecosystem.

Xana Metaverse Coin (XETA)

XETA, the Metaverse’s lifeline token, is the project’s primary utility token. It can be found on the Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and Terra blockchains and has a one billion token supply.

In addition to allowing users to buy land, avatars, and other items, XETA can also be used to pay for transaction fees and microtransactions, all of which will be integrated into the XETA ecosystem.

What makes Xana Metaverse Coin stand out

It would interest you to know that establishments, GameFi, and NFT sales all prefer XANA because it offers the best user experience for Metaverse’s anticipated billions of users.

And this is because of the following:

Quick as a flash.

The Xana metaverse coin is built to support a multi-billion-user metaverse economy.

Metaverse-specific Sidechain built for Low-cost

The Xana Metaverse coin has a lot of ways it generates cash inflow, and this contributed to its low cost in transactions. 

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) 

In the metaverse world, the Xana metaverse coin can be used to validate transactions.


Aside from generic blockchains, XANA’s Sidechain is specifically designed for use in the Metaverse and comes with the necessary SDKs and codebase libraries for rapid and successful onboarding.

Intriguing Qualities

Of all the metaverse coins, the Xana metaverse coin stands out with its desirable qualities such as having an app for mobile, PC, and VR and having a no-code environment, amongst other qualities. 

Support for Billions of End-Users

XANA’s second-layer solution will be bridged to several major blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Terra, and Polygon, ensuring users on the most popular platforms will be able to easily access its technology.

The platform is somewhat similar to Decentraland but differs in that it also includes both AR and VR support, a no-code builder, and a proprietary low-cost layer two solutions to maximize accessibility.


Using the built-in avatar builder, you can be anything you want to be. NFT drops can be used by creators or brands to offer a wide variety of exclusive avatars as a source of revenue. ​


It is possible to trade, rent, and provide services in the Metaverse using only the 150,000 virtual lands that have verifiable ownership.

Inventions of the mind ​

It is the goal of the creators to bring familiar characters and experiences into the metaverse in exciting new ways for over a hundred global brands that they work with.

Qualities of Xana Metaverse coin over other metaverse coins

There are other metaverse coins that have been in existence and more that will still be produced in time to come, but the Xana metaverse coin has proven to have developers that are reliable, and these developers have developed a long-term plan that would make the coin stand out.

Amongst Xana, Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Gala Games, and Xepeto, the Xana Metaverse coin stands out as the only metaverse coin having:

  • Mobile app
  • PC app
  • VR app
  • Wearable collab
  • Government collab
  • AR functions
  • Event creation
  • Top anime collab
  • Create to earn
  • Play to earn
  • Non-code avatar builder
  • Non-code env builder

Xana’s merchandise

SocialFi: KOL

It will be possible for KOLs to join XANA early on with an exclusive deal (income sharing) to offer their iconic land and planet development, internet hosting virtual events to provide them with visual themes meant to interact with their followers.

Additionally, KOLs will be given awards that are based primarily on the number of social interactions they engage in. 

Social mining for the Metaverse can also pay dividends for small influencers, who can earn money by driving traffic to the Metaverse.

Create to earn

XANA will inspire game developers, material designers, and avatar creators to use the SDK or platform builder and XANA interfaces to immediately complete the growth and coding of the XANA factors to create fascinating NFT video games, fascinating information, adorable avatars, and wearable products.

Viral video promotion

Tik-Tok-like video clips are one of the most used social apps. Like tik-tok, the Xana metaverse coin would allow for video creation. 

So, KOLs and regular users alike are encouraged to post amusing content complete with their avatars and emojis (postures). 

There are infinite possibilities for any one of them to go viral on social media because it attracts more attention than just an influencer changing their profile picture to one of the following: PFP NFT.

The fundamentals of the XETA cryptocurrency token

Title of token: Xana 

Blockchain on which it runs:  Binance Smart Chain

BEP-twenty is the standard token.

Form of token: Utility

Total to circulate: 1,000,000,000 Xeta

Allocation of the token

Seed: 5%

Private: 11%

Ecosystem: twenty-nine percent

Staking: fifteen percent

Marketing: ten percent

Sponsorship fund: 7%

Consultant: 5%

Founder: seventeen percent.

Xana Metaverse Coin: Listing, approval and collaboration

Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko have yet to list XANA (XETA) on their cryptocurrency aggregation services. XANA whitelist closure, partnerships, co-drop announcements, first NFT drop, OpenSea listing, and GameFi Alpha are all included in its Q2 2022 roadmap.

NFTDuel is the name of its GameFi, a trading card game based on NFTs. Players can use anime characters in NFTDuel, a game built on the XANA metaverse which turns popular IPs into NFT cards.

NFTDuel GameFi has been approved for use in Japan by the regional government. XANA’s Astro boy Japan NFT has been partnered with Tottori Prefecture since February when Japan’s National Governor’s Association announced Tottori as the first collaboration partner. And Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy manga is one of the most popular in the world.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of the XETA token?

The purpose of the XETA token is for you to buy NFT goods in Metaverse and to reward users who Create to Earn or Play to Earn

XETA Token Storage Wallet

The storage wallet must be a BEP-twenty token, and XETA can be purchased in the following wallets: Coin98, Trust, and Metamask wallet.

Updates on how to earn and store XETA tokens

For now, though, it is not given. It is still a work in progress.  But if you add a XETA token to your trust wallet portfolio, you will be given one free XETA.


The Xana metaverse coin is really a coin to have, so do not dally in securing one today, as it would pay off when the project becomes grand.

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