Why A Day School Is Better Than Boarding School

Are you still thinking about going to boarding school or day school? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This article explicitly explains why a day school is better than boarding school.

It is advisable to read this article to the end as it will help you see the reasons why you should choose day school over boarding school.

Almost every government in the world today has invested so much in the education sector. This is because every nation understands the importance and impact of education on its citizens.

This effect ranges from enlightenment to the ability to read, write and communicate with one another. Education also washes away the stains of society’s tough days.

The value of education cannot be underestimated in the life of a nation as the quote shows that education is the key to a country’s development.

Why A Day School Is Better Than Boarding School | Expaat

In addition, it is known that education is divided into formal and informal categories; This is the sector that deals with people who do not attend institutionalized schools where knowledge is imparted.

This informal part implies that the person stays at home and learns from their immediate surroundings, which includes their natural surroundings and their parents.

The formal sector is about the establishment of institutions where people go to acquire some form of formal knowledge.

In Nigeria, this sector is decentralized into three: tertiary, secondary, and primary institutions. In most contexts, it is usually the secondary and tertiary sectors that use boarding because of the appropriate maturity of their students.

However, there is always a discussion about which of the two options, i.e. the boarding school or the day format usual in the formal area, is better for the students.

The reality is that each route has its pros and cons, but this article/exhibit aims to take sides and show the reasons why day schools are better than boarding schools.

Why is a day school better than boarding school?

Fewer costs

The first reason day schools are better than boarding schools is that they are cheaper. Findings showed that day schools are less exorbitant than boarding schools, as students only focus on tuition rather than paying for school board and lodging expenses and even stretching them to buy groceries.

This advantage is very beneficial for parents in third world countries where resources are limited and the cost of living is high as they limit their spending.

Faster emergency response

Another major reason why day schools are better than boarding schools is that there is quick and effective emergency help for students attending day schools.

It is natural for humans that in life there are some opportunities for unprepared events. This can come in the form of harmful accidents, illnesses, etc.

Day schools allow students to have immediate contact with their parents in the event of any of the above events in order to receive the appropriate attention and speedy recovery that boarding schools in most cases do not provide.

In the boarding school environment, school authorities tend to have formal and less cordial relationships with their students and this affects the students even in an emergency situation.

Furthermore, boarding facilities have recently proven to be generally in poor condition or poorly equipped, which may include their clinics.

Assessment and guidance

Third, there is parental evaluation and guidance due to the fact that students return to their parents’ after the day’s activities.

This gives parents ample opportunity to assess and review their children’s schoolwork to ensure their students are absorbing what they have learned in school.

The parents also help to help the students with their assignments, which no one will do in boarding schools.

The ability to optimize concentration

Day schools offer students the opportunity to concentrate and focus more on their studies than boarding schools will ever afford.

This is due to the fact that when students are with their parents after school, they put aside the distraction about what they will eat or how little food there will be.

Also removes the distraction of running away from school for a party and the distraction of cultism. This gives students the concentration they need to study.

The ability to practice/experience what was learned in school

Day schools offer students broader opportunities to practice what was taught in school. For example, in colleges or high schools where biology is taught, some plants would be mentioned.

A day student will be more likely to find plant varieties and thus know firsthand what is being taught than a boarder who is restricted to a limited environment.

The ability to have a balanced social life

Daycare centers as we know them are usually a combination of both sexes, i.e. boys and girls.

This combination goes a long way in shaping the lives of students and helps different sexes become familiar with their differences, thus creating a broader and more harmonious society in the future, as opposed to boarding schools where only one sex is locked in an environment to the exclusion of the other.

In summary, day schools have proven over the years to be more beneficial to students than boarding schools, as mentioned above, and also in terms of proper education and other inclusive education that parents offer their children in their formative years.


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