What Do Basic Industries Jobs Pay [Updated]

So many people out there keep asking “what do basic industries jobs pay”? Well, the only way to answer this question is in a detailed article like this one.

With an increase in the population of the country, it would be in your best interest to delve into alternate forms of generating more money.

After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of basic industries and will know the answer to the question “how much do basic industries jobs pay?”

A look at basic industries

Before taking you on a tour about the average salaries basic industries jobs pay, you should first see the basic industries in a new light.

A basic industry is simply an industry that produces goods and services for export, and not for local sales.

A basic industry can produce and export a wide range of products. For example, the U.S. grows a lot of grain, soy, and corn, most of which is sent abroad.

These goods are then sold to countries that have a lower amount of that particular product. Then the beautiful part about the basic industry is that these exported products will be converted into another form and sold to the exporting country.

For instance, China exports tofu (fermented soybeans) to the United States. From this, you can see that the basic industry is a recycling industry that can keep cash flow constant.

Economic importance of basic industries jobs?

Having gone through the meaning of basic industries, you should also note how they are economically relevant.

The role the basic industry plays in the economy is:

  • Foreign Exchange

When countries export and import these basic products, they make use of the currency of the locale or the generally accepted currency (U.S. dollars).

This exchange of currency would cause a strengthening to the economy of a nation, and in line increase their GDP.

  • Afforestation and Aesthetics

The majority of the countries that have basic industries invest more in agriculture. This is because food is necessary for survival, and can easily be converted into one form or the other.

And these plants would contribute to the aesthetics of a locale too. For example the fruit orchards and vegetable farms.

  • Better climate

As established above, the planting of more trees would contribute to aesthetics. But as you know, the climate situation has been terrible over the years.

And this is all thanks to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer and causing a disruption in normal climate conditions.

In the basic industries, such as the agro-industry, more trees would be planted. And these trees would make use of these greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, and in the process give out oxygen, which would be beneficial to mankind.

  • Alliance

Alliances can easily form when countries exchange materials. This alliance would prove useful to countries when they are in crisis. 

And these alliances can only be made when both countries have something important to offer the other.

  • Job opportunities

Running the basic industry on small scale would not yield good profit. You would need more hands.

Most employment opportunities in this industry do not even require one to have the best degrees. At least the basic degrees or certifications would suffice for the jobs.

The only major requirement for most opportunities in this sector is the need for one to be capable of carrying out rigorous activities in the field.

What should you expect while working for basic industries?

For you to qualify for a job in the basic industry, you need to first understand the following characteristics of the industry.

And they are:

Highly trained

For any job in the basic industry, a minimum requirement is set up. And this is not done to streamline the applications or deter people. But it is for your safety.

The jobs in the basic industry can sometimes be dangerous, and only one who is an expert would be able to scale through the hurdles that would be presented

Physical nature of the job

If you love your comfort one so much, then the jobs in the basic industry would pose a bit of a challenge for you.

And this is because jobs in the basic industries require standing, bending, lifting weights, running around, stretching, climbing, digging, etc.

Hence, you would need to be up and doing to stay on the job. But if this is not your type of life, you can also seek out good sedentary jobs.


When asking yourself “what do basic industries jobs pay”?. Also, factor in the fact not all basic industry jobs are hazard-free.

Even the ones believed to be hazard-free can pose a bit of a hazard in some situations. The mining, steel, oil, and gas industry, chemical industries, etc., make use of volatile chemicals, which can pose a health risk when not monitored carefully.

So what Companies are in the basic industries field in 2022?

So many people get scared over the fact that they have no idea of companies that are in the basic industry space.

But as promised, this article intends to do justice to the basic industry field. So for your sake, a look at companies that employ individuals in basic industries would be talked about.

Chevron Corporation

Average salary paid: $107,987 (payscale)

You asked a question right? “What do basic industries jobs pay”? Well, we would look at them starting with chevron.

Chevron has about 48,000 employees and leads in the energy industry. It produces at least one million barrels of oil per day.

To join the team, you can be an engineer, work in sales, information technology, or operations maintenance.


Average national salary: $76,168 (payscale)

Cargill is another good employer in the basic industry field. They contribute to the agricultural sector

They have over 150,000 employees, and their employees are usually in the finance, engineering, operations, management discipline, etc.

Procter & Gamble Company

Average national salary: $56,128 to $133,514 (payscale)

This basic industry company focuses on grooming, fabric, beauty, family, and feminine care. 

International Paper

Average national salary: $52,728 (ZipRecruiter)

This company is centered on paper products, renewable fiber-based packaging, and pulp. The pulp is used in the manufacture of tissue, hygiene products, and diapers.

DuPont de Nemours

Average national salary: $96,893 (payscale)

This company produces various raw materials for various companies. Engineers, IT, supply chain, health, and safety personnel are mostly employed.

Categories of Basic Industries Companies

Your question “what do basic industries jobs pay?”, has been answered above based on notable individual companies. Now we will take a look at the lucrative categories of basic industry companies.

1. Agriculture Companies

For survival, man requires food. And neglecting agriculture would cause a scarcity of food.

In the agricultural industry, raw materials such as rice, vegetables, fruits, corn, wheat, etc., can be gotten, and processed into an alternate form which then serves as food for man and animals.

For employment in the agricultural sector, you would need to be a food scientist, agricultural engineer, horticulturist, agronomist, farmer, etc.

2. The Oil and Gas Business

In the world, this industry is still one of the largest. The employees in this industry work in the oil and gas refinery, separate various levels of petrochemicals, and then explore the lands for oil too.

Positions often available in this industry are geoscientist, an oil rig worker, field exploration, an engineer, and an offshore working position.

3. Pulp and paper.

This is another type of job in the basic industries. It is broken down into different parts, such as packaging, hygiene goods, and tissues.

The textile industry, on the other hand, uses pulp, which is not the case with paper. The available jobs in the paper and pulp industry are Logger, Sawyer, Woodworker, etc.

4. Chemistry 

Industrial chemistry is seen as one of the most important basic industries. They make things that would be sent to other people as raw materials.

In this case, it has to do with how raw materials have been changed into chemical solutions or gasses. The available jobs in this field are Chemist, chemist’s assistant, plant manager, an expert in materials, etc.

5. Metal and Steel

Steel is very important in the construction industry, and it can’t be overstated. To build real estate projects, pipelines, tracks, and beams, you need steel. As a result, its use never stops.

Some of the jobs you can do if you want to work in the steel and metal industry are Metallurgist, Machinist, sheet metal bending, etc.

6. Utility

Power, water, and heating are also part of the basic industries that make things like cars and planes work.

In addition, they are in high demand because most businesses need them to run smoothly. Utility services are important for all businesses, as well as for the safety, health, and well-being of people who use them.

As long as there are power plants, water/sewer service companies, or gas companies to run them, people will always be needed to work there.

Some of the jobs that are available in this industry are Installers, plant managers, Engineer, etc.

7. Treatment of wastewater.

Water and the chemicals and compounds used in the production of a particular good make up the majority of wastewater.

This industry, on the other hand, only hires people who are extremely qualified and skilled. Their wages depend on how well they are at their jobs.

The need for highly qualified personnel in wastewater treatment companies stems from the fact that improper wastewater treatment can lead to illness.

And if the source of an illness is not located on time, a catastrophe would occur.

The jobs that are available in this basic industry are Agronomist, animal scientist, food scientist, plant scientist, etc.

8. Mining Industry

You need minerals in all kinds of businesses to make things work. The mining industry has two stages.

Finding minerals is usually the first stage. Then there is the part about building and planning. This includes getting permission to mine and making plans for how to do it.

Some jobs available in the mining industry are purchase officer, geologist, diggers, fabricators

9. Wood and Pulp Production

It takes a lot of work to turn forest products into the wood used to build structures, furniture, and other things.

Some trees are cut down to make paper, which can also be done with what is left over after sawmills cut down bigger trees into boards.

The production of paper products begins with the use of pulp by people. This is very important for the economy too.

Some available jobs in wood and pulp production are logger, sawyer, woodworker, Millworker, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do we need basic industries?

Yes, we do. When other companies want to produce some products, they will use those of the basic industries as a starting point.

What do the basic industries produce?

The products produced by the basic industries are fertilizer (inorganic, organic, or mixed), foodstuffs (edible oilseeds and oils) petroleum and petroleum products, etc.


If you want life-changing opportunities, the basic industries can offer you that.

Even if you like a sedentary job, there are opportunities for that in the basic industry.

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