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The Top 10 Best Website Builder With SEO

When it comes to attracting more users and increasing organic traffic to your website, SEO best practices are critical. It entails selecting the best website builder with SEO so that they can achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google.

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of tactics that can help your pages appear on the first search result pages of search engines.

When someone searches for a keyword you targeted, for example, your website link will be one of the first results they encounter, resulting in additional traffic. You can convert potential clients into paying customers because of SEO.

SEO is critical for digital marketing strategies that rely on organic growth rather than ad campaigns alone. Choosing the best website builder with SEO is critical because it will give you capabilities that will make a significant impact on search engine optimization.

You should be able to edit the page title and make it SEO-friendly by using the main keyword from the content, customizing the meta description, adding alt text to photos, and employing responsive design in the website builder.

How To Choose The Best Website Builder With SEO

There are many website builders on the market, but how do you choose the best one for your business? Here are 3 things to consider.

1. Ease of use

While most website builders claim to be user-friendly, there is always a learning curve. That’s why you should prioritize ease of use while shopping for a new website builder.

It shouldn’t be difficult to navigate a site builder. Even novices should be able to construct a professional website with little effort. It makes no difference if they’re building a basic website or adding advanced features.

2. Functionality

Your site builder must fulfill your current demands in addition to being beneficial in the future.

Consider who will manage your site, their qualifications, and what you require from one. If they’re new to some aspects of web design, consider using site builders that specialize in those areas.

3. Affordable

Another thing to think about while looking for the best website builder with SEO is the cost. If you manage a small business, you probably have a limited budget.

Small business owners want to see their businesses expand. As a result, finding a site builder with pricing plans you can afford right now is critical. They should, however, have advanced capabilities to enable your site to develop with you, which may result in a higher price tag in the future.

While few of the greatest website builders offer fully-featured free plans, many do offer free trials.

Your site builder should be able to work with you as your small business grows. When you first start out, you may simply require basic e-commerce tools.

However, if your business grows, you may require more advanced features. If that’s a priority for you, the best website builder for you should provide premium options.

Top 10 Best Website Builder With SEO

Some of these website builders that support SEO include:

1. Wix

Even if you’re new to SEO, the Wix website builder makes it simple to optimize your site for search engines. This builder integrates a comprehensive set of tools into the Wix dashboard. From meta and canonical tags to URL slugs, these tools can help you improve every aspect of your on-page SEO.

2. WordPress, as one of the most well-known website builders on the planet, makes it simple to construct and publish a professional-looking and high-performing website. You may use the Jetpack plugin to create your own unique SEO titles, descriptions, categories, and tags while composing your posts:

You can also use descriptive picture alt text to help search engines understand what your images are about. While some website builders may require you to furnish your own SSL certificate, creates this crucial security certificate for you automatically.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace’s dashboard gives you additional control over the SEO of your site. Despite the platform’s occasional prompts, this website builder is better suited to individuals who are already versed with SEO fundamentals:

You can also use your own code to execute more advanced SEO strategies. While this gives you access to advanced approaches, it also necessitates a certain level of technical understanding.

4. Weebly

Weebly simplifies search engine optimization by incorporating all of the necessary SEO elements straight into the page editor. Setting the picture alt text, meta titles, and descriptions is part of this:

Understanding your site’s traffic requires the use of web analytics. With this knowledge, you can improve your SEO strategy over time. Two of the most popular traffic analysis tools are Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Integrating with these critical solutions is as simple as inputting your tracking ID on Weebly.

5. Godaddy

You can use GoDaddy’s Digital Marketing Suite if you want to develop your website with them. As the name implies, it’s a collection of tools designed to assist you to improve your marketing efforts, which includes SEO.

When creating content, you can personalize URLs, add alt text to photos, and write meta descriptions and page titles to increase search engine optimization. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about website builders for SEO; GoDaddy will assist you with expert advice.

You’ll be asked a few questions about your company, after which its SEO tools will make technical modifications to improve your website and provide you with tips on how to develop content and alter your pages with SEO in mind.

6. Dreamhost

All WordPress clients at DreamHost have access to a drag-and-drop website builder. This program will walk you through the process of setting up a WordPress website, making it an excellent choice if you want to create a WordPress site.

When it comes to SEO, WP Website Builder offers real-time on-page recommendations. You can use this tool to optimize your text as you write it. Many performance-enhancing tools are included with DreamHost plans. Because Google has stated that speed is a ranking criterion, these characteristics can help you improve your SEO even more.

For $4.99 per month, you can add the DreamHost SEO Toolkit to your hosting account. There are 100 automated checks and verifications included. It also comes with a customized SEO strategy and checklist:

7. Hostgator

Rather than needing to design your website from scratch, HostGator offers an intuitive site builder that takes care of everything for you.

It will produce an optimum layout and industry-specific design after you answer a few questions. Your website will be up and running in a matter of minutes, and it will have been built with SEO in mind.

HostGator also offers a variety of hosting options to best meet your website’s requirements. Unmetered bandwidth, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a free SSL certificate are all included, which helps with SEO by ensuring that your visitors can traverse your website smoothly and safely.

8. Webnode

Webnode gives you access to a simple website editor where you can create a variety of sites, including eCommerce, and use SEO tactics like modifying URLs, making titles, and meta descriptions.

Connect Google Analytics to your website to track the performance of each page and see where you can improve to improve your search engine rankings. You can construct the website using one of several pre-built responsive templates, which helps to deliver a decent user experience on various devices while also enhancing SEO.

You’ll also have dependable hosting because all Webnode sites are housed on secure servers. As your website’s traffic grows, you may be able to gain more content space and bandwidth, allowing users to explore the site more easily.

9. Strikingly

What about using an SEO website builder that is simple to use and allows you to create pages in under 30 minutes? Strikingly provides a number of tools that make it easy to edit web pages and publish content while adhering to SEO best practices. It should be among the top in the list of the best website builder with SEO.

You can change URLs, write page titles, and meta descriptions, and add alt text to images, all of which have an impact on how well your website is optimized for search engines. Furthermore, Strikingly’s built-in analytics can be used to better understand your target audience’s behavior and optimize SEO through your content.

Another benefit of Strikingly is that all of its websites are automatically upgraded to HTTPS, which improves security and aids SEO. If you have any doubts, you can rely on 24/7 customer service to ensure that your website runs well.

10. Webflow

Webflow includes a number of SEO-related tools. You may add and change schema markup to your website, as well as meta titles and meta descriptions, to make it easier for search engines to find your content.

With 301 redirects, you’ll be able to migrate and update your pages without difficulty. Write alt texts for each of your photographs to ensure that they are indexed by Google.

Use the Webflow editor tools to create pages that offer a positive user experience, encouraging users to continue navigating around your website, and demonstrating to search engines that your pages are relevant.

When it comes to how coding influences SEO best practices, Webflow ensures that your website is built with clean code that search engine bots can quickly index. Furthermore, you will have a secure and quick website, which will aid SEO performance.

Final Words

The first step toward a strong online presence is to select the best website builder with SEO. Now that you’ve started your trip, it’s time to go deeper into the other areas of website management.


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