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Walmart Student Discount – Everything You Need To Know About

Well, who doesn’t know Walmart? The world’s largest company by revenue! Talk about grocery stores and supermarkets in the USA, then you certainly can’t miss this name.

Luckily, there is a Walmart student discount for you. Walmart is a highly-recommended retail corporation that is multinational. So, this corporation has crossed American borders and built several stores.

So, being a student, Walmart also had you in mind when conceiving up with their offers. Just imagine shopping at Walmart and getting very good at an excellent discount. Interesting, right?

Well, that’s not all about Walmart’s student discounts. You’d find out all about Walmart, its student discount, its policies, and quite a lot more.

This article is written synchronically, such that there is a correlated flow of information. So, firstly, you’d find out what the brand- Walmart offers, then reading on, this post answers if there’s a Walmart student discount or not.

Curious to know how much student discount Walmart offers, then let’s jump right into it.

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About Walmart

Walmart, formerly known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc is an American multinational retail store whose headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas. This is one of the largest, if not the largest discount department stores. Walmart owns and operates a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and even within and outside the United States of America.

This multi-million-dollar company was founded by Sam Walton, in 1962. Well, an interesting fact about Walmart is that it offers 8,000 stores nationwide with over 2 million staff members. Additionally, Walmart operates about 10, 500 markets in over 24 countries.

So, what does Walmart deal with? Walmart is a very large retailer of quality items ranging from kitchen equipment to automotive wares, household products, health kits, and interior decorations. Well, that’s not all, in a Walmart store, you could also shop, for sporting facilities, toys, gadgets, pet items, jewelry, and many more.

Walmart has literally everything you might need as a student. So just imagine what you can do with the Walmart student discount! So, does Walmart actually have a student discount for you, you are a few seconds from finding out!

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Is there a Walmart Student Discount?

Yes, there is. Walmart has an awesome back-to-school and even a back-to-college which they host annually. So, Walmart’s student discount offers promo events that are open to students of all ages. Walmart understands that as a student, you definitely would need to restock your school items and accessories.

After a full year of an academic session, you might need new wear, sports wears, footwear, bags, and so on. So, using the Walmart student discount isn’t something you should miss out on.

However, Walmart doesn’t offer an all-around student discount, they perform specific competitive college promos.

So, they only offer school items that are quite in high demand. Walmart hosts in-store college promos before the beginning of an academic year.

This back-to-school/back-to-college is hosted in Walmart’s local stores across the country.  However, there is a slight difference between Walmart’s back-to-school and back-to-college.

While back-to-college offers Walmart student discounts, promotions, coupons, or giveaways, back-to-school doesn’t offer this.

Additionally, Walmart student discount is grouped into different categories and these are sectioned based on prices. They are:

  • 15% and below
  • 30% and below
  • 50% and below
  • 100% and below
  • 250% and below

So, find out more about it by simply visiting the Walmart website.

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How to Sign Up for Walmart Student Discount

Although Walmart does offer a specific discount for students, the back-to-college program covers it. Thus, Walmart has a unique website that displays all the various school items up for sale.

Also, even though there is no Walmart student discount, you can still 40% off whenever when the back-to-college promo is running.

So, here’s a detailed step on how to sign up for the Back-to-college promo sales.

  • Visit the Walmart Back-to-school website
  • At the top right corner, click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • After signing up, log in to the website
  • Browse through your items
  • After browsing, select the items, and it leads you to the cart page
  • Simply click on the, “Add to Cart” button
  • After clicking on this button, click on “View Cart” (You could review your selections and make any necessary changes.)
  • Click on the “Continue to Checkout” button and it redirects you to the payment page
  • Enter your payment method and the discount is automatically applied.

So, there you go! An easy-peasy way to benefit as a student at Walmart even without a student discount.

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Other Ways to Save up on Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest American retailing stores where you get so many valuable items and they can be quite expensive, but worth it.

So, asides from the Walmart student discount which is currently unavailable, there are great ways you could spend less and budget better at Walmart. Doubtful? Well, let’s take a view at some, shall we?

1. Download the Walmart App

You might wonder how this helps you in any way to save on Walmart, but it does. There are quite a several advantages to downloading the Walmart app.

Firstly, it is free to download on the Google Play store and Appstore. Downloading this app gives you beneficial features such as a shopping list.

The shopping list helps you plan and budget for items you need and greatly curtails impulse purchases.

Also, on this app, you could easily view the weekly ads to check what items are up for sale in the local stores.

Most importantly, the “Savings Catcher” feature helps you search for less costly alternatives to your selected items.

Furthermore, it refunds you any balance via your Walmart e-card, which you could use to shop for items later on.

2. Free Shipping

Just like most popular brands, Walmart also offers free shipping discounts. As a student, wouldn’t you love to pay for items and get them delivered to you in the comfort of your hostels?

Well, if you’ve never thought about this, you can start now!

Walmart also offers you a free shipping discount whether you’re a student or not. However, there is a certain threshold you must meet to enjoy the free 2-day free shipping.

There is a minimum amount of $35 item order you must make to partake in this promo, moreover, it doesn’t require any sort of membership.

Simply use the search filter to see the goods with the “2-day free shipping”. Order your item and don’t bother about the delivery. Walmart got it covered! As long as they are not below the requirement.

3. Browse the Available Discounts on Walmart

It might surprise you that there is actually a “Big Savings” section on the Walmart store page. Well, yes, there is, you would find a section separated for Walmart’s savings. In this section, you’d find the following:

  • Back to School
  • Bestsellers
  • Flash Picks
  • Rollbacks
  • Back for Better
  • Teachers Shop
  • Black & Unlimited

These are quite a several promo programs Walmart hosts occasionally. So, you could always hop on any of these offers as long as you stay up-to-date with their offers.

Find more about this on their “Department” page.

4. Watch out for Special Seasons

There are certain special promotions that Walmart never misses, it’s fixed.

So, here’s a helpful tip, always be on the lookout for such offers (Luckily, I’ll show you how to get notified about Walmart’s latest updates).

So here are three major promos, Walmart offers:

i. Black Fridays:

Ever tried out Walmart Black Fridays programs? Well, they are one of the biggest players in this Black Friday deal.

Walmart slashes the prices of all the items in their store, electronics, household products, clothing, name it.

ii. Cyber Mondays Sales:

This sale follows the Black Friday sales, it’s the Monday after each Walmart’s black Friday.

So, this is fully online, unlike the latter which runs both offline and online. Hence the name, “Cyber Monday Sales”.

iii. July

In times past, Walmart is to hold mid-month sales to compete and compare with Amazon’s Annual Prime Day event.

So, it is a great time to grab the opportunity and shop for the products you want at a reduced price.

5. Buy Refurbished Goods

Buying a refurbished item at Walmart is a good alternative and a great way to save.

You can buy pre-owned goods such as a laptop, washing machine, etc. as long as there are on Walmart’s refurbished list.

6. Trade in Your Used Item

If you’re tired of using a particular product that still has a good shelf life, then, you can trade it in at a Walmart store or exchange it for the Walmart e-gift card.

So, these are six assured ways you can save as a student without the Walmart student discount. Well, why don’t you try it out?

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How to Get Notified about Walmart Student Discount

As promised, I’d give you a list of ways you could stay updated on Walmart, so without further ado, here are some ways below:

  • Visit the Walmart Coupon page: Walmart has a specific page where you can find out every discount offer, they’re currently hosting. So, just visit this page and choose the offer that works best for you. For further questions, click here.
  • Follow their Social Media handles: Following Walmart’s social media handles is a smart way not to miss out on any offers and stay up-to-date. So, please give them a follow on, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Check Amazon for Walmart Items: Amazon is well-known to be the world’s largest merchant platform. So, if a brand has gotten merchandise for sale, then, you’d likely find it on Amazon.
  • Sign Up to Their Newsletters: Walmart newsletters are used to send frequent updates about their most recent programs, offers, and events. So, you wouldn’t want to miss having emails sent directly to your mail, right? Then, sign up, for Walmart’s newsletters.

Similar Alternatives to Walmart Student Discount

Finding similar stores that offer student discounts pretty close to that of Walmart can be quite hard. So, considering that fact, I’ve made a good list of alternatives to the Walmart student discount.

Simply visit here to see many other similar stores to Walmart.


Walmart is unarguably the biggest retail company in America with so many chains of supermarkets and grocery stores.

So, having a student discount would save you a lot as a student.

Think about the joy that comes from confidently walking into a Walmart store and getting everything on your budget list without even breaking the bank.

As a student, you need so many educational items such as bags, books, new underwear, gadgets, and many more.

So, you would appreciate it if you shop at a store, online or offline, and enjoy some discounts.

Enjoying a student discount on Walmart isn’t far-fetched, however, since they aren’t fixed, you might likely miss out on some.

Thus, follow their social media handles, sign up for their newsletters, and frequently check your email to always have an idea of their latest sales promo.

FAQs about Walmart

1. Can I cancel my Walmart free trial anytime?

Yes, you can. As long as it’s still within that trial period and hasn’t fully charged you. So, all you need to do is visit the Walmart+ page to cancel.

2. Is there a free delivery at Walmart?

Yes, there is. Although, you’re only eligible to use this when you’ve ordered a certain number of items.

3. How much does Walmart Plus cost?

It costs only $12.95/month and $98 annually.

4. Can I cancel or edit an order?

Yes, you can. However, no changes can be done if the order is on its way already and Walmart won’t give you a refund.

5. When is the best time to shop at Walmart?

If you want to enjoy shopping at Walmart, then you should visit during the morning hours to avoid overcrowding.

6. How do I report an issue on Walmart?

Well, that’s why there is customer service. So, visit the “Ask Walmart” page for any more questions.


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