Verizon Student Discount: All You Need To Know

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Always take advantage of student discounts if you want to have fun while staying within your means. 

The Verizon student discount is one of the student discounts offered to students.

The Verizon student discount is authentic and has been providing exclusive discounts to students for a long time. 

If you’re seeking information on how to apply for and receive a Verizon student discount, then you should keep reading.

We have included complete guidance in this post.

What Is The Verizon Discount?

The Verizon Discount is a platform that gives valued customers like employees, students, government employees, veterans, and others access to exceptional monthly savings. 

You can get a discount on your internet and cable with Verizon. 

However, a collaboration agreement must exist between them and your institution or group.

Does Verizon Offer Student Discount?

Yes, Verizon offers discounts to qualified students.

Student discounts are more crucial than ever due to rising education prices and a tightening labor market. 

Fortunately, Verizon is aware of this and is dedicated to assisting students in obtaining the tools they need to succeed. 

Verizon offers student discounts on its monthly unlimited plans, whether or not you are already a client. 

This enables you to continue your education while keeping your mobile expenses low.

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Why Do You Need A Student Discount?

Students need discounts for a variety of reasons, some of which are personal, but there are also some more common ones listed below.

  • Student discounts enable students to make savings on items they find difficult to purchase.
  • It enables low-income students to have normal lives while attending school.
  • It aids students in receiving debt-free diplomas.

What Is The Verizon Student Discount Plans?

Depending on how many lines you have on eligible unlimited plans, you can purchase the Verizon student plan:

  • Single-line: $10/month discount per account
  • Two lines: $25/month discount per account

Who Is Eligible For The Verizon Student Discount?

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a Verizon discount:

  • Be enrolled in a higher education program in a college, university, or vocational school in the United States.
  • Possess two smartphones at most. 

This is due to the promotion’s strict two-account cap. 

The discount is no longer valid if a third phone line is added. 

Without losing your student discount, you can continue to add linked gadgets to your accounts, such as watches and tablets.

  • You must have a Verizon account.
  • As part of registering for the Verizon discount, you must update and verify your status as an enrolled student with UniDAYS.

How Can I Get My Verizon Student Discount Account?

The three easy steps you must take to set up your discount account are listed below:

  • Use the verification tool on UNiDAYS’ website to confirm your eligibility.
  • Return to Verizon to register your account.
  • Wait for Verizon to provide you with instructions via email.

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For How Long Is The Verizon Student Discount?

The discount is available for four years. 

Additionally, the offer is available to all Verizon customers, including new and returning undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.

Best Tips To Save On Verizon

  • Promo codes: This is the most certain way. Verizon provides a discount coupon good for $100 off new activations and lines. To find out when all of these offers appear, you must follow them on social media.
  • Free activation deals: When this offer becomes available, you can enjoy free activation for new phones and plans that you buy through the Verizon website. 
  • Check Amazon for Verizon products as they are offered there at a decent discount.
  • Look at the Verizon items available on eBay.
  • Free shipping: This is one option for students to save extra at Verizon. Verizon offers you free two-day shipping when you purchase the phone via Verizon.

How Do I Get The Verizon Student Discount On Unidays?

Verizon is offering $10 off 1 line or $25 off 2 lines Unlimited on Unidays.

You must be a current student who is currently enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate, online, or professional school program in order to be eligible for this.

Once you have registered or logged in to your account, UNiDAYS will confirm your status as a student.

When you’re finished, UNiDAYS will redirect you to the Verizon website so you can finish the registration process there.

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Does Verizon Offer Discount Codes?

There is no promo code required for the Verizon college discounts. 

However, since the search engine contains validations, you should utilize it frequently to look for coupon codes for any additional Verizon discounts.

How Do I Check My Verizon Discount Status?

You can check the status of your Verizon discount by going to their discount page, entering your phone number (Verizon Wireless), which is linked to your personal wireless account, and then logging in to verify your account.

Is It Possible To Get A Verizon FIOS Student Discount?

There are student discounts offered by Verizon FIOS, but not all students can take advantage of them because they are only available through a few national schools. 

You must get in touch with your school to find out if it participates in a Verizon FIOS discount program.

This is because you cannot sign up for Verizon FIOS directly.

The Verizon FIOS student discount has different terms and conditions depending on your school’s participation in the program and other factors.

You could be eligible for additional Verizon FIOS special deals or benefits as a student client.

Make sure to look into all of your options and maximize any discounts you are eligible for. 

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What Do I Need For The Verizon FIOS Student Discount?

Simply present a student ID card or an email account with a .edu domain to receive a discounted rate.

Things To Know About The Verizon Student Discount

  • You must visit the student discount page to confirm your eligibility before moving on to validate with UNiDAYS in order to prove that you are a current student
  • The number of eligible phones a student has in their hands determines how much of a discount Verizon offers. As an illustration, one phone receives a $10 discount per account each month, while two phones receive a $25 discount each month.
  • You must verify your status with UNiDAYS.
  • You must select either Start Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, or Get More Unlimited as a new customer.

What Is The Verizon Student Discount Terms And Conditions?

  • Eligible students must be actively enrolled (including online enrollment) in a secondary school or institution in the United States, including undergraduate, graduate, and/or professional school or institutions.
  • They must provide Approved Evidence.
  • The offer is good for up to four (4) years once the requirements are reached. 
  • Up to two lines can be discounted. 
  • Each account can only have one offer, and eligible students must be account owners or managers.

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It is simple and quick to sign up for a student discount, regardless of whether you are a current Verizon subscriber or not. 

Visit the Verizon website or download the Verizon app to get going. 

You can see your account information, including any discounts that have been applied to your line from that point. 

You can find out more about your current eligibility by checking your account status online or through the app.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Verizon Student Discount

Does Verizon have discounts for students?

Yes. College students who use Verizon’s Unlimited mobile service can save up to $25 per month. 

How do I add a discount to Verizon?

If you already have a Verizon account, log in and finish the Student Unlimited Plan application.

Once you’ve submitted the form, the discount will be applied.

Does Verizon pay for college?

No matter their educational level, Verizon provides all employees with access to tuition aid through a program that pays up to $8,000 annually for continuing education.

Where do I find my Verizon discount?

You can log into “My Verizon” to see if you have a discount on your bill.

You can see the discount displayed while looking at the bill’s account costs.

Does Verizon offer college scholarships?

The scholarship program from Verizon chooses winners based on their need for financial assistance, academic accomplishment, and extracurricular involvement. 

Students who are enrolled in or intend to enroll in an authorized four-year university are eligible for the awards. 

Each scholarship is worth a total of $20,000 and is renewable for three years.

How does tuition reimbursement work at Verizon?

Up to $8,000 can be given to full-time Verizon Wireless employees each year for textbooks and tuition. 

Employees who are part-time and put in at least 20 hours per week are eligible for up to $4,000 per year. 

Employees have the choice of prepaying for their education or having it reimbursed.

How does Verizon verify employment discounts?

If you qualify for a Verizon discount, your employer should inform you. 

Alternatively, you can use Verizon’s discount program page to check your eligibility by entering your work email address.

How long do you have to be away from Verizon to be considered a new customer?

You have to wait between 60 and 90 days before you can start a new line of service without them retrieving your old account information and reinstating the old account. 

Your phone numbers will be lost if you close your account without transferring them somewhere else.

Does Verizon still offer a rewards program?

With Verizon Smart Rewards, you can get discounts on goods, meals, and travel. 

You will receive 10,000 points just for signing up, plus more points for each year you have been a devoted Verizon Wireless client.



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