Vacancy: Accountant at ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation, a telecommunication giant is in need of an Accountant. The earlier you apply the better, details are below;

Description of the Position:

  1. Business performance management entails the planning, arranging, managing, and promotion of key performance indicators such as revenue, gross profit, and marketing unit profit.
  2. Budget fund management: accountable for the marketing unit’s budget fund management in accordance with company and business department policies.
  3. Policy promotion and implementation: timely publicize and implement the company’s relevant policies, as well as monitor their implementation.
  4. business decision support: participate in the marketing unit’s business decision-making, provide professional support, assist the marketing unit in improving its business ability, analyze the relevant business performance indicators of the sales department, and produce the analysis report on a regular basis as needed.

About ZTE Corporation

In the telecommunications market, we have entire end-to-end product lines and integrated solutions. We will be devoted to establishing core competitiveness in independent innovation in the 5G era, anticipating accelerated worldwide commercial deployment of 5G, and utilizing leading end-to-end 5G products and solutions.

ZTE Corporation Contact

Please call our 24/7 support hotline at 0086-755-26771900 or email for network services.

How to apply

To apply please send CV and other documents to

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