UTI Colleges: Universal Technical Institute College Reviews 2023

Universal technical colleges (Uti colleges) are built to provide you with technical experiences that would see you perform better in technical fields.

Being a private-for-profit college, its teachings are notable throughout the United States. In Uti colleges, you can afford to partake in courses such as automotive technology, diesel and industrial technology, collision repair, refinishing technology, etc.

Well, if you are done with secondary school and wish to enroll in a technical college such as Uti College, then you need to fully understand what it offers and how it benefits you.

A brief on Uti colleges

UTI was established in 1965 as a non-profit educational institution. It has grown both organically and through acquisitions, adding new programs and locations to its existing network.

In 1980, it began offering continuing education and training to technicians. Worthy of note is the fact that it offers computer numerical control-editing programs and welding technology.

The first campus of all UTI colleges was opened in 1983 in Houston. Then UTI’s Lisle, Illinois, campus opened in 1988. 

Clinton Harley Conglomerate and Clinton Education Group, Inc. were purchased by UTI for $26.3 million in January 1998. Clinton Harley Corporation operated the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) and the Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI).

Performance Training Associates and National Technology Transfer, Inc. were acquired by UTI in June 1998. (PTA) NTT trained technicians in industries that were similar to their own through intensive seminars. Similar to NTT, PTA held lecture training seminars.

For a total of $50.2 million, NTT and PTA were purchased. At a loss of $42.9 million, NTT’s business was shut down. Debts totaling $57.3 million weighed down UTI at the time of its IPO.

Benefits of attending Uti Colleges

Attending a technical institute has a lot of advantages to it. Most people who attend regular colleges end up depending on their certificates for a job. But with a certificate from a technical college, you can easily become an employer of labor.

Listed below are some benefits of attending Uti Colleges:

  • Career focus

When you attend a regular university, you would have to partake in courses such as maths, history, English, physics, etc.

But in a UTI college, you would not need to do all these. What you would be given is a technical hands-on experience in the field you chose.

Also, unlike regular colleges, Uti colleges run their programs all year round. Meaning you don’t have to wait for a full academic year to start a program.

  •  Affordability

The fact that UTI colleges do not run for 4 years as regular colleges, makes them more affordable than regular colleges.

For you, this means fewer textbooks to buy and less money on tuition. To save more money, you can also live at home to avoid paying for housing in school.

  • Smaller class size

Technical colleges have a smaller number of students compared to regular universities. With this, you won’t have a large number of students in class, plus the student-teacher ratio would be the best too. 

Also, this would create a sense of bonding among the students, and bonding amongst the students would lead to increased overall performance.

  • Workshop

A workshop is like a seminar where students would be exposed to the latest technologies and technologies in their field.

Though regular colleges do this, it is not as frequent as in technical institutes. It would also interest you to know that these workshops bring in instructors that are well connected in the field. Well, you could shoot your shot and get good connections from them too.

Brands of Uti Colleges

Uti colleges are represented under various brands that specialize in various functions. And these brands are:

1. NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI)

In this institute, you would get 15 weeks of training. And during this period, you would be trained in aerodynamics, fabrication, and wielding

2. Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI)

This institute would train you on how to navigate the marine industry. It does this through a combination of class instruction and technical experience.

The program usually spans 21 days with classes on electrical diagnostics, rigging, fuel and lubrication systems, etc.

3. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI)

This program lasts for 42 weeks, and this class offers to train you on chassis, suspension, final drive, electrical diagnosis, electrical systems, vehicle maintenance, and knowledge of motorcycles, among other classes. 

Classes that are offered by UTI Colleges

Before enrolling in UTI colleges, take a look at the classes they offer:

Diesel / Industrial Technology

In this class, you would learn how to work with hydraulics and transport cooling, fuel systems, and air brakes.

Vehicle Technology

This class would span 51 weeks in automotive technology. Brands that mostly partner for this class are Porsche Cars North America, Inc., Volvo Cars of North America, etc.

Criteria of Uti Colleges

Like regular colleges, certain criteria need to be met before you can be given admission into Uti colleges. And they are:

1. Age Requirement

The coursework at Uti Colleges requires you to be physically fit and emotionally prepared for tasks. As a rule of thumb, it is generally believed that minors would not be fit for such work.

So for admission into Uti College, you must be at least 16 years and above, anything less, an older adult would have to sign on your acceptance form. To be preferred is your parent or guardian.

2. Admission Requirement

Before you would be admitted into Uti colleges, you must first partake in her entrance examination to show yourself approved.

Requirements of UTI Colleges

  • Standards-based high school diploma recognized by the student’s state (documented with a copy of the diploma, a transcript provided by the high school, or a DD Form 214 showing verification of high school graduation). 
  • Diplomas and transcripts are evaluated upon receipt. UTI evaluates diplomas for validity and reserves the right not to accept those deemed invalid. Note: Students who are residents of the state of Tennessee and attending MMI-Orlando or UTI-Houston, and all students at NASCAR Tech are required to submit copies of their official high school transcripts rather than copies of their high school diplomas to satisfy admissions requirements; or
  • State-issued GED or state-authorized equivalent exam. Students who are residents of the state of Tennessee and attending MMI-Orlando or UTI-Houston, and all students at NASCAR Tech are required to submit copies of their official GED transcripts rather than copies of their certification to satisfy admissions requirements; or
  • Evidence of having previously attended a Title IV-eligible program at a post-secondary institution under the Ability to Benefit (ATB) provision before July 1, 2012 (documented with a copy of the official ATB test scores and transcript); or
  • Successful completion of a degree program at the postsecondary level (associate degree and beyond proven by submission of an official transcript from the college); or
  • Successful completion of an officially recognized homeschooling program. The homeschooling documentation required by UTI for review varies based on state requirements. If homeschooling was completed in a state that issues a secondary school completion credential, a copy of the credential is required. 
  • If the state has no such requirements, additional documentation — including a transcript showing all courses, grades, graduation date, and a notarized statement — must be submitted for review. The campus Registrar or designee will review home school documents and notify the applicant if further documentation is required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have some questions about UTI colleges, then you should browse through the answers given below:

What is The Universal Technical Institute Tuition Fee?

The estimated tuition fee of Uti Colleges is $46,250

Is UTI a college or university?

Generally speaking, people tend to classify Uti as a college. But the major characteristic of Uti is to equip individuals with knowledge of various trades.

With this, Uti can be categorically characterized as a trade-based school.

What does UTI stand for?

UTI simply stands for  Universal Technical Institute.

Is UTI a reputable school?

Yes, Uti is a reputable school. It is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Vocational and Technical Schools.

Also, it is supported by brands such as Ford motor company, Volkswagen, Lexus, Volvo, etc.

To further make it stand out, Uti colleges are also accredited by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation. 

How Long is UTI Program?

UTI programs usually take up to 51 weeks

Does UTI Offer Financial Aids?

Like every school that grants scholarships and awards, UTI is not exempted. 

Does UTI Offer Online Classes?

Ben in UTI, you would mostly carry out practicals, and these practicals cannot be carried out online. Hence, UTI programs cannot offer online classes 

universal technical institute acceptance rate

Universal Technical Institute Requirements

The acceptance rate of universal technical institutes in various areas of the country is 100%. This is a very good acceptance rate when compared to regular universities.

UTI Houston

Yes, there is a universal technical institute in Houston. It is located at 721, Lockhaven Dr, Houston, Tx, 77073, United States.

It was founded in 1965 and has stood the test of time since then.

is there a UTI in Tennessee

Ye, there is a UTI in Tennessee. And it provides hands-on experience, regarding under-car maintenance. 


Attending a UTI college is a very good decision. From the article, you can see that it saves you time, and money and also helps you become an individual with not just theoretical skills, but technical skills to back up.

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