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How to Get Student Discount on Travelodge

Travelling is made more interesting with Travelodge and to think that there’s also a student discount on Travelodge! Have you always wanted to go on those luxurious trips as a student and just take your mind off your studies? Well, Travelodge had you in mind by bringing about a student discount promo! 

As a fellow student, I understand how stressful schooling and sometimes studying is especially if you’re a finalist. Also, I know important it is to take some time off and get some rest. So, if traveling and going on adventures is your thing, you need to know more about the student discount at Travelodge.

Get braced up to find out the interesting benefits you could enjoy with the student discount on Travelodge. Reading through, you’d find simple and detailed steps on how to get the Travelodge student discount. Furthermore, there are inserted links that could take you directly to the required websites. In addition, this article answers the frequently asked questions about the student discount on Travelodge.

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What is Travelodge?

Great, now you’re interested in knowing more about Travelodge! So what does Travelodge really do? Travelodge is UK’s international biggest hotel brand with over 40,000 guestrooms and 590 hotels. It is an independent and privately owned company launched in 1985. Ever since, this brand operates in the hospitality & accommodation sector across the UK, Spain, and Ireland.

 Furthermore, there are about 14 Travelodge PLUS hotels with different unique variations. They have a total of 570 hotels in the United Kingdom, 11 hotels in Ireland, and 5 hotels in Spain. Also, they have luxurious hotels and accommodations in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

They are widely known and respected for their top-notch customer care and services. No hotel does it as Travelodge does! They’re simply the best so imagine enjoying the student discount on Travelodge. 

If you probably wonder what Travelodge hotels look like, then here’s a brief description. Travelodge hotels come with a luxury king-size bed, a large work desk, and a mattress with 952 pocket springs, so imagine the bounce! Also, it comes with an inbuilt socket bed frame, where you charge your devices at ease. Not to forget, there is also a master bathroom suite, some soft hypoallergenic pillows, and a Modo Mio coffee maker.

travelodge student discount

Does Travelodge Offer a Student Discount?

Yes, they do! Well, isn’t it so comforting that you can enjoy a royal treatment while saving more? The student discount on Travelodge gives you a benefit of 5% off your bills. Plus you enjoy this offer across the countries aforementioned (UK, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, US, etc).

However, to access the Travelodge student discount code, you must sign up and be verified as a student. There are some websites that will grant you access to these student discount codes and promo offers.

Additionally, these websites generate the student discount code on Travelodge. Such as Student Beans,, UNiDAYS, and NHS discount coupon websites.

Carefully reading through this article, you’d find simple and well-explained steps on how to use the codes each website generates.

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How Do I Get Student Discount Code On is a coupon website that allows you free sign up and enjoy student discounts on Travelodge. This is a website that helps you find the best promotions and discounts as a student. Unlike many other websites, makes it easier for you to benefit from the student discount offers on Travelodge. saves you the stress of always logging in, they hand-verify your student account and deliver coupons to you. Also, their website is absolutely free to use and doesn’t require a sign-up. There are no instructions on how to get student discount codes on

How Do I Sign Up for Student Beans?

Student Beans is another discount coupon website for students. Thus, they are a marketing website that assists brands in creating student discounts. Travelodge uses this company to generate its student discount codes. Most importantly, Student Beans offers student and institution verification for brands and companies.

However, note that you can’t generate codes for student discounts on Travelodge without verification. Hence, you need to know how to sign up on Student Beans.

So, here are step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Student Beans:

  • Firstly, visit their website 
  • After you’ve done this, enter your academic email address
  • Create a password. Make sure, it’s something you can easily remember
  • Confirm the previously entered password
  • Check your student email for a confirmation message
  • Click the link in the email
  • Login to your account with the same information 

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How To Get Student Discount on Travelodge using Student Beans 

If you want to be among the lucky students that enjoy Travelodge student discount benefits then you’d find these tips helpful. So, here are some procedures on how to apply your student discount codes from Student Beans on Travelodge. If you carefully follow them, you’d waste no more time and jump on more Travelodge student discounts.

  • Visit and browse the Travelodge website or click here
  • Once you’re on the homepage, scroll down and click on “Students”
  • Then sign in to your Student Beans account on another tab
  • Copy the discount codes
  • Go back to the Travelodge website
  • Paste these codes at the checkout when booking
  • Have a safe trip and enjoy your 5% discount 

How Do I Get a Student Discount Travelodge code on the NHS?

NHS is an acronym for “National Health Service”, it is a government-established health care service. So if you’re a student in the NHS, then you also enjoy the student discount on Travelodge. 

Simply, follow the instructions written below and start enjoying this offer!

  • Click here to visit the NHS website
  • Search for Travelodge on the homepage
  • Browse through the list of available options and make a choice
  • Then click on,” Show my Coupon”
  • Copy this code as shown (Ensure it’s copied correctly)
  • Paste these codes at the checkout

So there goes, easy-peasy right? It doesn’t even require any sign-up for the access codes!

Is there a Travelodge Student Discount Code on UNiDAY?

Occasionally. I can’t 100% guarantee that there’s a student discount Travelodge code on UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS alongside Student Beans and NUS are websites that you need to sign up for student and institution verification. However, you might check their websites currently and find no discount codes for Travelodge. 

So, I advise you to sign up for these websites and their newsletters if any. Also, check here to browse for the student discount codes.

Does Travelodge work with TOTUM?

Yes, they do. Travelodge uses TOTUM to generate discount cards or codes for their clients. TOTUM was previously known as the NUS Discounts, so don’t get confused when it’s being replaced. Currently, as of the time of writing this article, TOTUM has student discount codes for Travelodge.

However, the timing might vary, thus, you need to stay updated on their website.

What are the requirements for a student discount on Travelodge?

There are some requirements you must meet if you want to enjoy the Travelodge student discounts, and get luxurious hotel accommodations. These criteria are basically to verify and ensure that you’re a student. Hence, have it in mind that they are basically academic pieces of information.

  1. Email address: Your academic email address is one of the major things you need for a student discount on Travelodge or even anywhere. Websites like UNiDAYS, Student Beans, and TOTUM (or NUS) require this 
  2. Student/School portal: This is yet another requirement you need, it’s almost as important as an academic email address. Thus, if you don’t have access to your school portal, then unfortunately you can’t be verified
  3. Student ID card: While some sites might require a student ID, others like might not. Regardless, you need your student ID card handy just in case you need it to get verified. 
  4. Above 16 years old, studying at a University: The standard requirement for using a student discount code for any brand is to be at least above 16. Also, you must be studying at a university and must be in your sixth grade or form at least.

With these four criteria in mind, you’d be enjoying traveling with Travelodge even as a student. So, don’t miss out on the 5% offer Travelodge gives, sign up already!

Student discount on Travelodge Booking Terms and Conditions 

Every brand, company, or business has its terms of use or service and Travelodge isn’t exempted. So, I decided to make thorough research on the terms and conditions to take note of when using the Travelodge student discount. Carefully read through this information and bear them in mind while traveling.

  1. Travelodge terms ” Group booking” as booking 10 rooms or more for the same night
  2. You can’t split your booking to multiple hotels, each booking is to a hotel
  3. No reselling or transfer of booking. If you fault this, your booking may be terminated
  4. Change of name after the booking is highly prohibited. You must endeavor to do that before booking
  5. You must be 18+ to make a booking or lodge in any of Travelodge hotels
  6. You must show photo identification or unexpired school ID before you can lodge
  7. Travelodge terminates your booking with no refunds if perhaps you forget your ID, passport, or any means of identification 
  8. They require credit and debit cards details if you couldn’t make full payment at the initial time of booking
  9. They don’t accept payments over the telephone, by fax or by cheque

Travelodge have quite a number of terms and conditions, so read more here. Also, click here to manage bookings if you’re ready to make your bookings.


As a student, studying can be quite a tedious activity but a compulsory one if you want to those exams. But “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, right? So taking out some time to embark on adventurous trips, picnics, and travels isn’t a bad idea. However, doing this definitely involves some spending and this is where Travelodge comes in. This brand is one of the biggest and largest in the hotel & hospitality and with 5% off every booking, you can save more!

Thus, this article contains so much vital information concerning everything about Travelodge student discounts with outbound links inclusive. So get a better experience traveling as a student using Travelodge.

FAQs about Travelodge student discount

I’m guessing you have other questions you need clarity on, so here is a list of the questions frequently asked bout Travelodge.

Who qualifies for the student discount on Travelodge?

Every student is eligible to benefit from the Travelodge student discount, as long as they love traveling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time, part-time, or even an adult student, as long as you have an authentic student ID.

Can I bring my food to Travelodge?

Of course, you can. Travelodge doesn’t place a restriction on outdoor meals or drinks, your comfort is their aim remember? So, you can bring in your own meal or place an order outside.

How many student discounts are available at Travelodge?

The only available student discount on Travelodge currently is the 5% off promo. However, there are other varieties of discount offers not specifically for students.

Can I change my Travelodge dates?

Yes, you certainly can. Although, you can only change the date and the room type, you can’t upgrade your room type or rate. Also, bear in mind that changing your Travelodge dates attracts change fees, so for each change, there’s a fee attached.

Can I change my Travelodge booking to a different one?

Yes, this is possible. However, changing your Travelodge booking to a different one attracts additional fees despite your student discount on Travelodge. Also, if perhaps you change to a booking with a lower rate, you won’t get any refunds. Additionally, you can’t change the location of your booking, it must be within the same geographical area.

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