Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2023 List]

Thinking about sending your kids to boarding schools in Washington? Well, it’s important to think about the social environment in which they will be placed.

Boarding schools in Washington provide you with a safe environment to raise your child.

In Washington, high school boarders can take advantage of the state’s Running Start program.

The program, launched by the state government in 1990, enables students to attend public universities and acquire credit points for secondary and university education.

Boarding schools in Washington provide world-class education and personal development, ensuring boarders have bright futures.

Additionally, the Washington State Board of Education envisions an education system in which students follow personalized learning paths that prepare them for civic engagement, careers, postsecondary education, and lifelong learning.

To achieve this vision, the strategic plan also sets out a set of goals and priorities.

In Washington, nearly 80,000 students are enrolled in more than 500 private and boarding schools.

The purpose of the Washington State Board of Education is to provide transparent K-12 educational governance, effective oversight of schools serving Washington K-12 children, and a vigorous advocacy for personal growth and student success.

These three responsibilities will help support a school system that personalizes learning for each student and values ​​a variety of cultures, abilities, and learning styles.

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Washington

Here are the top boarding schools available in Washington state for you to explore further and get more information.

1. The Northwest School (Washington)

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Northwest School is a mixed-age private school with 6-12 classes for middle and high school students. By teaching children a diverse curriculum, the Seattle school has earned a reputation for exceptional academic achievement.

The number of students enrolled at the school increased to 700 in 2015. Among them are more than 70 international students from 12 nations.

Northwest School is the only international boarding school in Washington that welcomes students from around the world and offers tuition and financial aid comparable to students from other countries and states.

Northwest School has a full physical education program that includes standard and unusual activities such as frisbee and curling.

Courses are slightly cheaper (with full accreditation) and expose your youngster to a diverse mix of budding entrepreneurs and executives.

  • Tuition (Boarding Students): $55,830 per year
  • Tuition (Day Students): $39,630 per year
  • Acceptance rate (%): 48%
  • Average of 16 students per class

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2. Annie Wright Schools (Washington)

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Annie Wright Schools is a private boarding school located in Washington, in the city of Tacoma. Pierce County has 46 private schools including this one. In terms of church affiliation, the Annie Wright Schools is an Episcopal school.

Students spend 6 hours in class every day during the school year, which lasts 174 calendar days. In 2011, all seniors received their bachelor’s degrees from four-year universities.

There are 63.4 full-time teachers teaching the 403 students in class PK-12. That’s a student-teacher ratio of 6.36.

Annie Wright Schools has low tuition for a 100% tuition school with a world-renowned bachelorette party program. It also has a strong sports program as well as a diverse selection of arts and music. The school is Episcopalian, but students of all religions are welcome.

  • Tuition (Boarding Students): $63,270 per year
  • Tuition (Day Students): $29,920 per year
  • The school has an acceptance rate of 58 percent.
  • Average class size is 12 students.

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3. Master’s Ranch – West (Washington)

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Master’s Ranch – West is a Christian military school and ranch for troubled boys between the ages of nine and seventeen.

On the Snake River in eastern Washington, Master’s Ranch – West is a structured Christian housing program. The school’s relationship program is specifically designed to meet the needs of students and their families dealing with serious problems and life situations.

Most military-style boarding schools don’t accept boys who have problems at home, at school, or with the law, but that’s what Master’s Ranch – West (MRW) is here for.

MRW provides boys with 24-hour mentorship, mentorship and a structured military-style curriculum to help them become responsible, loving and respected young people, ready for a better future.

Master’s Ranch – West has an academic program that includes college prep and preparatory courses.

Football, basketball and baseball are available to students at Master’s Ranch – West. Students who have worked hard on the program and have been given the opportunity to have a strong academic reputation are eligible to compete in the sport.

  • Tuition (Boarding Students): $51,270 per year
  • Tuition (Day Students): $29,000 per year
  • The school has an acceptance rate of 62 percent.
  • Average of 16 students per class

4. Spring Street International School (Washington)

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Spring Street is an independent, multicultural boarding school located in the heart of Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands.

It offers children a lively academic atmosphere in a safe, rural setting. Students develop a passion for learning as they prepare for college success.

Personal development is promoted through challenging excursions and travel experiences. Empathy, humility and the importance of teamwork are taught through service in many areas.

Students learn to be engaged, caring, and ethical members of their communities, both local and global.

Spring Street students see themselves, their families and their communities as part of a much larger world. The Science, Humanities and Arts Championships are supported by an Elite Academic Program consisting of 5 APs.

Building relationships that motivate effort and mastery is critical to Spring Street education.

  • Boarders pay $42,600 per year in tuition.
  • Annual Tuition: $17,400 (Day Students)
  • The school has 90% acceptance.
  • 14 students on average per class.

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5. Upper Columbia Academy

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) is a boarding school for students in grades 9 through 12 in Spangle, Washington, about 20 miles south of Spokane.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church owns and operates it. It is part of the second largest Christian school system in the world, the Seventh-day Adventist education system.

Yakima Valley Academy was the precursor to Upper Columbia Academy. Due to a lack of space and physical system problems, the first school was closed in 1945. The walls were held together by metal cables attached to either side of the chamber.

  • $9,847 per year in tuition
  • The percentage of accepted people is 90%
  • Average of 25 students per class

6. St Michael’s Academy

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Saint Michael’s Academy is a Conservative Catholic boarding school for boys and girls from Kindergarten through 12th grade in Spokane, Washington, USA. It is administered by the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen.

The Academia de San Miguel is a place where parents and students must commit to Catholic education and participate in the process of Christian development. The Academy is a living institution dedicated to the never-ending task of knowing, loving, and serving God.

  • Number of students: 150
  • $4,600 per year in tuition
  • Average class size is 12 students.

7. Kennedy Catholic High School

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Kennedy Catholic School, formerly known as John F. Kennedy Catholic High School, is a private Catholic school in Burien, Washington, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle.

Founded in 1966, Kennedy Catholic is one of three high schools in the diocese of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle.

Kennedy Catholic was originally known as John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, but changed its name at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year to reflect its Catholic roots.

  • Students: 852 students
  • Annual fee: $15,576
  • Average class size: 18 students

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8. Forest Ridge School of Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart educates young women to think critically, embrace adversity, model resilience, stand up against injustice, seek equality, and lead in the spirit of our founder’s global pioneering spirit.

At the Forest Ridge Summer Experience you can be creative, collaborate, learn new skills and meet new people.

Week-long camps for boys and girls in grades 2 through 8 provide focused, hands-on learning opportunities for students to find new passions while having fun.

There is something for everyone, whether you want to spend half a day doing crafts or a full day doing science.

  • Tuition (Inside Students): $64,000 per year
  • Annual Tuition: $34,900 (Day Students)
  • Average class size is 12 students

9. Kirov Academy

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

Kirov Academy, Washington DC is a premier private boarding school in WASHINGTON, DC. It has 48 students in grades 6-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 3 to 1.

Tuition is $48,000 for the highest class offered. After graduation, 90% of the students in this school go on to a 4-year college.

  • Yearly Tuition: $33,400
  • Tuition + Boarding: $48,000
  • Financial support received 40%
  • Average financial support $10,000

10. The Linsly School

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In Washington [2022 List] | Expaat

For over two centuries, Linsly has successfully educated and shaped the lives of thousands of students.

Founded in 1814, the Linsly School is a private, independent school for students in grades 5 through 12.

Based in Wheeling, West Virginia, we offer college preparatory courses that combine traditional values ​​such as hard work, respect, honor, honesty and self-discipline combine a challenging academic program aimed at unleashing the potential of every student.

The family atmosphere at our school helps students grow and develop under the guidance of faculty members who know them by name and care about their future.

Our strong academic program provides students with an emphasis on essential skills, a challenging college-preparation curriculum, and a commitment to the lifelong learning necessary for success in college and beyond.

  • Annual fee $19,850
  • Shipping (monthly + shipping) $42,740
  • Financial support received 58%
  • Average financial support $13,500


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