T-Mobile student discount

T-Mobile Student Discount – Save 15% Off in 2023

You know being a student can stretch your patience, bank account, and time management but did you know that it also comes with some perks? T-Mobile student discount is available to help out with offers that make you save better as a student.

Although it can be difficult to work many hours and keep up being a full-time student. Not forgetting you need a reasonable amount of money for survival. That is why every penny has to count. Luckily, many companies have offers for students, there are student discounts to help save students money on college expenses.

T-Mobile is running a discount student for teachers with Magenta MAX plans. You get to save 15% on Magenta Max and get also, premium unlimited talk, data, and text. That gives over $450 yearly in savings. This is a discount for students registered with studentrate.com  If you have additional questions about the T-Mobile student discount and eligibility requirements you can contact them here.

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T-Mobile Student Discount Plan Benefits

Everybody appreciates discounts available now and, then right? This T-Mobile student discount is one to be used and appreciated by students who are customers. If you are in search of a cheaper phone plan, they are one of the best.

There are so many benefits of using T-Mobile, well, here you go.

Great nationwide coverage:

These cell carriers can operate on the very same networks as the big three carriers.

Lower prices available:

You get to save up to $600 per year on your cell phone plan. So why are MVNOs much cheaper? They do not have the huge overhead and advertising costs the top guys do.

No contracts:

 Try to avoid getting trapped in a two-year agreement. Switch carriers when you decide to with a no-contract phone plan.

Same cell phone service:

Just because you pay less, does not insinuate you have to scrimp on features. Plans that have everything unlimited are easy to find from these prepaid carriers. Usually, a lower-cost carrier plan comes with unlimited text and talk as standard, high-speed data, and even mobile hotspot data features.

Get to keep your phone and number:

You get the opportunity to bring your phone and keep your phone number. No use signing up for pricey device payments.

Get your plans customized:

 You get to decide how much data you need. Thus, you choose to pay as you go and can opt for unlimited or no data, minimal minutes. You also get the chance for unlimited talk text and data. Unlimited data plans come at a much better price with an alternative carrier. You pick the plan options that fit your budget and not the plan your carrier thinks you need.

Get great customer support:

The smaller mobile providers are known for their special attention to their customers. You can stop feeling like an anonymous number getting lost in the crowd! Ensure to check out their carrier user reviews before switching.

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Ways to Save at T-Mobile:

Check out the T-Mobile coupon page – You can visit the BrokeScholar T-Mobile coupon codes page to get up-to-date deals and sales. Currently, there are 108 active offers available for use.

  • Follow T-Mobile on their social media handles – Often T-Mobile gets to release special deals to their followers on their social pages.
  •  Frequently check Amazon for T-Mobile items – Amazon has T-Mobile products on sale at discounted prices and Prime members get to receive free shipping. Check for T-Mobile deals at Amazon.
  • Shop for fairly used T-Mobile items on eBay – If you can’t find a T-Mobile deal anywhere else, it’s worth checking eBay for used T-Mobile products. You have more possibilities for affordable deals there.  

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How can I find student discounts?

Nationwide and local restaurants, stores, and many other businesses may offer gift cards and discounts to students. So, not minding where you shop, never feel hesitant to ask if a student discount is available. Even the simplest discount can save you money.

Be sure to have your student ID with you. It helps you verify your student status and stand a chance to gain from a student discount. You will be surprised at how much you can save by taking $5 off, 10% off, or much more with each purchase. Try to take advantage of your student status while you can!

You can get to find student discounts by searching online, and viewing websites such as UNiDAYs or Student Beans. These sites get to offer reduced prices for students or some kind of exclusive discounts in stores. Also, discounts are online on dozens of brands of clothing, entertainment, technology, and much more.

Always be on the lookout for all the student discount lists offered every. That way, you get to take full advantage of any cash-saving opportunities. You do not get to lose anything, asides from the little time taken out to ask for a discount.

The savings get to add up when you do not have to pay full price. By using the student discounts available, you can help keep your budget in check. You get to start saving for your future and also reach your college financial goals!

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Cell phone plans from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has three unlimited plans available. So the specialty plans are for members of the military, seniors and veterans, and first responders.

You can save up to $5 each month per line with up to eight lines on any unlimited plan if you sign up for automatic payments. Below are the prices for each line before any discounts are subscribed.

Essentials for $65 plus taxes and fees

Simply put, these are video streams in standard definition. The plan includes unlimited mobile hotspot data. But is at 3G speed, which in reality is slightly slower than the 4G or even the 5G data speed you get on your smartphone.

 Also, the international features here include unlimited texting while outside of the United States. Also included in the international features are talk, text, and 2G data- it’s slow service- in Mexico and Canada.

 Magenta for $75, taxes and fees included

This also is video streams in standard definition. This plan though includes 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data. But once you have used that up, it jumps down to unlimited 3G speed and a basic Netflix subscription is available if you have more than one line. International features here include talk, text, and 5GB of high-speed data in both Mexico and Canada, plus unlimited texting and data at 2G speeds in more than 200 countries.

Magenta MAX for $90, both taxes and fees included

 Here video streams are up to 4K UHD, but customers need to activate it and have in their possession a device that supports it. This plan includes 40GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data. Once that has been used, customers get unlimited data at 3G speed. Also, a standard Netflix subscription if you own multiple lines.

International features here are more positive.  They include talk, text, and 5GB of high-speed data in both Mexico and Canada, plus unlimited texting and data. The data speed is up to 256kbps in about 200 countries. The speed in this plan is slightly faster than the Magenta plan, but uploading photos and videos would still be a pain.

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Trying to switch to a cheap T-Mobile plan?

It has never been easier to switch, honestly. Let me break it down.

  • Get to customize your plan: If you are in search of a truly unlimited plan, or you are in the market for something more basic, you can choose a plan to suit your cell phone needs.
  • Prepare for the switch: Please make sure you pay your old bills and ensure you unlock your phone. Also, if you are getting a new device, you can transfer data, and transferring data from one to another is simple. Not minding if you use are going from an iPhone to an Android and vice versa.
  • Setting up your new plan: Be sure to keep your current carrier account open until your number has been ported over. Once you are sure your new plan is up and running, you are to cancel your old account.

So, if you have got a new device with your Tello plan, it should be all set up to use when it arrives. If you are bringing your phone then you will need to follow the instructions given with the new SIM card kit Tello will send to you in the post.

T-Mobile’s Extras and What to Expect.

T-Mobile work perks are a program that is offered to employees at businesses and organizations that have some relationship with T-Mobile. A company must first sign up with T-Mobile for employees to access these plans and perks.

For a limited amount of time, eligible customers who are processing a switch to T-Mobile can save up to $200 through 20 monthly bill credits. This is when you have activated a new account on Magenta MAX.

How to get T-Mobile Work Perks?

If any eligible company employs you as their staff, then you can have access to the advantages of this offer.  You have to check with your employer or company intranet to crosscheck what other offers your company provides. If you need to check click to see if your company or organization qualifies.

Why is this plan not available to all of your customers?

This particular program/arrangement is available to employees of organizations that have some agreement with T-Mobile for Business. Employees must meet the eligibility requirements.

How do I get this deal?

You can call 877-384-0296 to speak to one of the experts visit the website or be more comfortable visiting a retail store near you.

Now to qualify for T-Mobile Work Perks, you have to do the following:

  • First, activate a new account that has at least one voice line on the Magenta MAX plan
  • Then bring over/port in a number from an AT&T, Verizon, or Claro on the new phone line to qualify for $100
  • Next, you have the grace of 30 days from account activation to add a second voice line and you qualify for an additional $100 for a total of $200
  • Please remain active and in good standing on the Magenta MAX
  • Then verify employment with an eligible company/agency within 30 days of activation online through the My T-Mobile or the T-Mobile app.

What else comes with Magenta MAX?

You also get the following:

  • The Unlimited talk, text, and 5G & 4G LTE smartphone data on the T-Mobile network
  • Free texting & unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Up to 4k UHD streaming
  • Up to 256 kbps international data speeds, up to two times our standard international speeds
  • 40GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data


The T-Mobile student discount would assist in saving money and proper or wise spending. T-Mobile student discount with awesome data, call and text plans help you communicate and save.

The plans help you research their data plans, call friends and loved ones and stay connected through texts. Honest advice, give it a try today.


1. What is the best T-Mobile plan for students?

T-Mobile MVNOs such as US mobile and Tello offers cell phone plans starting as low as just $10 per month. They are available on the T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE wireless networks.

2. What is the cheapest T-Mobile unlimited plan for students?

T-Mobile MVNOs such as Mint mobile and Tello offer cheap unlimited data plans for just $30 per month. You could check the T-Mobile store to verify.

3. Can I combine these offers with a device promotion?

You can talk to experts/staff about intentions to combine T-Mobile work perks with a device promotion at the time you activate.

4. Is there some limit to the number of lines?

Oh, sure yes, they are. However, you are limited to only 12 and the first two alone are eligible and can access the offer. So, unfortunately, you can’t get this with every line.

5. Does this include Netflix offers?

When you activate two or more voice offers on Magenta Max you get Netflix access. So, yes this includes Netflix.

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