Students Beans Discount Offers – All Need To Know

Student beans discount is just a discount website that provides you with up-to-date student discounts and loyalty programs from reliable brands.

Brands like

They have an audience of over 163 million verified users in more than 100 countries that they connect to over 1000 brands.

 Student discounts help a lot of students, especially those that are on a student loan and have a lot of debt on their necks. So, in this article, I’d tell you all about the Student beans discount, if it exists and what you can get with it.

You can still afford necessities and not spend a fortune on them, so read on to find out how.

About Student Beans

Student Beans is a marketing technology company that helps brands connect their student discounts to over 163 million students in over 100 countries.

Their student verification technology is incorporated in their apps, websites, and stores like Google, Dominos, etc. With over 200+ people on their team, they have offices in New York City, Manchester, London, Melbourne, and Birmingham.

They are the number world leading student loyalty program and they pride themselves on connecting students with these brands and giving them the best discounts! Their main targets are 6th form, high school, college, and university students, people mostly aged 16-24 years old.

They offer discounts in these countries,

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United States

If your country isn’t part of the list, you can use their UK site to order internationally.

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Students Beans Discount Offers

Student beans discount offers students a lot of discount codes to help them save on products that they need. They don’t just stick to one thing, they are a variety of discount codes like food and drinks, technology, clothes, etc. I’ll be explaining a few and listing examples of the discount they offer.

1. Student Discount Offers for Food and Drinks

As humans, we need Food and drinks to survive. Maybe drinks might not be as necessary but food? You can’t function well without enough of it in your system. As a student, you need a lot of energy to get around your daily activities and you can only get that kind of energy from eating enough and staying hydrated.

Most times foods at stores might be expensive and over your budget, so you stick to junk foods that might endanger your health. Well, the Student beans discount has you covered, they have a lot of discount codes that will make food and drinks very affordable for you. Examples of these discounts are,

  • 25% off your first order on the door dash
  • $125 off your first 5 orders on freshly
  • 20% Student Discount on Carne collective and many more.

2. Student Beans Discount Offers on Fashion Brands

Fashion is one of the best things in the world today. As a student, having clothes you are comfortable with or clothes that make you feel confident and boost your ego is what you should be going for but clothes are expensive and you don’t have that budget.

What if I told you that there was a way for you to look dashing and still save a lot? Well, it’s not a secret that a student bean discount is the best when it is considering students’ interests.

Student bean offers you a whole lot of fashion discounts from jewelry, to Clothing to swimsuits and a variety of clothing collections you will love for a great discount. Examples of these discounts are,

  • 10% discount on Hudson shoes
  • 10% Student Discount on showpo
  • 10% discount on Dorothy Perkins and many more

3. Tech and Mobile Discounts on Student Beans

It’s a technological age and these days you really can’t do a lot without a good technological device. If you want to do faster school work, keep in touch with classmates, have a social life, or even get a comfortable job where you could work from home.

You need a good device. Today most universities hold their classes online and you can’t access that without a good device.

 Now good phones, laptops, or any advanced device are heavily priced and might be way too much for your student allowance.

What do you do? Well, the Student beans discount has various discounts that can give you the device you desire at a lower price. Examples of this discount are

4. Student Beans Discount Offers for Health and Beauty Products

Your health is your top priority as the saying goes “Health is wealth” and getting a discount on student beans helps the wealth part. You can’t be healthy if you don’t have enough money to treat yourself to things that will keep you fit and strong to carry out activities.

Getting checkups and drugs or face creams that will keep your face free from pimples, and eczema is the most expensive and a lot of people can’t afford that.

 For example, you have an eye problem and probably can’t read without straining or see objects from afar but you can’t go for a checkup or get lenses because you can’t afford them.

Well Student beans discount has the offer you most likely have been looking for, it’s not free but the price is slashed to a reasonable amount that you probably could pay, for example

  • 17% off frames smartbuyglasses
  • 10% student discount on Paula’s choice
  • 10% off at vision direct and many more

5. Student Beans Discount for Entertainment Brands

“All work and no play makes jack a dumb boy” This rule applies to everyone, including you too.  School is necessary but some days you need a break to relax and get yourself entertained. How do you do this without spending your allowance carelessly, well again I have the answer you are looking for.

Think Student beans discount, they have discount offers that will help you stay entertained at a very low rate. This way you can stay at home and watch a movie or use any other offers you find on student beans. For example

  • 10% Student Discount on declutter
  • 15% student discount on red bubble
  • Buy a day, get a 2nd day free from universal studios Hollywood.
  • And many more.

6. Travel Student Discount Offers

 Flight tickets are expensive and at times you can get homesick but the transportation fare might discourage you from visiting home even if it’s for a short period. Most times even coming back to school from your home town is a struggle because of the flight tickets.

 Well if you live far away from where your school is, you don’t need to worry about the prices of flight tickets anymore. Student beans discount has all kinds of discounts for situations like this. Examples of this discount is10% off tours at Tours4fun

  • 5% Student Discount at home
  • 12% Student Discount at Kk day

7. Sports Discount Offers from Student Beans

Sport is great when you have the right clothes and tools for it. If you like staying fit or doing exercises to clear your head or just keep fit then you know how important it is to have the right clothes to work out.

You can’t use any wear to work out, you need comfortable stretchy, quality material to get the best out of your workouts. If the clothes around you aren’t in your budget then you can check the student beans discount page for offers that fit your budget. Examples are;

  • 20% Student Discount at sweaty butter
  • 20% student discount at hunter
  • 10% student discount on the banner
  • And many more

8. Student Beans Discount Offering on Books

If you enjoy reading then this next offer will be very fascinating. School books are pretty expensive and you spend a fortune on them. Student beans are offering you a discount on books that will make reading fun for you and at a very low price. Most of them have about 200 million different titles and offer free delivery anywhere you go. Examples of this discount are;

  • 5% student discount at a book outlet
  • 15% Student Discount on the book everyone
  • 15% Student Discount at magazine direct
  • And many more

9. Discount Offers for Study and Stationery Items

Learning doesn’t end at school, there are various opportunities for you to earn more skills and get certificates that you can use, and get jobs online. The discount gives you a huge slash on the online courses. Some discounts go up to $300 off the original fees!

Apart from online courses, if you like decorating your room or personal belongings or You create flyers a lot for your group, then you should check out the student discount they have to offer you. Most discounts give you slashes on phone cases, mugs, flyers, and other appliances

. So, you can make your dorm feel like home, put up some flyers, get a mug and get a stylish case you can carry around. Examples of the discount are:

  • 15% student discount at red bubble
  • 78% off at hosting300 OFF of an online career Bootcamp at springboard many more

10. Student Loans Discount Offers

Save the best for last, Finances. The reason you are looking for a discount in the first place is because of money and most times outrageous student loans. So, when there is a student discount that can help you find scholarships or help you with a loan you are bound to want to jump on those opportunities.

 Apart from the scholarships, they are discounts that help you budget better, show your expenses, and suggest how much you should save. All at your fingertips. Examples of student bean discounts;

  • 30% student discount at scholarship owl
  • 20% Student Discount at career hunter
  • 75% off an annual digital subscription to the economist
  • And many more

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In conclusion, the Student beans discount cares about students and how they use their money. They understand how much students spend and the thousands of things they have to get with a small allowance. That is why they have created a marketing website to reach them from all over the globe.

 This way they do not need to lack essentials and wait for a certain period to purchase needs, with discounts like this, they can save money and get all they need to be comfortable at school.

To enjoy this discount all you need to do is sign up for these discounts and get access to thousands of brands’ discount codes that can benefit you. The choice is all yours.

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FAQs About Student Beans Student Discount

1.  How old do I need to be to get a Student beans discount

You need to be 16 years old to use the Student beans discount.

2.  Why haven’t I received my verification email?

Check your spam to see if the message is there, if it’s not rechecked if your email is spelled correctly. If you still haven’t gotten an email. Try to get it manually.

3. Why wasn’t my email recognized?

Student beans use your institution’s email, so make sure it’s the one given to you by your school and ends with .edu.

4. My verification link isn’t working, what do I do?

If your link isn’t responding, try to copy your link and paste it into your local browser. If that doesn’t still work, try and do it manually.

5. Do I have to be a college student to access Student beans?

No, you can be in sixth form or high school and use Student beans. As long as you are 16 years old you can use this discount.

6. I can’t remember my password; how do I recover it?

If you have forgotten your password, then you need to send an email to and they will help you recover it.

7. My institution isn’t on the list; can I still access the student discount?

If your school isn’t on the list, then you can add it to the can’t find your institutions? and you will be able to add your school

8. How long does my ID last?

Your ID will last for 1 year, after that, you will need to re-verify your ID again

9. Where do I Insert my student discount code?

On the checkout page, there should be a box marked, promo code, Student Discount, and Discount code. You can Insert your code there.

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