The Different Student Discount On Laptops

student discount on laptops

Do you need a student discount on laptops and smartphones? 

Check out these deals on Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Acer products!

Different online stores provide discounted prices for practically anything, and these discounts are given to different categories of people. 

The biggest discounts go to teachers and students.

For this reason, it’s important to be aware of where and how to find student discounts on laptops, tablets, and other electronics. 

Read through the article to discover the best laptop deals on the internet.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Laptop?

There are different best times to purchase laptops depending on the season.

Especially around July to September, when students are going back to school. 

Then, holiday sales start in November and December. 

Most retailers cut prices once more in the spring, from February through April. 

All of these instances would be good ones to get a laptop.

However, don’t ignore a good offer because of the time of year because discounts are available all year round. 

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Do Students Get A Discount On Laptops?

Yes, different laptop companies offer a student discount to qualified students.

How Do I Get A Student Discount On Laptops?

Present your student ID after creating an account on the brand’s website to take advantage of the discount.

Now let’s move on to the different companies that offer student discount on laptops.

Best Buy Students Discount

Best Buy provides special discounts for students on laptops and other equipment.

To register for the discounts, you must create a My Best Buy account on the website and enter your student information. 

Once everything is finished, you can immediately begin taking advantage of the student discounts.

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HP Student Discount

Verify email address to register for HP education discounts. 

According to HP, students who qualify can save up to 35% on the products on offer.

Logitech Student Discount

Use Unidays to verify your email to get 25% off your purchases.

Microsoft Student Discount

Microsoft provides a significant discount on the Surface as well as at least 10% off all Windows PCs. 

Additionally, they provide discounts on software and accessories. 

To take advantage of the discount, simply choose your state, the name of your school, your city, or your zip code, and the Microsoft tool will find deals for you. 

Microsoft advises college students to buy the Surface tablet because it can serve as both a tablet and a laptop.

Running two apps concurrently is one feature that can be useful for college students. You can easily multitask as a result. 

For people who write a lot but don’t need to store a lot of multimedia, this is the perfect option due to its portability and lightweight design. 

The surface costs between $400 and $850, depending on the manufacturer, after the 10% student discount is taken into account.

Just head on over to the website to take advantage of the offer.

Lenovo Student Discount

Lenovo offers discounts on laptops, tablets, and desktop computers for students and faculty members. 

You can search a database of universities that take part in the Lenovo Academic Purchase Program using the website

Lenovo suggests that student laptops have processor speeds of at least 2GHz. 

This is because their computers can execute numerous programs at once and still run at a respectable speed. 

Additionally, they advise students to utilize the latest versions of iOS and Windows 10 on Apple devices. 

The majority of students chose to run Windows on their MacBooks due to its widespread compatibility on campus.

They advise students to get the Lenovo, which costs a little over $700.

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Apple Students Discount

MacBook laptops for college students are extraordinarily durable, but that durability comes at a price. 

Because most higher education institutions still utilize Windows for the majority of their classes, most students eventually add Windows to their Macs. 

Microsoft Office, which is required for all college students, can also be operated on Macs. 

Macs are strong and reliable, making them ideal for college students with the necessary funds. 

If you finally want to buy a Mac, it’s a good idea to do it while you’re still in college to take advantage of the student discount price.

On a new Mac, staff, instructors, and students can save up to $100. 

Remember that iPads can replace laptops as a hybrid laptop-tablet device.

For college, any Mac product will function nicely. 

Before the student discount, the MacBook Air costs $899, while the MacBook Pro starts at $1,199. 

Despite being lightweight, the MacBook Air is not very robust. 

An Air will perform just fine for the majority of majors, but the Pro is advised for those that demand intensive CPU use.

You can take advantage of the student discount via the website.

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Dell Student Discount

Students can get Dell’s Inspiron 15 at the lowest cost possible with a 30% discount. 

Additionally, they offer devices and accessories with the Dell brand at a 20 percent discount. 

Dell does indeed have the most affordable rates, with packages starting at just $401.79. 

If you’re a hardcore gamer and a multimedia enthusiast, Dell offers substantial savings on its Alienware models.

The Dell Venue 8 ($239.99) can be converted into a tablet-laptop hybrid by attaching a keyboard if you’re searching for portability and don’t require much room for large files.

We suggest the Inspiron 15″ Non-Touch laptop ($401.79) for those on a tight budget.

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Toshiba Students Discount

Students can no longer take advantage of discounts on Toshiba’s website because the company has changed its name to Dynabook and been acquired by Sharp. 

But there is a page on Dynabook devoted to affordable/entry-level solutions for students. 

The Tecra C40-C1400ED laptop, which starts at $399.99, is the cheapest model available.

Toshiba does not provide student discounts, but you might be able to find some deals on their website.

Acer Student Discount

Students receive a 10% discount from Acer in addition to free shipping. 

Acer will lead you to StudentBeans to confirm your status as a student in order to obtain the discount coupon. 

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions on this discount. You can’t use it on pre-orders, warranties, recovery hardware, Chromebooks, or orders that total more than $5,000. 

Additionally, free shipping is not offered outside of the United States.

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Razer products can be discounted by up to 15% for students who sign up for the company’s Student Education program.


Student discounts from Samsung are up to 30% off.

With Samsung’s Education Offer Program, parents, teachers, and students can receive an additional 15% off a number of Samsung devices. 

This can result in savings of up to 30% off computers, tablets, cellphones, displays, and other items that are currently on sale.

Third-Party Sites For Laptop Student Discounts

Tools like the Honey browser extension (which automatically finds and applies coupon coupons) might further reduce prices on top of student-specific discount programs. 

Everyone can use Honey because it offers discounts that aren’t just for students.

You can also use the free CamelCamelCamel Amazon price tracker to locate sales on Amazon products. 

This is a useful browser add-on where you can set up price-drop alerts. 

Another fantastic website for students trying to save money is Dealnews

Dealnews rapidly and thoroughly compiles the top offers from across the web in a variety of categories, including laptops.

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These student discounts do not require much from you other than your student ID and your personal information.

I advise you to keep your eyes on expaat for more deals like this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Discount On Laptops

Do students get a discount on computers?

Yes, companies like Best Buy offer discounts on a wide range of products, including laptops.

Right now, you can receive $100 off MacBooks and $120 off all-in-one computers. Many of these discounts feature free shipping.

Which laptop company provides students discounts in India?

Lenovo is one company that offers student discounts in India.

With Lenovo’s Student Discount, you can get laptops for up to 20% less. To receive the discount, all you have to do is provide your student identification card.

Do students get a discount on Chromebooks?

Yes, you can get a discount on Chromebooks after verifying your student ID.

Google Chromebook will email you a one-time use discount code for 10% off to be used at the Google Pixelbook website once you have successfully validated your status.

How do I get a free Microsoft Laptop?

To get a free Microsoft laptop, find a Microsoft Store in your area, then head there with your Windows 8 laptop.

Microsoft will give you a free laptop if they can’t install Windows 10 on your computer in one business day.

Is Windows 10 cheaper for students?

By virtue of your enrollment in college, you might be eligible to receive Windows 11 for no cost.

Microsoft grants free access to Windows 11 Education to students enrolled in specific colleges and high schools (it’s unclear if Windows 10 is still available in this way).

Can you get Windows 10 for free as a student?

Schools, colleges, and universities frequently have partnerships with Microsoft that make Windows 10 Education free for their students to use.

For you to be qualified for a free Windows 10 laptop, you must be enrolled in a college or institution.

Is Microsoft Office free on an HP laptop?

By default, an HP comes with a one-year license for Microsoft 365.

This means that you can use Microsoft 365 tools all year long for free to create reports, create presentations, or handle your books.


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