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Student Discount Codes for Dr Martens – Get 15% Off

If you’re a student looking to know more about the student discount for Dr Martens then you’re on the right page. I’m just like you too! Some days back, I was really looking for an e-commerce store that deals in quality footwear. Thereafter, I stumbled on Dr Martens’ store and decided to try it out. Then I found out that they offer awesome student discount promos as well.

In this article, you’ll find out more about the student discount Dr Martens offer.

Also, I’ve broken down each piece of information into tiny bits so it’s easier for you to understand.

This article also answers the most frequently asked questions about Dr Martens student discount. Similarly, you’d find out how to log in to Dr Martens as a student and get awesome discounts while shopping!

What is Dr Martens?

Dr Martens is an iconic brand that primarily deals in the sale of quality shoes and footwear. It is a brand that has a larger consumer base in over 60 countries such as the UK, US, Australia, and many more.

Well, this brand doesn’t just deal in any kind of footwear, it is niche down to boots only. With the world going digital, Dr Martens definitely has an online store where you could shop as much as you want.

They sell top-quality boots that can make you stand out from the crowd and be in the spotlight! Dr Martens deals in ladies’ and men’s boots, socks, badges, and scarves, they are a unisex brand.

Likewise, they sell children-sized boots, so they are a go-to for kiddies shopping. They also have a small selection of fashion accessories for both ladies and gentlemen, such as bags.

So now that you know what the brand deals on, let’s talk about getting a student discount on Dr Martens.

Can I Get a Student Discount for Dr Martens

Yes, you most definitely can. You can get 15% off anything you buy from the Dr Martens store as soon as you sign up, awesome right? However, the regular student discount Dr Martens offer is 10% off.

You can only enjoy this student discount if you’re registered and verified as a student on UNiDAYS.

Find out more about UNiDAY here.

Getting a student discount code on Dr Martens isn’t a rigorous process. On the contrary, it’s quite an easy and basic one, all you need to do is to sign up as a student.

Below is a detailed guideline on how to get a student discount for Dr Martens that I thoroughly researched. Thus, if you carefully follow each instruction, you’ll be enjoying student discounts on Dr Martens in no time!

How to Get a Student Discount for Dr Martens

Your eyes probably popped out when you learned that Dr Martens’ student discount is a 15% discount on all purchases. Well, let’s get started on how you can start enjoying these amazing discounts already.

Firstly, you need to understand that you can’t enjoy any student discount on Dr Martens without verification from UNiDAYS.

Thus, the steps below are guides on how to get registered as a student on UNiDAYS.

  1. Firstly, simply browse UNiDAYS and sign up
  2. Create an account with your email address to sign up. You wouldn’t want to receive promotional emails in your student email address
  3. After this, provide the name of your tertiary institution
  4. Input the student email address given to you by your school
  5. After completing these steps, UNiDAYS will verify your account as a student

How to sign up if you’ve forgotten your student email address.

  1. Click on your browser and search “sign up UNiDAYS
  2. After doing this, it takes you to the signup page
  3. Create an account with your email address
  4. To get verified by UNiDAYS, log in to your student portal
  5. Check your student email address for a verification message.

P.S: To stay updated on the various discount offers Dr Martens offers, then you need to sign up for their newsletter. Signing up for their newsletter gives you prior notice of the student discount offers and their duration.

Dr Airwair Martens student discount

How to Generate a Student Discount Code for Dr Martens

The most important step to getting a Dr Martens student discount promo is to first, get signed up on UNiDAYS. With that being done, every other process is easy-peasy. So, follow the simple processes written below.

  1. Firstly, visit your student discount Dr Martens home page, here
  2. Log in to your UNiDAYS account
  3. Then generate a unique student discount code
  4. Simply copy the code and paste it to your checkout page

So there you go! With these four steps, you can generate your unique student discount code for Dr Martens. These discount codes can only be generated when you’ve logged in to your UNiDAYS account.

How to Apply the Student Discount Code for Dr Martens

It’s one thing to generate Dr Martens students discount code and another to apply it. Relatively, you need to know how and where to apply the unique discount codes. Hence, below are basic steps on how to apply your generated codes, get them working and save more!

  1. Browse their website for the item you’re looking for. For an easier search, simply use the search function at the top-right corner. Likewise, you can use the category section.
  2. Select the item(s) you want to purchase
  3. Check the sizes and fashion style to be sure it’s your preference
  4. Next, click on the “Add to Cart” button
  5. Once you’ve selected the item and added it to your cart, click on “My Cart”
  6. Then click on “View Cart”
  7. Click on the “Apply Gift Cards and Promo Codes”
  8. Enter the unique student discount code that was generated
  9. Finally, click “Proceed to Check out”

What to Do If Your Student Discount Code Is Not Working

Sometimes, while trying to input your unique student discount code on Dr Martens, you might have a little issue. These issues might arise due to so many reasons but not to worry. Below are some guidelines on what to do as well as some reasons why it may be so.

  1. Double-check the spelling of the promo codes. Sometimes misspellings of a discount code could be the reason why it doesn’t seem to work.
  2. Ensure to check the expiry date of the discount code because the cases are quite sensitive. Expired codes certainly won’t work no matter how many times they are applied. Thus, if the offer has ended, you can no longer apply these student discount codes.
  3. Be sure you’re entering the discount code in the actual place Not applying at the right place is another reason why the discount doesn’t work. So whenever you’re entering a code, endeavor it’s for the right store to avoid unnecessary errors.
  4. Check if you entered an international code

N.B: Dr Martens doesn’t support any Australian codes. Their codes are only applicable if it’s a Dr Martens student discount UK code. So you can only get a 10% off Dr Martens student discount on UK orders.

  1. Ensure that the item you selected meets the Terms & Conditions of the promotion.

Some Terms & Conditions of Dr Martens’ student discount

  • Sales Exclusions: Items that are already put up in the sales category don’t go at discounts. The sales items are already at a minimum price, so they are excluded.
  • Minimum purchase amount: If the item you wish to purchase isn’t up to the stipulated spend amount, then your discount codes won’t work. For instance, if the coupon code only applies to purchases from $30 and above. Then you’ve got to make purchases that are up to that or above
  • Not in agreement with other offers
  • Endeavor that you’re signed in to your student account.

Can I Redeem My Student Discount Code for Dr Martens?

The answer is straightforward. Yes, you most definitely can. Dr Martens allows you to redeem your student discount codes and it’s quite easy. However, per terms of use and services, you can only use your student discount Dr Martens code one at a time.

How to Redeem a Dr Martens Student Promotion Code

Redeeming your coupon codes is almost the same process as applying your unique student discount Dr Martens codes. Though, note that before you can redeem any code, an email must be sent to you with your coupon codes.

So, here’s a simply explained process of getting back your discount code on Dr Martens.

  1. Check your mail for any update from Dr Martens and get access to your unique coupon from the mail sent to you
  2. Click the link in your mail that leads you to their website, www.drmartens.com
  3. Log in to your student account with the same information you used earlier. If you use different login details, you won’t be able to apply these unique codes. It’s called unique for a reason.
  4. Go to the cart section after you’ve logged in
  5. Enter the discount codes as sent to your email. Also ensure, it’s copied exactly i.e no spaces, or misspellings.
  6. Once you’ve entered this code, you can go ahead to apply it to your order

How Many Promo Codes Can You Use on Dr Martens?

Not more than one. Unlike some online stores, Dr Martens doesn’t allow “stacking” on their store. You might wonder what stacking is? Stacking means, ” applying more than one coupon to a product”. Being a student or not, this store doesn’t support promo code stacking. Hence, you can only apply a code per order and nothing more. Consequently, you can’t use their codes to get discounts for student promos on any other.

FAQs About Dr Martens’ Student Discount

Is Dr Martens student discount promo for all students?

Of course, Dr Martens student discount is open and available to every student. It doesn’t matter what kind of student you are, whether you’re a part-time or a full-time student. Online students affiliated with a university are also allowed to enjoy this 10% discount. Even if you’re a Masters student, PhD and a mature student, it still doesn’t count. All they need is a UNiDAY account that verifies that you’re a student and you’re good to go!

Can I use my student discount Dr Martens code with any other code?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Dr Martens doesn’t support stacking or the use of multiple codes for a single product. Thereby, you can’t use your student discount code with any other.

Does Dr Martens student discount code exclude any item?

As long as they are up for promotion. No, Dr Martens student discount code doesn’t exclude any items. Except for the sales items and as aforementioned, this is because they’ve already put up a minimum price. Thus, you can’t benefit from any more discount promos on them.

Do Dr Martens ever do a 20% off promo?

Yes, they do! But this happens occasionally, so to be amongst the early users, you must subscribe to their newsletter. The reason is that you can’t specifically predict when they might give a 20% off on their products. Hence, you need to stay updated and reminded to avoid missing out.

How many percent discounts do I get as a student?

As a first-timer, you get a 15% student discount promo on any item you wish to purchase. However, this is as long as you’ve been firstly verified on UNiDAY. After successfully signing up and making your first order, you would enjoy a 10% discount on every subsequent offer.


The best way to stay updated and never miss out on the awesome offers Dr Martens give is to sign up for their newsletters. So, hurry now and get the latest information on the student discount Dr Martens promo. Subscribe to their newsletters and reserve for yourself a front seat at those mouthwatering offers.

Great! Now you know all about the Dr Martens student discount promo codes. I hope this article solved the puzzles and answered the troubling questions on your mind? All you need to do is follow all instructions as explained and enjoy saving a lot!

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