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How To Get A Student Discount At Best Buy

The amazing Best Buy student discount is a great way to save a ton of money on a variety of high-end electronic devices as a student. Shopping for things on Black Friday would be much cheaper if you used your student discount at Best Buy.

The electronics store offers a number of student-only discounts all year long, but they are most notable around Black Friday. You can save a lot of money on a variety of well-known items, including the most recent MacBook Pro and some of the best wireless earbuds. Whatever electronic device you’re looking for, Best Buy probably has a discount for you.

Read through the article to learn how to get the Best Buy student discount, whether you need new items for back to school, to gift a friend, or for your upcoming party.

What Is The Best Buy Student Discount?

The Best Buy Student Discount is a program that gives university students substantial discounts on a variety of products.

You can get a variety of devices like printers, memory cards, charging wires, computers, and tablets. The program is for college students only so high school students are not allowed.

How Much Is The Student Discount At Best Buy?

Student discounts are available from Best Buy on a recurring basis. Although there isn’t a set percentage off, you can save up to $300 on the finest laptops or $100 off the best Bluetooth speakers with the bargains.

The Best Buy student offers page on the Best Buy website is worth bookmarking and visiting frequently if you’re a student. Keep in mind that some of the more well-liked bargains are quickly seized upon by enthusiastic students, so you don’t want to miss out on the offers.

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Who Is Eligible For The Best Buy Student Discount?

College students of “all ages” are qualified for the Best Buy student discount, so whether you’re enrolled in college, university, or a trade school, you can benefit from these exclusive rates.

It’s simple to determine if you meet the criteria for the Best Buy student discount because the qualifications are clear-cut. You are eligible if you are at least 18 years old and enrolled in a U.S. Title IV-approved institution or university at the moment. As long as they are U.S. Title IV accredited, four-year universities, community colleges, and other accredited institutions, you’re good to go. 

You can utilize the Federal Student Aid website to see if your school is Title IV accredited if you’re unsure about its eligibility.

Why Should You Go For Best Buy Student Discount?

College students have access to significant savings on technology, including laptops, thanks to the Best Buy student discount.

Actually, there is no set discount amount on expensive things like laptops and televisions but you can save a lot of money when you take advantage of these offers.

How Does A Student Discount At Best Buy Work?

The Best Buy student discount isn’t specific, unlike many other student discounts. It only applies to certain products, and instead of functioning like a standard discount, it works more like a coupon that you must clip and present.

The fundamental procedure is to use the Member Offers page to locate an item that qualifies for the discount, add it to your cart, and then click on the Apply button at checkout.

Here is an overview of the procedure from beginning to end:

  1. Go to the best buy student offers site
  2. Go to the product you want to buy and click on “shop now”
  3. Check if the product has a student deal and add it to your cart
  4. If you’re done shopping, click on “go to cart”
  5. Verify the goods in your cart, decide whether to pick up the item in person or have it mailed and when you’re ready, click Checkout.
  6. Click Continue to add your payment information after entering your address.
  7. Find the My Best Buy Offers & Rewards area, then select Apply.
  8. Check to see if your discount was used, then click on “place your order”
  9. The next time you want to use your student discount, go back to the Best Buy Membership Offers website.

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Which Products Can You Buy With Best Buy Student Discount?

You can buy a range of tech products like phones, accessories, laptops, video games, music instruments, cameras, car electronics, wristwatches, etc.

How To Claim Your Student Discount At Best Buy

You must sign up for the student discount program on the website before you can access the offer.

Simply click the top banner in the Student Hub section of the Best Buy website to get started. It will be required of you to show identification as a student. This could take the form of an enrollment letter or an email address from the institution.

Once you’re verified, you can go on to benefit from the fantastic bargains offered by the program.

How To Sign Up For A Student Discount At Best Buy

The process of opening a Best Buy account and applying for the student discount is nearly identical. The main distinction is that you must now include more details, such as your school’s address, and you might even be required to upload supporting documentation.

  1. On the website, click on the “sign up for deals” option
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Enter the required information
  4. Click on “get your student deals”
  5. You can immediately start taking advantage of student discounts at Best Buy with your account. Either wait for your first student discount email or visit the Best Buy website’s member rewards page.

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How Does Best Buy Verify Your Student Discount Order?

Best Buy employs SheerID, an identity verification service, to confirm that you are enrolled where you claim to be. The same service is utilized by Nike, Spotify, Amazon, and many more well-known brands. You are qualified to apply for a Best Buy student discount if you have already signed up for an Amazon or Spotify student discount.

SheerID gives you the option to upload supporting paperwork when it can’t instantly confirm your registration. You must scan your student ID or have access to documentation, such as your current class schedule or, if you haven’t begun school yet, an official enrollment letter, in order for this process to function.

What To Do If Your Verification Fails

If the system is unable to confirm your attendance at a recognized college or university, you will need to present enrollment documentation.

It’s okay if the website asks you to send further information to SheerID because Best Buy uses SheerID to verify enrollment. All you have to do is upload proof of enrollment documentation, then wait for manual verification.

Here are some of the types of proof that SheerID accepts:

  • Current student ID card
  • Current class schedule
  • An official enrollment letter
  • A registration receipt
  • Any official document from the school that states your name and verifies that you are currently enrolled

After manually submitting your documentation, if you are still unable to use the student discount, get in touch with Best Buy customer service for more help. Your application might need to be manually processed.

What Happens To Your Student Discount When You Graduate

If you are a student at an accredited institution, you are eligible for the Best Buy student discount. You lose your eligibility for the discount if you graduate or stop attending school for any reason.

Best Buy doesn’t have a set method to have you periodically reaffirm your eligibility, unlike other businesses that provide student discounts.

Your account will be demoted to a standard member account if Best Buy does ask you to reverify and you are no longer enrolled at a recognized college or university. Although Best Buy members no longer qualify for additional student discounts, they still receive exclusive bargains and offers every month.

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Final Words

You will get the most out of being a student by utilizing the student discount. Carefully read through the article to see how you can access this discount and start taking advantage of them now.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Buy Student Discount

Does Best Buy give a student discount?

Yes, best buy offers a student discount. The discount is not fixed as it depends on the product at hand. But you will access the discount once you’re verified as a student.

How do I get a student discount?

You can get information on available student discounts when you sign up on websites like ID.Me and They serve as student discount and freebie aggregators and enable college students to easily find numerous discounts in one location.

Do students get 10% off at Best Buy?

Yes, all students are qualified for the Best Buy student discount. Once youre verified to be a student you can benefit from the offer.

How do I get a student account for Best Buy?

To take advantage of the student discount at best buy, you should take the following steps:

Click the “Sign Up for Deals” option on the Best Buy Student Deals website
Sign in with your best buy email and password or create a new account by clicking on the option
After providing your details, click “Sign Up.”
This will take you to the page where you choose an item of your choice and purchase at a discount

How much is the Best Buy employee discount?

The typical employee discount at Best Buy is 5%.

Does Best Buy use promo codes?

Yes, best Buy occasionally provides promotional codes or digital coupons for exclusive deals. The promotional code printed on the digital voucher must be entered under Payment Method during checkout to be redeemed. 


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