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5 Best Software Engineering Schools for International Students

Do you want to become a software engineer? Do you wish to pursue an undergraduate program in software engineering? This article will highlight the best software engineering schools for you.

Who is a Software Engineer?

A Software Engineer is an expert in computer science who builds computer software and runs network control systems using engineering knowledge.  A software engineer, in simple terms, is a person who builds, analyses, and runs maintenance projects for software applications based on user requirements.

In the wake of technological advancements where most professional paths and business organizations have an increased need for software and computer applications designed for easier service, software engineering is a promising field of practice. 

While Software Engineering is primarily a part of computer science, software engineering can be described as one whole having other subfields. 

Being a broad field, some jobs available to a software engineer are software design and development, full stack development, front-end web development, software quality assurance and testing, video game developer, and others.

Despite the fact that these different job titles have a few similarities, there are underlying differences in the job description for each role. 


How Do I Become a Software Engineer?

Software Engineering students

A software engineer is someone who has a tech-savvy knowledge base and skill set that is essential to his field of expertise. To become a software engineer, you should the following important and indispensable skills;

  • Coding and computer programming
  • Data analysis
  • Project management
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management

While the skills necessary for a software engineer can be learned through online courses, boot camps, and resources on the internet, chances of getting hired are very slim. 

Formal education is an important prerequisite to becoming a software engineer, just like it is for most other careers.

Therefore, acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or a closely connected discipline is the primary qualification whether you are recently graduating from high school or switching career pathways. 

Another suitable degree is an associate’s degree in software engineering or a related field. It is advisable to add certifications in software engineering courses to your degree. 

You can also become a software engineer with an Associate’s Degree in Software Engineering. It is advisable to augment your degree with certifications from software engineering courses.

With these certifications, you may be qualified for entry-level jobs in software engineering. A good university with a software engineering program can provide these credentials

One can nonetheless gain skill, authority, and expertise in software engineering by embarking on coding boot camps along with years of practice. 

How Long Does It Take To Study Software Engineering in the United States?

Software engineering bachelor’s degrees require four years to achieve. An associate’s degree customarily takes two years to complete.

While a Bachelor’s degree is most preferred, an Associate’s degree is acceptable and best if you are still skeptical about pursuing a career in software engineering. Certifications are not mandatory but will give you an edge over your peers.

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How to Study Software Engineering in the United States as an International Student

Becoming an international student in whatever course is easy. You should first opt to apply as an international student in the course you choose, in this instance, software engineering. After deciding on the course you want to enroll in, you should search for the best schools and colleges for your preferred field of study.

The application procedures differ slightly between the various schools of software engineering in the United States. The same is true of the criteria for each institution and university that provides an undergraduate program in software engineering.

Typical prerequisites for foreign students wishing to study software engineering in the US include;

  • Valid Visa permitting you to study in the United States
  • Secondary School Diploma (WAEC or its equivalent)
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores that meet your chosen school’s requirements. This demonstrates your command of English, which is spoken as a first language in the United States.

You should visit your preferred school’s website to learn more about their unique criteria.

What are the factors to Consider when Choosing a Software Engineering Undergraduate School?

It is important to pick a school that is suitable for you and which offers the exact program of your choice – software engineering. In deciding your best-preferred software engineering college in the United States, you should have these in mind;

1. Schools with Software Engineering Faculties

It is essential to check that your school of choice is one that provides a degree in software engineering. 

Software engineering is a branch of computer science or computer engineering and as such, some schools have software engineering as a subfield under their computer science or computer engineering faculties.

See the list of undergraduate software engineering schools for international students to help you in your search.

2. Curriculum

The curriculum of your preferred software engineering institution should be one that offers the courses necessary for a career as a software engineer.

It is best to pick a school that offers hands-on, practical training and opportunities for internships. A school with a curriculum that is contemporary and covers modern issues in software engineering is a perfect choice.

3. Past records of your preferred institution

In the same way you check to see reviews of shops, restaurants, and apps before you consider them, you should also look at the reviews from past students, testimonies, and past records of your software engineering school of choice. 

Views and updates from current students are also good. This will give you information on the current state of the faculty giving what is closest to a birds eye’s view of the school of your choice. 

4. Cost

This is a relevant and important factor. Calculate the possible cost of living and consider options for accommodation in the location of your preferred school.

It is also necessary to search for scholarship and funding opportunities in your preferred institution. If any, find out the criteria for such opportunities.

It is advisable to apply to more than one school as this increases your chances of getting admission to study software engineering.

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What are the best Undergraduate Software Engineering Schools for International Students in 2023?

Discover the best and most affordable U.S schools for international students with software engineering undergraduate programs in 2023. 

These schools provide associate’s degrees in Software engineering and/or bachelor’s degrees in software engineering and fields related to Software Engineering.

1. Altinbas University İstanbul

This is a Turkish university with great authority. It is relatively affordable with an average cost of $8,500.

Having an Engineering and Natural Resources faculty, it provides a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering program. 

Its software engineering program aims to help students develop effective communication skills while also instilling in them a sense of professional ethics and the need to keep up with the most recent advances in science and technology.

For more information on admission requirements click this link

2. Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

This renowned, privately owned school has average college costs of $80,540 for resident students and $67,822 for commuters. This university is highly rated around the world.

It has a school of computer science which is rated as one of the best software engineering institutions and a Bachelor of Science in a computer science program for undergraduates. Its computer science program includes a minor in software engineering. 

You can find more details on admission requirements for international students here.

3. Lane Community College Oregon

This is a public community college and provides the opportunity to acquire a low-cost associate’s degree in computer science majors. 

With computer science programs that cost not more than $18, an associate’s degree in Computer programming is most recommended. This is because it covers part of the job description of a software engineer.

Check the school website for more details

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge

This institution is a private land grant university with a renowned computer science department. The estimated total cost for a program in this college is about $79,850.

With a school of Engineering and Computer Science, this school provides a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with one of its research areas as software engineering. It is unarguably one of the best software engineering programs. 

MIT’s website holds more information on applications for international students.

5. Arizona State University Tempe

Recommended on the premise of affordability, Arizona State University provides computer science/software engineering or purely software engineering programs for an estimated cost of $57,822 at most.

Its curriculum involves hands-on practice and contemporary topics in software engineering. It provides a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or software engineering program that spans a period of 4 years.

Additional information on international applications is here.

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Now you are one step closer to becoming a Software Engineer. Apply to any of the software engineering programs of your choice schools to begin. Cheers to an amazing and smooth admission process.

Frequently asked questions about software schools for international students

Which degree is best for a software engineer in USA?

The most typical undergraduate degree for software developers is in computer science.

How many years does it take to be a software engineer?

Most software engineering positions require a bachelor’s degree, which can be earned in four years of full-time study.

Are software engineers happy?

According to a short study of 350 respondents, almost 70.3% of developers reported being content with their jobs, compared to 14.4% who said they were unhappy and 15.3% who said they were indifferent.

How difficult is software engineering?

Yes, learning software engineering can be challenging at first, especially for those without programming or coding experience or any background in technology. However, there are numerous courses, tools, and other resources available to assist with learning how to become a software engineer.

Which is better software engineering or computer science?

If you want to discover the entire life cycle of the creation and upkeep of certain software, you should pick software engineering. If you wish to work in a niche area of computer science like artificial intelligence, machine learning, security, or graphics, you should major in computer science.


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