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15% Off Sephora Student Discount Code in 2023

You know the general saying “looking good is good business” isn’t actually cliché, it’s very accurate. Being a student in college, you wouldn’t love to be seen as shabby, underdressed with low-quality wear. However, I understand that it isn’t quite easy to buy those super expensive clothing and this is why I researched Sephora student discount, a great way to spend little yet be attractive.

Sephora is a known France beauty & cosmetics brand; this brand has been able to penetrate the market over the years.

So, as a student, you definitely need to read through this article to see what the Sephora student discount has for you. If you want to find out about other brands that offer student discounts similar to Sephora, then stay glued to this post.

In this article, I’ve written down everything you should know as a student concerning the Sephora student discount offers.

What is Sephora?

Sephora is a French international beauty & cosmetics retail company. This brand has so many lines of personal and skincare products such as sunscreen body creams, eyeliners, hair dryers, anti-oxidant cleansers, and leave-in conditioners. Sephora has about 340 brands that are still under the main brand, they’ve partnered with so many cosmetics brands just to meet your needs.

This is certainly one brand that is concerned about your skin, they offer very good tested, and trusted products and have over a thousand customers. Also, the Sephora brand was established 52 years ago, it was founded in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud. Additionally, Sephora sells and markets great-scenting perfumes, also this brand isn’t just in France, they have through hard work and consistency spread their tentacles to many countries.

So, what kind of products can you find when you walk into a Sephora store? Everything you need as long as it is about skincare. As already stated, some of the beauty products you could see are; sleeping masks, anti-aging serums, hair shampoos, eye masks, and body moisturizers. Unfortunately, I can’t possibly list all because Sephora has about 45,000 cosmetic products.

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Is there a Sephora Student Discount?

Yes, fortunately, there is a Sephora student discount. Sephora brand also has you in mind and this is why they’ve created a student discount program for you. So, how many percent discounts can you get shopping with Sephora? You get an awesome offer of a 15% discount with this brand. Well, that’s quite a good one.

So, think about how you could take care of your skin, look attractive and get those heads turning. Undeniably, the Sephora student discount is an offer that is so helpful for you as a student. Everyone knows how expensive maintaining the skin can be and how demanding keeping up with the daily skincare routine is.

Sephora reduces the normal price of their products by 15% and so you get to save the extra on something else. Let’s take for instance you want to buy a body moisturizer worth $150, using the student discount you spend just $127.5 and can save about $22.5. Interesting right? Exactly, that’s the major benefit you gain from being a student.

So, if you’re a make-up artist, the Sephora student discount isn’t something you should sleep on, because it would be so advantageous to your business. How about a model? You certainly want to take good care of that skin, so why don’t you keep reading to find out? But if you’re just a student who loves wearing elegant makeup, and nice cosmetic and hair products, then this article is for you as well.

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Restrictions on The Sephora Student Discount

Frankly, the Sephora student discount isn’t far-fetched, it’s quite easy to access the student discount codes. However, there are some restrictions on this discount and you must pass the requirements to enjoy the brand’s benefits. Firstly, you can’t gain these benefits if you aren’t a student. So, you must be a student in a recognized college or university before Sephora can offer you a student benefit.

Not to worry, if you’re wondering how to get verified as a student and if it requires a rigorous process of submitting files and the rest. Then, you’re quite wrong because, on the contrary, Sephora works in partnership with UNiDAYS to check if you’re indeed or not. Thus, all you need to do is to submit and fill in some required school details.

Also, you should bear in mind that you can’t get these discounts on every product Sephora puts up for sale. Just like so many brands, there are certain conditions surrounding their discount. Thus, visit the Sephora terms & conditions page to read and find out all about it.

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How to Sign Up with UNiDAYS For Sephora Student Discount

UNiDAYS is a website that largely provides student discount coupon codes and also verifies if you’re a student in a college or not. So, Sephora has a partnership agreement with UNiDAYS. But how then can you access this discount via UNiDAYS? Well, here is a great guideline on how to go about this so simply follow these steps as written.

  • Open your browser and visit the UNiDAYS website.
  • Click the “Sign Up” button
  • Fill in your full name
  • Then, also enter your school email address
  • Click the “Create Account” button

So, simply visit the UNiDAYS website and explore the Sephora Coupons available. Asides, from UNiDAYS, Sephora also uses  StudentBeans to generate student discount codes. Although, the Sephora student discount isn’t currently available on StudentBeans, let’s find out how to sign up.

How to Sign Up with Student Beans

StudentBeans is very much similar to UNiDAYS and TOTUM, they are websites generally used by and for students. So, if you’re new to this site, then here is a very clear and precise way to register and start applying the codes generated by StudentBeans.

Simply, follow these procedures and become a user of the StudentBeans account.

  • Visit the official StudentBeans account in your browser. Or you could simply click here.
  • Enter your full name
  • Put in your email address i.e the one issued to you by your school.
  • Next, create a password (Endeavour to choose a password that you can easily remember).
  • Re-enter your password as instructed and make sure it corresponds to the previous one.
  • Click on the “Create Account” to complete the process.

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Ways to Save On Sephora

There are a couple of sure ways to save while using Sephora. Luckily, because this brand is greatly concerned about the satisfaction of their customers, they’ve provided numerous ways you can save with them.

Fortunately, I made a thorough research on some of these ways and compiled a list of them. So, carefully go through them and choose the option that works perfectly for you.

1. Sephora Free Shipping

Well, isn’t this so exciting? Sephora offers a free shipping benefit for you even as a student. They deliver nationwide, so you don’t have to be in France or any of the other countries just to get their products. However, there is just a small condition you must meet to get qualified for their free shipping, well that’s only fair enough to them. Thus, to get Sephora free shipping, you need to buy cosmetic products up to a certain amount.

Although using the Sephora free shipping code is another great way to enjoy this benefit, so you don’t have to buy skincare products for a certain amount. However, this coupon code doesn’t apply to all products, well, don’t blame them, that’s their policy.

Read here to see the FAQs about Sephora’s free shipping.

2. Sephora Promo Coupons on Reddit

Reddit is a commonly used social website that so many brands use to advertise their promo programs and events. But finding the coupons for your favorite brands can be quite difficult because there are hundreds of merchants that advertise on this site daily. So, you could easily find the Sephora student discount codes and even other promo coupons on Reddit. Simply visit the Reddit official website or this coupon page.

3. Sephora 10% Off Coupon

Did you know that asides from the Sephora student discount that gives you a 15% off just for shopping as a student, you can also a 10% off coupon? Well, your doubts are cleared because you can actually get this discount but only just a few selected products. Find more about this here

4. Sephora 20% Off Coupon

Sephora also has discounts for you with a 20% off and you don’t necessarily have to be a student to enjoy this offer. But, let’s take a moment to illustrate how much you could save from a 20% discount, well that’s quite a lot if you do the maths.

A 20% off Sephora coupon would afford you the luxury of looking good in your skin and appearing super attractive and even saving more money in the bank! So, here is a comprehensive list of the products up for sale with that discount, you should see this.

5. Sephora 30% Off Coupon

Imagine buying your favorite Sephora personal & cosmetic product but paying a whopping 30% lesser. Well, if you ask me, I’d ask you why you aren’t using this offer already. It gives you a multiple of your normal student discount with Sephora. So, check the Sephora 30% off coupon.

6. Sephora 50% Off Coupon

The Sephora 50% off coupon is a mouth-watery offer you shouldn’t sleep on. However, Sephora’s Terms & Conditions don’t allow you to buy every product at this big discount, there are only a few selected cosmetic and beauty product that is slashed down this way. Thus, you should check the products up for sale at the 50% off coupons.

7. Sephora Black Friday Sales

Everyone loves Black Fridays because this is the event where all products are slashed to reduced prices and not just some selected few. So, it doesn’t matter what brand it is hosting the promo event, this discount must cut across to every product up for sale. Simply visit Sephora’s Black Friday website to learn more about it.

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Similar Alternatives to Sephora Student Discount

If you’ve been wondering if other stores offer the 15% off Sephora offers then you’re a few seconds away from finding out. So, I’ve made an exclusive list of the brands that provide the same student discount promo like Sephora.


Looking good is for everyone, you don’t have to be so wealthy to afford these skincare products. I understand that being a student isn’t mentally demanding but financially as well. So, as a student, you need to seize every opportunity to save more.

Fortunately, Sephora provides you the opportunity to save a lot while patronizing the brand. So, you can get as many beauty care products as you want to maximize every available discount. Additionally, this post contained some other brands that also offer student discounts, so you should check them out.

I sincerely hope you had a great read and got so much information about the Sephora student discount, well if you did, what are you waiting for? Hurry now and check it out!

FAQs about Sephora Student Discount

1. Can I use my Sephora student discount code with any other?

No, you can’t use the Sephora student discount with any other discount coupon. It is a unique coupon that can only be used with Sephora.

2. Is the Sephora student discount for all students?

Yes, it is. The Sephora student discount applies to you as long as you’re a student in its accredited list of colleges. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time or a full-time student or even an adult student.

3. Does Sephora offer free shipping?

The straightforward answer to this is that, yes, they do. You can get this offer as long as you apply the Sephora free shipping coupon.

4. Is there a return policy for Sephora?

Yes, certainly, there is. Simply read about it here Sephora Return Policy.

5. Can I use the Sephora student discount with all products?

Unfortunately, you can’t get this discount on all products. However, you can only get this during Sephora Black Friday Sales event.

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