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12 Best Schools for Zoology in the US

You are probably asking, what are the best schools for zoology near me right here in the US? This article will give you a list of all the zoology schools around you and their locations.

Most of these schools have undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs available for zoology training so students are better prepared for a career in zoology or animal research.

Read on to discover what these schools offer and the career opportunities available to zoologists.

What Do Zoologists Do?

Zoologists and wildlife biologists research animals, other wildlife, and the relationships between them and their habitats. 

They research animal traits, how they behave, and how humans affect wildlife and natural ecosystems.

What Subjects Do I Need To Study Zoology?

Man working at the zoo, standing on the observation deck overlooking giraffe exhibit.

Biology is the most important subject in zoology.

Some schools will also ask for math or another science, such as physics or chemistry. 

Also, psychology is necessary if you want to specialize in the behavioral aspect of zoology.

Though course requirements will differ at each college, students can expect to cover many of the following subjects:

  • Cell Biology
  • Invertebrate and Vertebrate Biology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Advanced Math

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What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Zoologist?

You will need a degree in zoology or animal science to practice.

Also, some research careers require a relevant postgraduate qualification like a master’s degree or Ph.D. 

There are degree programs that allow you to complete a placement year during which you can learn useful skills in fields like conservation.

The next part will cover the list of zoology schools near and how to locate them.

What Are The Best Schools For Zoology Near Me? 

1. University of Connecticut

It is located in the sizable suburb of Storrs. This university is ranked sixth overall out of 32 institutions in Connecticut.

Any student interested in a zoology degree needs to look into the University of Connecticut. 

2. University of Wisconsin – Madison

UW-Madison is situated in the beautiful city of Madison. 

This is a top university overall, with a Best Schools ranking of #69 out of 2,576 colleges and universities nationally.

Graduates of the University of Connecticut’s zoology program earn $3,975 more than the typical college graduate with the same degree shortly after graduation.

3. Cornell University

This is a private, non-profit institution with a large student body. It is located in the town of Ithaca. 

Cornell is a top-tier university overall, with a Best Schools ranking of #16 out of 2,576 institutions nationally.

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4. Virginia Tech

This is located in the tiny town of Blacksburg. Virginia Tech is a fantastic institution overall, earning a Best Schools ranking of #73 out of 2,576 universities nationally.

5. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln is located in the city of Lincoln.

It has a sizable student body and is ranked first in Nebraska out of 22 colleges.

6. Texas A&M University – College Station

This university is located in the city of College Station. 

Texas A&M College Station is an excellent university overall, earning a Best Schools ranking of #81 out of 2,576 colleges and universities nationally.

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7. Brigham Young University – Provo

BYU is a private, non-profit university with a sizable student body, situated in the medium-sized city of Provo. 

This university has the highest overall quality rating in the state of Utah out of 19 institutions.

8. University of California – Davis

This public university is situated in Davis area. UC Davis is a top-tier institution overall, earning a Best Schools ranking of #112 out of 2,576 universities nationally.

9. University of California – Santa Barbara

UCSB is situated in the Santa Barbara suburb. 

This school has earned a Best Schools ranking of #93 out of 2,576 universities nationally.

Students who complete the zoology program report earning an average of $20,200 in their first year of employment.

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10. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

This is located in the city of Minneapolis. 

UMN Twin Cities is a fantastic university overall, earning a Best Schools ranking of #120 out of 2,576 colleges nationally.

11. Colorado State University – Fort Collins

Colorado State University is a public institution with a sizable student body. In terms of overall quality, this university is ranked fifth out of 39 universities in the state of Colorado.

Graduates with a zoology degree from Colorado State University – Fort Collins earn around $7,925 more than zoology majors generally do.

12. Bucknell University

This university is located in the town of Lewisburg and is home to a small private. Bucknell is a top university overall, coming in at #48 out of 2,576 institutions countrywide in the Best Schools ranking.

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What Do I Look Out For While Choosing Any Of The Schools For Zoology Near Me?

Before you choose any zoology school, check the following:

1. Lab and Technological Offerings

Check out the facilities at any colleges you’re considering; are the labs technologically up to date? Are they reachable?

This is because you will need modern computers to analyze complex data, look at topographical maps, watch animal X-rays, and conduct and present your research.

2. Specialization Opportunities

Do you find the focus of any potential schools interesting?

Some of these schools for zoology have a bias towards a certain field, like ecology or molecular biology. 

Always investigate the options available to specialize in these schools.

3. Fieldwork Research Opportunities  

This is extremely crucial for doctors and academics aiming for graduate school. 

Zoology research involves a lot of going outdoors so these schools should have the necessary facilities.

Students should have the opportunity to intern at a zoo, collect invertebrates for data gathering, and observe the animal behavior in its natural habitat.

Always check the undergraduate access to research at any college before you choose. 

What kind of research possibilities are available at the schools? What subjects are the lecturers working on? How many zoology majors conduct research, and how simple or challenging is it for them?

Can A Zoologist Work At A Zoo?

Zoologists can be employed in a wide range of positions and industries, such as teaching in schools or museums. zoo animal research, training, and care.

How Much Money Does A Zoologist Make?

Depending on skills and experience, a zoologist or wildlife biologist will typically make between $41,720 and $106,320 a year. They can earn an annual salary of $74,500 on average.

Can I Study Zoology Without Biology?

No! you cannot enroll for a BSc in zoology without taking biology as a subject in high school.

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Can A Zoologist Become A Vet?

Yes, a zoology degree can be a stepping stone toward a career in veterinary medicine. But you need to have a doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree before you can practice medicine. 

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What Degrees Are Similar To Zoology?

There are other degrees that deal with animals, similar to zoology. Some of these degrees include:

  • Animal Science. Students focus primarily on the management of livestock species such as cattle, horses, pigs, goats, and sheep
  • Animal Behavior
  • Biology
  • Dairy Science
  • Equine Science
  • Poultry Science
  • Veterinary Technology

Can I Study Zoology Without Physics?

Yes, you can do without physics in zoology.

Can I Study Zoology Online?

Yes, there are many online schools offering zoology.

Which Is Better Zoology Or Botany?

None is better than the other, it all depends on your interest. 

Go for B.Sc. Botany if you are more interested in plants, and B.Sc. Zoology if you are more interested in animal life.

Where Can Zoologists Work?

You can work in any of the following with your zoology degree:

  • Zoos and wildlife parks.
  • NGOs and charities that focus on wildlife.
  • Government agencies and environmental protection agencies.
  • Animal nutrition manufacturers.
  • Museums.
  • Universities and research institutions.

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What Are The Benefits Of Studying Zoology?

Studying zoology is fascinating!

You will have the chance to use various methodologies, including field ecology, molecular genetics, and electron microscopy to study animals. 

Also, you will be better educated on how humans work and interact with the environment around us by observing animals.

What Is A Zoo Animal Doctor Called?

Zoo animal doctors are called zoo veterinarians. They are specialists with advanced training in treating exotic wildlife species and caring for animals kept in captivity.

Which Job Is Best For Zoology Students?

Here are some of the career opportunities available to you as a zoology graduate:

  • Animal physiotherapist.
  • Environmental manager.
  • Field trials officer.
  • Marine biologist.
  • Research scientist (life sciences)
  • Toxicologist.
  • Veterinary nurse.
  • Veterinary surgeon.


What are your chances of getting into these zoology schools?

Your academic performance must be on pace with that of the school’s requirements as the majority of the schools use academic Index and class standings to weed out students who don’t reach their standards.

You should also have good grades in math, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Also, your essays and extracurricular activities should be on point.

These extracurricular activities can include working with animal communities and organizations, whether for pay or as a volunteer. Also, look into local veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and environmental protection organizations. 

Improve your verbal communication skills as well. Many people in zoology-related occupations spend a lot of their time making presentations, whether it’s to inform others about regionally endangered species or to submit their research findings to a committee.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Schools For Zoology Near Me

How many years does it take to be a zoologist?

It will take an average of 4 years to study zoology.

Is zoology a hard major?

Yes, zoology can be a challenging major because it is dedicated to the study of animal existence.

Is a degree in zoology worth it?

Yes, a degree in zoology is worth it if you enjoy working with animals. 
A job in zoology could range from being a zookeeper to a marine biologist to a veterinary technician.

What can a degree in zoology lead to?

Many zoology grads use their vast understanding of biology as a foundation and enroll in veterinary or medical school. 

Some graduates pursue higher education to start their own research initiatives or work in the food or pharmaceutical businesses.

Does zoology require math?

Yes, zoology requires calculus, statistics, and other mathematical concepts for data analysis and modeling.

Is animal biology the same as zoology?

Both of them are subfields of biology. 
Zoology includes the distribution, evolution, and behavior of animals and the study of the animal kingdom while animal biology is the study of domesticated animals and farm animals.


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