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The Best 9 Schools for OBGYN in the United States

Are you looking for the best schools that offer Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) in the United States? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. 

Becoming a licensed medical practitioner in the United States requires you to be really, really competent in your chosen specialty. It is not a profession that gives you much allowance to practice, make mistakes and learn on the job. This is because you’ll be dealing with human lives throughout your years of practice.

Therefore, it is important you get the best education and training before stepping up to take on this great challenge. This article focuses on presenting to you the best schools that offer the best OBGYN programs in the United States.

You’ll also learn about the job and salary outlook of OBGYNs in the US. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the necessary steps you need to take to become an OBGYN.

But before we go into that, what exactly does an OBGYN do?

What Does an OB/GYN Do?

An Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN) is a medical doctor that specializes in women’s health, with a special focus on female reproductive health.

As an OBGYN, you’ll be tasked with examining pregnant women and providing them with excellent medical care during the period of pregnancy and childbirth. You will also deal with issues ranging from sexually transmitted diseases in the female body to complications during and after childbirth.

So, what are the best schools that offer the best training in this discipline? Let’s find out.  

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The Top 9 Schools for OBGYN in the US

According to US News and World Reports, these are the best 9 schools in the US that offer OBGYN programs:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University ranks highly among the best medical schools in the United States. In fact, US News and World Reports rank as the best in the nation. The Ivy League college in Boston, Massachusetts, also offers the best OBGYN program in the United States.

Harvard Medical School offers OBGYN residency programs at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This hospital, which is the school’s second-largest hospital, has women’s health as part of its core areas of focus.

You can get more information at Harvard Medical School’s OBGYN department.

2. University of California, San Francisco

The University of California, San Francisco department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences is by no doubt one of the best in the US. With their state-of-the-art medical teaching equipment, research programs, and hospitals, students are sure to get the best medical education.

The department offers various courses on women’s health to nurses, midwives, and medical doctors. OBGYN students receive quality clinical training at Valley Medical Center, Fresno.

You can visit the website for more information.

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3. University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)

The University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (Penn Medicine) is known for its consistency in medical research and innovation. Since its inception as the first medical school in the U.S., the school has gone on to produce experts in medical research and practice.

Penn Medicine’s department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has national recognition as a leader in women’s health. It has a long tradition of excellence in research on women’s health and reproduction. The students have access to clinical experience and residency at the top hospitals of Penn Medicine.

Visit the school website to learn more about Penn Medicine.

4. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan leads the way in many disciplines in the United States, and medicine is one of them. From their first semester in medical school, students have the opportunity to see patients through the school’s Initial Clinical Experience program.

Students gain hands-on clinical experience at the school’s simulation labs and get clinical rotations at the many hospitals affiliated with the school.

Visit the school website to learn more.

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5. Columbia University

Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons ranks as one of the best schools for OBGYNs in the U.S. The school offers both residency and fellowship programs in subspecialty OBGYN programs.

The students are kept abreast of modern medical practices through research and medical discoveries. Students receive clinical rotations in over 10 hospitals, which include Stanford Hospital, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and Hospital, and Helen Hayes Hospital.

You can visit the website to learn more.

6. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Medical School holds a strong reputation as a leader in medical research and innovation. History has it that one of its founders, Howard Atwood Kelly, established gynecology as a surgical specialty.

The private research university in Baltimore, Maryland has its OBGYN program ranked as one of the best in the United States. Johns Hopkins University offers several OBGYN subspecialties and gives its residents world-class clinical experience.

Visit the website to learn more.

7. Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has received consistent awards as one of the best in the US. Its OBGYN program ranks 7th among the best 9 schools in the nation.

The school, which is in downtown Chicago, has a Women’s Health Research Institute that is dedicated to studying and bettering women’s health. The students receive practical training in obstetrics and gynecology during their clerkship and clinical rotations.

The department of OBGYN at Northwestern University offers specialized courses in modern areas of the discipline.

Visit the school’s website to learn more.

8. Duke University

Duke University is a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina. It’s one of the schools with the best OBGYN programs in the U.S.

Duke University offers its students world-class residency and fellowship experiences as they ensure they’re matched with the best instructors. It has a wide range of sub-specialty research programs and offers all four board-certified OBGYN fellowship programs.

The department of obstetrics and gynecology has since it was founded in 1931, been a valuable resource for women’s reproductive health.

Visit the school website to learn more.  

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9. Stanford University

Stanford University is a private research university in Stanford, California, and it’s one of the best schools with world-class OBGYN programs. It offers residency, fellowship, clerkship, and advanced clerkship programs to its students.

Stanford prides itself on its faculty members who practice medicine in world-class hospitals and have received international recognition for their efforts toward better reproductive health for women.

The school is deep-rooted in research to provide innovative and more efficient healthcare for women. Schooling in such a growth-driven school will only equip you better for the challenges in the field.

Visit the school website to learn more.  

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Steps to Becoming an OBGYN

Becoming a medical doctor and specializing in OBGYN takes quite some time. Here are the necessary steps you can take to actualize your dream of becoming an OBGYN:

1. Complete Your Undergraduate Program

This is the first prerequisite for becoming an OBGYN doctor in the United States. Getting a bachelor’s degree in a medical field like biology, chemistry, human genetics, or physics will give you an advantage.

Some medical schools also offer pre-med programs for those aspiring to be doctors/physicians. They also offer preparatory classes for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

2. Pass the Medical College Admission Test

Writing and passing the MCAT is a necessary step you need to take after completing your college program. This test examines your verbal skills, critical thinking, and biology and physical science knowledge. The test comes in the multiple-choice form and lasts for about 5 hours.

Passing MCAT is a huge necessity if you must attend medical school and become an OBGYN.

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3. Complete medical school

After passing the MCAT and getting into medical school, you’re now left to complete the four years program in your journey to becoming an OBGYN. Medical school has two important phases. The first phase (your first two years in the program) takes you through laboratory practices and classroom studies. You’ll learn how to diagnose and treat diseases and illnesses in this phase. In your second year, you’ll take the first part of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE 1).

The second phase of medical school (the last two years) will see you gaining practical medical experience through clinical rotations. You’ll be assigned to work under attending physicians in hospitals and clinics. You’ll also take the second part of the USMLE licensing test in this phase, specifically in your fourth year.  

4. Complete Your Residency Program

After medical school, you’ll apply and be matched for a residency in a hospital or clinic. This is where you finally focus on the medical specialty of your choice.

Residency programs last between three and seven years, depending on the specialty you choose. However, the OBGYNs residency duration is exactly four years.

After your residency, you are now eligible to take the third and final USMLE licensing test.

After your residency, you can either go for a one-year fellowship program to learn more about a subspecialty in your specialty (OBGYN).  

5. Obtain a Medical License to Practice as an OBGYN

Once you’re done with your residency and have passed all the USMLE licensing tests, you’re eligible to receive your license of operation in the state where you intend to work.

Conclusion on the Best Schools for OBGYNs in the United States

Studying to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology can be really challenging and expensive. However, if you make it to becoming a licensed OBGYN, you’ll find out that it’s a very rewarding career.

I hope you’ve learned from this article all you need to know about becoming an OBGYN and the best schools that offer the program.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best schools for OBGYNs in the United States

How Long Does it Take to Become a Certified OB/GYN?

It takes eight (8) years (four years in medical school and four years in residency) after college to become a certified OBGYN.  

What is the Best OB/GYN School in the United States?

According to US News and World Reports, Harvard University is the best school for OBGYNs in the United States.

What Do I Major in to Become an OBGYN?

There’s no specific major for an OBGYN program. You just have to ensure you complete your undergraduate studies in any of the required fields and attend medical school.

How Much Does OBGYN School Cost?

You should expect to spend between $157,000 and $255,000 to become an OBGYN. This includes your medical school expenses, licensing exam costs, etc.

How Much Does an OBGYN Earn?

The average salary of an OBGYN in the United States is $302,301, but the range falls between $262,201 and $363,701. 


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