2023 Best Universities to study Midwifery programs in the USA.

Have you been thinking lately about the top schools that offer midwifery programs in the USA?

Do you want to know what it takes to become a midwife and if there’s career growth in this profession?

Are you really curious to know if this profession is the right fit for you? If all of these are your questions, and you still have more, this post was written with you in mind.

This article will provide deep insight into all you need to get started in this profession.

So just relax and read on as your questions will be taken care of.

Who is a midwife and what do they do?

schools for midwifery

A midwife is a health professional who has been trained to support and care for women during pregnancy, labor, and birth. 

They help pregnant women stay healthy and, if no complications arise, give birth with little intervention. 

Midwives ensure they care for you and your baby in the first few weeks after birth. They are also known for their care and medical support of women and infants during labor and childbirth. 

If you’re planning on becoming a midwife, you’ll need to enroll in any of the schools for midwifery. And this article will show you the best schools for midwifery study.

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What are the requirements and program length?

requirements of schools for midwifery

Many candidates who choose to become midwives already know they want to continue with their education during or soon after their nursing programs. 

It is of utmost importance to remember that if you go to midwifery school, you will need to have completed some specific prerequisites within five years of applying to the program. 

Each program will have slightly different admission requirements in order to be accepted into the program. 

Although most of the candidates from midwifery programs are RNs, some universities allow students who did not go to nursing school to attend their programs as well. 

However, they need to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in another field. and even take an additional 1-year full-time accelerated BSN program before starting the school’s midwifery program.

Candidates will have to complete a three-year post-secondary education program in any accredited midwifery school that has been approved by the Medical Board of California (Board).

Is midwifery hard to get into?

Yes, midwifery is hard to get into. And this is because there are just a few openings, and the people who apply are more than the openings available.

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Which Schools offer the best programs in 2023

1. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

The school’s midwifery program is located close to the University Medical Center, which is one of the top medical centers in the country. 

They have a rigorous midwifery program and it ranks top as one of the best schools for midwifery programs in the US.

Their faculty utilizes several classrooms and clinical training. They also state they have a low faculty-to-student ratio.

2. Oregon Health and Science University, Portland

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountain range. 

A lot of nursing and midwifery students love the geographical beauty of the region. They also appreciate the fact that the state has a very solid reproductive care reputation. 

The University Nurse-Midwifery program has been teaching students for more than 30 years between the university hospital and surrounding clinics. Students learn majorly by attending many births at the OHSU hospital. 

3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Michigan (UM) offers two options for nurses who want to become nurse-midwives:

A Nurse-Midwifery-MSN

A Nurse-Midwifery-DNP

As one of the best school for midwifery, it created the first graduate nurse-midwifery program in Michigan to tackle the issue of high infant mortality rates. 

Several UM midwifery graduates now work in various organizations such as birth centers and private clinics.

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4. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League institution that was established in 1740.

Their midwifery program website states that they offer very unique clinical education opportunities through the school and the most current research in their field. 

Some skills they say they teach which may not be found in other programs include procedures like OB ultrasonography, IUD insertion, and endometrial biopsies, just to name a few.

5. East Carolina University, North Carolina

East Carolina University is located in North Carolina. It has a nurse-midwifery program to prepare nurses who have been registered to become competent professionals in nurse-midwifery and become Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs).

Graduates of this program will earn an MSN or a Post-Masters Certificate in nurse-midwifery. Graduates will also be eligible to sit for the American Midwifery Certification Board exam.

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6. University of Minnesota – Minneapolis

The University of Minnesota’s midwifery program is a community of diverse midwifery practices. This gives it an edge in clinical experience opportunities.

Another major benefit of this program is that the curriculum is primarily online and in conjunction with scheduled in-person sessions. And this allows for learning flexibility.

Students in midwifery can even choose to earn an additional 12-credit Certification in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices.

7. University of Washington, Seattle

This university is located in Seattle and boasts some of the best healthcare facilities across the nation. The University of Washington offers a DNP nurse-midwifery program which is highly ranked. 

For over 20 years, this program has been educating nurse-midwives. They are currently working with over twenty clinical sites throughout the region, and this makes them top amongst the best schools for midwifery.

Students will have to attend the program full-time and on-site. After the completion of this program, students will be eligible to sit for the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) certification exam.

8. University of Utah, Salt Lake City

The university states that its aim is to prepare nurse-midwives to care for women and become leaders in the community. 

Their DNP midwifery program will take about three years to complete if one is attending on a full-time basis.

Their midwifery program is one of the oldest operating west of the Mississippi. As a student, you have the option of completing a dual nursing and women’s health nurse practitioner specialties.

However, you should note that this path will extend the program by about one semester.

9. Columbia University, New York, NY

This is one of the best school for midwifery that was founded in 1955. The institution’s program was one of the first midwifery programs in the U.S. 

Being an Ivy League school, the university has an excellent record for providing quality midwifery education.

Their program has an excellent pass rate for graduates, including:

A 100% Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) pass rate

A 100% Annual American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) pass rate for test-takers

Furthermore, 100% of graduates from the school’s midwifery program are employed within one year of graduation.

Upon graduation, students will be prepared to offer a wide range of women’s and infant health care services, including gynecology, antepartum care, and postpartum care.

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10. University of Colorado, Denver, CO 

The university has several clinical faculty practice sites that provide very high-quality clinical education within the city of Denver and other remote areas of Colorado.

Also, the University is currently striving to expand clinical placements in boarding states.

What is the best major for midwifery?

The best major for midwifery is a bachelor’s degree in nursing. To be precise, most midwifery program requires you to be a registered nurse.

The experience you need to become a nurse-midwife?

Most programs will require a minimum of one year of experience working as a registered nurse before acceptance into their program. 

Very few programs will accept a candidate with a non-RN bachelor’s degree. and with the understanding that students must complete an accelerated BSN program upon acceptance into their program.

Where can you work as a Midwife?

As a certified nurse midwife, you might work in a variety of locations throughout your career. 

Examples of some common employers include:

  • Birthing centers
  • Medical Centers 
  • Hospitals 
  • Physicians’ offices

Some CNMs might also work in private practice. While some offer home birth deliveries to patients, Your employment options will depend on your years of experience and where you live.

Is there a demand for Midwives?

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) states that certified nurse midwives attended 372,991 U.S. births in 2020.

As a result of a nationwide shortage of maternity care providers, there is an increased demand for certified nurse midwives across the U.S. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that job opportunities for nurse midwives will grow at a rate of 7% through 2031, which is slightly higher than the national average.

Other nurse midwives who want to move into management or leadership can decide to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). This could pay off. 

A DNP is the highest educational level in the field of nurse midwifery and can help midwives become qualified to teach at the university level and assume leadership or managerial roles.

The demand for midwives will continue to increase. This is because they serve as primary caregivers for some women. The national shortage of general, family practice, and pediatric physicians is also driving demand.

In addition, job growth for nurse midwives is very strong.

Also, a career as a nurse midwife or in other APRN specialties is very attractive. 

The reason is that these nurses practice with a high degree of responsibility and autonomy. It’s largely because the government defines APRNs as primary care providers, and this allows them to perform many of the same tasks as physicians which include;

  • Writing prescriptions
  • Ordering tests
  • Diagnosing health issues
  • Creating treatment plans

Also, due to the high demand for women’s healthcare across the world, nurse midwives with a DNP could step in to help and improve maternal and newborn health globally.

Can a midwife do an operation?

No, a midwife cannot perform operations. And this is because they do not attend medical school. As a midwife, the most you can do is prescribe epidurals and drugs that can help induce labor. 

Which is better midwifery or nursing?

Nursing is better than midwifery. And this is due to the fact that for one to be a midwife, one may have to first attend a nursing school. 

Furthermore, the number of job positions available for a midwife is more than the job positions available to a nurse.

What is higher than a midwife?

The job that is higher than that of a midwife is obstetrics gynecologist (OB-GYN). They carry out a similar function as a midwife, but they only do so when a complication that a midwife cannot handle arises. 

Is a midwife the same as an OB GYN?

No, a midwife is not the same as an OB/GYN. An OB/GYN is a medical doctor that attended and completed a medical school. While a midwife only attends a midwifery or nursing school.


And as promised, you have seen the best schools for midwifery, what they do, and the requirements for the program. 

Also, with this, you have seen that there is a demand for midwives, and you can now make a good decision based on what you have read. 

Frequently asked questions about schools for midwifery

Is midwifery free at university?

No, midwifery is not free at universities. But because of how much demand it creates, the national health service (NHS) funds as many courses as they can, to help most people become midwives.

Is midwifery hard to study?

Midwifery is not hard to study, but it is a very demanding course, and would take a lot of your time. But if you stay consistent and stay the course, it would become easier. And attending any of the best schools for midwifery makes learning easier.

Who gets paid more nurse or midwife?

The midwife gets a higher pay than the nurse. And this is because a midwife is in charge of delivery and every other pregnancy related issue. 

Nevertheless, a nurse has more options than a midwife in terms of career and other specializations. 

What are the disadvantages of being a midwife?

The disadvantages of being a midwife is that you can be sued, you may experience birth outcomes that are terrible, you will work for hours, you may world night shifts too. 

What country do midwives earn the most?

The country where midwives earn the most is Luxemborg. This country pays her nurses at least $91,000 annually.


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