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Top Schools For Makeup Artists 2023

The demand for schools for makeup artists has been on an increase. And with the rise of social media and YouTube tutorials, the desire for new looks has skyrocketed.

Unfortunately, not everyone can jump into a new career like this. It takes time, effort, money, and education to break into any industry. 

But if you have that burning passion inside you to succeed as a makeup artist and artistry is something you love doing every day as a hobby rather than simply something that interests you, then read this article carefully.

In this article, you will see the best schools for makeup artists, their unique points, and also other details that would interest you. But first of all, what are the types of makeup schools?

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Types of makeup schools

top schools for makeup artists

 There are many types of makeup artistry schools, which include:

a)      Basic Education: 

Basic education is a short-term that teaches you the basics of makeup application skills, like how to apply foundations and how to blend colors. 

However, these programs are still fairly new, so it’s important to do your research before enrolling in a basic education program.

b)      Professional training programs: 

These programs are more advanced courses that teach students how to become professional makeup artists. 

This program takes years of training and can be expensive. However, they could be worth it if you want to become a pro.

Examples of professional training programs are:


They are called estheticians, and they work to improve the skin of their clients. To work as a makeup artist, you may need to complete an esthetics degree and obtain an esthetician license in several US jurisdictions. 

While learning how to care for the skin and how to apply makeup are both important skills, esthetics concentrates on skin care and skin treatments, so there is little overlap between the two. 

Even if your main goal isn’t to become a makeup artist but rather to become an esthetician who can do some basic makeup for clients, you could still benefit from attending an esthetics school for your training.


This requires makeup artists to complete a comprehensive cosmetology program, which includes instruction in skin, hair, and nail care. 

For those looking for a thorough education in beauty, cosmetology offers a broad educational foundation. 

Cosmetology programs, like esthetician programs, need to offer more hours of makeup-specific training to prepare you for a career as a professional makeup artist. 

When cosmetology college graduates complete their course and seek employment, they are usually welcomed into the industry of beauty as they have mastered the skills for a career ahead.

 Can one work as a makeup artist without going to school?

Whether you need to go to school and get your certification or degree, or whether you can just read some books, watch some YouTube videos, and practice with your friends until you become perfect, depends on what kind of makeup artist you want to become. 

If you are hoping to work with other people—such as a certified cosmetologist (someone who specializes in working with individuals) or an aesthetician (a beauty specialist who works with groups of individuals), then yes, you will likely need to take classes and get certified. 

Most jobs in the makeup industry require licensing or certification tests before being hired. However, if you are planning on working as a freelance artist, then no, you don’t really need any schooling. There are many tutorials online that will help give you the training necessary for success.

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Makeup school curriculum and programs

Education, health, and beauty colleges have the best curriculum. This is for students who have a great deal of interest in the industry of beauty and cosmetology and those who want to own a spa or salon in the future. 

Cosmetologists are in demand now, especially those with valid licenses. The career options are also wide for the cosmetology profession.

General courses include:

Pore cleansing, skincare routines, chemical exfoliation, temporary hair removal, body treatments, facial anatomy, highlight and contour, bridal makeup, glamour makeup, skin tone, hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, waxing specialist, hair color analyst, skin care and aestheticians, spa body treatments, skin and scalp technician, and more.

What you will learn in beauty schools

Makeup artistry programs teach you how to apply makeup. for all occasions. You will learn about the different types, the history, and how to use a variety of products. You will also learn about skincare and how to create different looks for several occasions.

What is the cost of a makeup school?

top schools for makeup artists

The cost of becoming a certified makeup artist varies depending on the type of makeup school. Most people underestimate the cost of attending makeup school in return, undermining the notion that the makeup industry is a lucrative and profitable business. 

The price ranges from $500 to $25,000 with all packages included, depending on the school you wish to study at

How long will it take to become a makeup artist?

How long it takes to be a makeup artist varies depending on the type of makeup artist you choose to apply to. 

A standalone course takes about two months while becoming a licensed cosmetologist takes about eight months to a year for a full-time program.

Which certificate is best for a makeup artist?

The certificate that is best for a makeup artist is that of cosmetology. And this can be gotten in any of the best schools for cosmetology.

In addition, a degree is an admired field in the best schools for makeup artists because it helps you learn about beauty as a whole, and hair-making. 

Hence, this degree would make you so much more money than you anticipate. 

The 5 Best Makeup Schools for Makeup Artists in the United States

 So, you have been watching tutorials on YouTube and Instagram, and you just can’t get enough of the amazing makeup looks. You want to take your skills to the next level—or even launch a new career as a professional makeup artist. But where do you start?

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1. Empire’s Westmore Academy

The academy is in Burbank, California, and was founded by Marvin Westmore in 1981. Its primary focus is on the creative side of makeup artistry and provides programs for people with a variety of career objectives. 

There are various programs available that provide options for people who are interested in having bridal and salon makeup careers as well as others who also like to work in the entertainment industry. They are also available for basic programs and short-term workshops. 

2. Joe Blasco Makeup School

The name Joe Blasco is well respected in the makeup industry, and his schools are among the most recognized makeup artistry training schools in the United States. 

The programs offered at the school are created and tailored to meet the training needs of people who would like to pursue a career as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry. 

The school has many branches and is currently located in Florida, Orlando, Hollywood, and California, with more to come. 

There are plans to have a location in New York as well. Their course track includes prosthetic design, sculpturing techniques, coloring techniques, and the application of prosthetics. The cost of these courses ranges from $5,300 to $12,500.

3. Elegance International

The school is located in Hollywood, California, and is the first professional school of makeup to be accredited in the United States. 

Since being established in 1966, the school has offered highly reputable training programs created and designed to teach students the needed techniques and skills that are necessary for them to be successful in the very competitive makeup industry. 

Elegance International gives students more than just basic programs. They can also take master classes and courses to keep learning.

4. Cinema Makeup School

The school is located in Los Angeles, California, and offers training programs in various aspects of the makeup industry. The school was founded in 1993. 

The programs provide various options to students, such as training tailored to working in the areas of top fashion, special effects, beauty, prosthetics, digital effects, and much more. 

The good part of the school programs is that they focus on providing students with the relevant skills needed to work in the entertainment industry, which helps them go ahead and have successful and rewarding careers.

 What is a makeup artist’s salary?

top schools for makeup artists

As a new makeup artist, you might not be able to receive a 6-figure salary at the beginning of your career. 

That is why it is necessary to build a strong network. As it is one of the best ways to build opportunities as you progress in your career. 

The average salary of a makeup artist in the United States is between $7.25 and $94.45 per hour. And this might be the average range of makeup artists. Some famous makeup artists earn over a thousand dollars daily.

 Where can you work as a professional makeup artist?

The places where you can work as a professional makeup artist are:

  • Entertainment studio
  • Cosmetology schools
  • Freelance

Entertainment studio:

Makeup artist has the chance to land themselves a job in the entertainment industry, which includes film and TV theatre, fashion show production, and local news stations. They can also partner with event planning companies and photography studios.

 Cosmetology schools:

Being an instructor in a makeup school is another prominent place to work as a makeup artist. As an artist Job placement come with higher pay and with an authoritative role. 

The makeup artists can use their years of experience to teach the next generation of professional makeup artists to prepare for the exciting journey of their careers 


They are makeup artists who work independently rather than with a school or entertainment studio. 

This provides the artists with the ability to become bosses of their own. The benefit of being a freelancer is that you can work with a wide range of clients, travel to different locations for different industry events, set a preferable price rate, and offer increased autonomy. 

This kind of job will require you to create a professional portfolio to convince your clients of your skills.

How many years does it take to be a makeup artist?

It takes about six months for one to be a makeup artist. And this is because one has to be well-versed in the theoretical aspect of the field, before moving to the practical aspect.

Are online makeup courses worth it?

No, online makeup classes are not worth it in totality. Unlike a physical makeup school that teaches you the theoretical part of makeup before moving to the practical part, an online makeup class would not be able to teach you the practical part very well.

And as you know, “practice makes better”, which can only be done in a physical class with models allowing you to use their faces or mannequins. 

Furthermore, after the practical class, you will get corrections from your tutor in class, and they would help you discover yourself better.

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What should I study to make makeup?

To make makeup, you will need to understand the constituents of makeup, so that you don’t produce poison instead of makeup.

And this can only be achieved when you understand chemistry, biology, microbiology, etc. A study of any of the above would help you acquire the license to practice the production of makeup.


 Points to consider before making your choice of school

First, is the school located near you? This is vital when it comes to scheduling classes. If you are not able to make it to class once or twice a week, then you may want to look at different schools. 

Second, enroll in a makeup school with a good reputation that will teach you from qualified instructors with a strong teaching background. Finally, does the school offer discounts for students with other types of training?

After considering the above, you can look up this article again for the salient points listed about the schools for makeup, and also share with family and friends that seek a makeup school.

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