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12 Best Schools for LPN in the United States

What are the schools for LPN near me in the United States?

There are numerous community colleges, technical schools, and even hospitals that offer LPN programs throughout the United States and Canada.

If you’re looking for the best schools for your LPN programs, this article is for you.

Who are the LPNs?

LPN/LVNs are nurses who treat patients who are ill, injured, or simply in need of regular exams. They also provide standard emergency and preventative healthcare. 

LPNs operate alongside a group of healthcare professionals under the direction of registered nurses and doctors.

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How long does an LPN program take?

An LPN attending to a boy

LPNs must finish recognized LPN programs, which typically take one year to complete, in order to acquire state licensure. 

After completing their coursework, LPN students must pass the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX-PN. If they succeed, they can pursue specialist degrees in healthcare fields such as pharmacology, long-term care, IV therapy, gerontology, and more. 

How do I find the LPN schools near me?

Where to go to school is one of the hardest and most crucial decisions you’ll have to make while deciding to become an LPN. 

States like New York, Florida, and Ohio that have numerous recognized programs make the selection more difficult.

Some LPN programs may be a better fit for you than others because not all LPN programs are made equal. 

Consider the following points as you examine your alternatives for a practical nursing program:

  • What is the program’s NCLEX-PN pass rate?
  • Is the LPN program accredited by the state?
  • Does the program offer online classes?
  • How much does the program cost?
  • Where is the LPN program located?
  • How much hands-on experience do you get?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the instructors and students?

You can make your choice of school once you answer these questions.

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What are the schools for LPN near me?

Here are the best LPN schools in the united states:

1. Holmes Technical College 

Holmes Technical College has a five-semester hybrid program that combines online and in-person study. Their LPN curriculum is also significantly less expensive over the long term when compared to other schools thanks to the remote learning component.

The full-time option is only available for three semesters, but if you want to earn your LPN diploma more quickly, you can do that while preparing for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).

With patient simulation and other healthcare settings and equipment to enhance both your critical thinking skills and experiential professional skills, Holmes appears to have very qualified medical instructors to assist you through your course.

2. Utah State University

Their nursing school offers a diverse teaching staff that includes both nurses and other healthcare professionals to assist you with your medical-surgical, mental health, family health, pharmacology, and other Licensed Practical Nursing courses for the essential practical nursing skills.

The school also offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing (AAS) that you can enroll in to become an RN when your LPN program is successfully completed.

3. Western Wyoming Community College

You can enroll in the practical nursing program online or on campus at this school. They provide nursing students with real, secure healthcare settings to practice in, and prepare them for the nursing healthcare business. 

You’ll appreciate the computerized LPN exams offered by the school, which will help you become used to the format of your final NCLEX-RN exam. You could also enroll in a school for an associate’s degree in nursing to convert your diploma into a nursing degree.

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4. Indiana County Technology Center

Indiana County Technology Center is one of the best LPN programs in Pennsylvania thanks to its consistently excellent NCLEX PN pass rates.

Additionally, the small class sizes permit a far more individualized practical nursing learning experience which has contributed to the excellent pass rates.

The school also features cutting-edge medical equipment and awards merit-based financial help to students who might not be able to pay their tuition in full.

5. Lehigh Carbon Community College

Lehigh Carbon Community College relies on its low tuition. Its first-time NCLEX pass record of 94% solidifies its position as one of the top schools for LPN currently available.

They have a friendly faculty, a variety of financial aid programs, and educational program support for any student who might require specialized educational care during their practical nursing degree. 

6. Rasmussen College 

Rasmussen College is a private institution that combines its on-campus LPN education with a few online nursing courses. They also offer technical support around-the-clock. 

The school contains a simulation lab, and students are dispatched to public healthcare institutions, such as nursing homes, for actual clinical practice nurse experience. This is done to provide aspiring practical nurses with the necessary practical skills.

7. Lake Area Technical College

The nursing program at Lake Area Technical College offers four options for earning your LPN diploma. The program is all about convenience and personal taste.

Students have the choice of a full-time campus-based or online nursing degree, both of which can be finished in only 11 months. They also have a 22-month part-time LPN nursing program offered online or on-campus. 

The nursing school has a human anatomy lab, two dissected cadavers, a high-fidelity simulation lab, and highly experienced instructors to teach you practical nursing skills on the job.

They also offer an RN program in case you decide to use your LNP certification to bypass some prerequisite nursing studies and pursue an RN degree more quickly.

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8. Helena College 

The nursing program at Helena College typically has a 100% NCLEX-PN pass rate so more students are enrolling in the LPN program at the institution because of its effectiveness in preparing them for the nursing profession.

Helena College takes it a step further and provides patient care tasks to their students in a health setting during the course work to assess their understanding of the content, unlike some nursing schools that might wait for clinical for hands-on experience.

9. Alpena Community College 

The one-year practical nursing program diploma schedule at Alpena Community College may just be right for you because it gives you the option of online or in-person instruction. 

Alpena community takes pride in using cutting-edge equipment, such as an anatomical table, birthing dolls, and patient simulators, to help you develop the foundational skills you’ll need in the nursing sector.

10. Washington State Community College

The 2-year, part-time LPN program at Washington State Community College will make sure that you don’t have to give up a lot of your regular life. 

Students are given school nurse roles and hospital rotations in close-by hospitals, such as Marietta Memorial Hospital, to help them develop the necessary practical skills. 

11. North Florida College

North Florida College is one of the most economical LPN programs in the US. The best thing is that you have the option to bridge to RN if you want to increase your employment possibilities and increase your chances of having a fulfilling career. 

12. Texas State Technical College

Texas State Technical College is very convenient if you have obligations outside of school. Their courses are offered both on-campus and online.

In addition to the simulated learning labs, interactive online courses, and virtual nursing practice, nursing students are also dispersed to on-site healthcare settings like nursing homes and hospitals to engage with their field of study in the real healthcare industry.

You also have the option to pursue an ADN degree after completing the 16-month practical nursing program.

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What are the requirements to become an LPN?

The standards used by various colleges and states to admit students to practical nursing programs vary. However, the general requirements will include:

  • A high school diploma
  • High school grade point average of 2.0-2.5 or higher
  • An eligible GED / Notarized home school academic record
  • CPR certification in some cases
  • Achieve success on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
  • Prerequisite college courses in writing, human anatomy, math, and physiology
  • Pre-admission examination
  • ACT composite scores of 12 or more in reading and math

What is the shortest LPN program?

Some LPN programs allow you to complete your LPN in six months if you already hold a CNA. You can complete some programs in a year depending on the school. 

How do I become an LPN in the USA?

You must complete a practical nursing diploma program from an authorized educational school in order to become an LPN in the US. This program should enable you to learn the fundamentals of nursing in just one year.

What is the fastest LPN program?

The Practical Nurse Advanced Certificate program at Delta offers a fast-track option. The program can be finished in just one year.

Is becoming an LPN difficult?

It’s easy to become lost in the stress and exhaustion that come with LPN programs because it can be a difficult endeavor.

What’s the difference between LPN and LVN?

Both an LPN and an LVN have essentially the same job duties. The name is the only significant distinction. Licensed Vocational Nurse is the word used in California and Texas, while Licensed Practical Nurse is used across the rest of the nation.

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How much does an LPN make in the USA?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average annual wage for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) in 2020 will be $50,090 ($24.08 per hour) (BLS). 

However, a 40-hour workweek results in an annual salary for LPNs in the top 10% of pay ranges of moreover $65,000 ($31.50 per hour).

What is the shortest LPN to RN program?

LPNs can become RNs in as short as one year with the help of LPN-RN bridge programs that lead to an ADN. The NCLEX-RN and applications for state RN licensing are both open to ADN holders. Graduates can finish an RN-to-BSN bridging program if they later desire to pursue a BSN.


There’s a lot more you can do when you go to a good LPN school. Just take your time and make the right choice for you.

Frequently asked questions about schools for LPN

How long does it take to become an LPN If you are a CNA?

The majority of CNA to LPN programs last six to twelve months and demand that students complete 40 to 80 credit hours. Students may further their studies at junior colleges, technical schools, or vocational schools.

What are LPNs not allowed to do?

LPNs are not allowed to apply electricity to damage tissue, the heart, or the neurological system. They’re also not allowed to use a laser to cut or vaporize the tissue, administer or take part in desensitization therapies, or allergy challenge testing.

What’s the difference between a CNA and LPN?

CNAs help patients with activities of daily living like feeding and bathing. LPNs, on the other hand, carry out fundamental nursing tasks like aiding nurses and updating patients’ medical records.

What’s the fastest you can become a nurse?

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) route is the quickest method to become a nurse. You may finish a Practical Nursing degree and be well on your way to beginning a nursing profession in as little as 12 months, even though you wouldn’t really be an RN.

Is LPN harder than CNA?

Yes, LPNs are licensed practical nurses who have additional responsibilities and training than CNAs. In most areas, CNAs are required to pass a competency exam; nonetheless, they frequently serve as assistants and are supervised by LPNs. Additionally, LPNs make more money than CNAs do.

Is becoming an LPN worth it?

Yes, being an LPN is worth it. The average yearly pay for a licensed practical nurse is $50,090, while those in the top 10% can make up to $65,000.

Thankfully, the need for LPNs appears to be stable, with the BLS forecasting a 9% increase in LPN employment between 2019 and 2029.


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