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Top 10 Schools For Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a broad subject, and many schools are training a lot of professionals in the field.

After completing the required curriculum in these schools, students will have a thorough understanding of the human muscles, preventing strain, enhancing training habits, and boosting strength uniformly throughout the body’s muscular mass.

They can go on and become physical therapists, personal trainers, rehabilitation specialists, emergency medical technicians, or athletic coaches. 

Also, they can be prepared for additional study in chiropractic or medicine through continuing education in allied subjects like kinesiotherapy or sports nutrition.

Let’s dive deeper to understand the subject, the career opportunities it offers, and the best schools that offer kinesiology.

What exactly does a kinesiologist do?

A kinesiologist examines how the human body moves and uses that knowledge for either therapeutic or instructional purposes. They research the fundamentals of movement control, injury avoidance, exercise development, and overall wellness. 

Most of the topics studied by kinesiologists have connections to sports sciences.

A kinesiologist and her client

Is kinesiology a STEM major?

Yes, Kinesiology courses are all categorized as STEM courses.

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Is Kinesiology a good major?

Yes, students who are interested in health, fitness, and human mobility should consider studying kinesiology. Typically, kinesiology programs provide a well-rounded education that might open up a variety of professional prospects.

What is the highest paying job with a Kinesiology degree?

The administrative positions in sports, fitness, and health and wellness, like athletic directors, fitness managers, and sports managers, pay the highest salaries in kinesiology.

What are the best schools for Kinesiology in the US?

Here are the best schools for kinesiology:

1. University of Maryland-College Park

They offer three Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree programs. 2020 saw the graduation of 244 Kinesiology and Exercise Science students from the school, who received 238 Bachelor’s degrees, 4 Master’s degrees, and 2 Doctoral degrees.

2. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia offers three degree programs in kinesiology and exercise science. They graduated 139 Bachelor’s degrees, 41 Master’s degrees, and 5 Doctoral degrees students in 2020.

3. Indiana University-Bloomington

This is one of the kinesiology best schools that offers three Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree programs. 2020 saw the graduation of 378 students majoring in kinesiology and exercise science, who received 341 bachelor’s degrees, 30 master’s degrees, and 7 doctoral degrees.

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4. University of Northern Iowa

They offer a one-degree program in kinesiology and exercise science. In 2020, 14 graduates in the fields of kinesiology and exercise science received master’s degrees.

5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

This is one of the top schools for kinesiology that offer three degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. 128 Bachelor’s degrees, 23 Master’s degrees, and 5 Doctoral degrees were awarded to the 156 Kinesiology and Exercise Science graduates in 2020.

6. Texas A & M University-College Station

There are three-degree programs in kinesiology and exercise science offered at Texas A & M University-College Station. 2020 saw the graduation of 286 students studying kinesiology and exercise science, with 262 receiving bachelor’s degrees, 16 receiving master’s degrees, and 8 receiving doctoral degrees.

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7. The University of Texas at Austin

There are three-degree programs in kinesiology and exercise science offered at the University of Texas at Austin. 141 Bachelor’s degrees, 12 Master’s degrees, and 4 Doctoral degrees were awarded to the 157 graduates in the field of kinesiology and exercise science in 2020.

8. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers three-degree programs in kinesiology and exercise science. 2020 saw the graduation of 204 students studying kinesiology and exercise science, with 179 receiving bachelor’s degrees, 15 receiving master’s degrees, and 10 receiving doctoral degrees.

9. Ohio State University-Main Campus

There are two Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree programs available at Ohio State University’s Main Campus. One bachelor’s degree and 30 master’s degrees were awarded to the 31 graduates in kinesiology and exercise science in 2020.

10. University of Utah

Three-degree programs in kinesiology and exercise science are available at the University of Utah. 2020 saw the graduation of 246 students studying kinesiology and exercise science, with 239 receiving bachelor’s degrees, 4 receiving master’s degrees, and 3 receiving doctoral degrees.

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Is an athletic therapist the same as a kinesiologist?

Athletic therapy and kinesiology share many similarities, yet they also differ significantly. Athletic therapists treat injuries brought on by physical exercise, while kinesiologists research how the body moves and how muscles cooperate.

How many hours a week do kinesiologists work?

There’s a typical 40-hour workday for kinesiologists working in hospitals and clinics that includes hours between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Some people might work on the weekends and nights instead to fit the schedules of their clients.

What skills do you need for kinesiology?

Given that the body reacts differently to various stimuli, kinesiologists must be analytical and have a solid grasp of biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, and psychology. Additionally, you should be very good at communicating with others.

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What does a kinesiologist do daily?

Kinesiologists use evidence-based research to treat and prevent illness and injury, as well as to enhance performance. They also work with individuals of all ages and physical abilities in achieving their health and wellness objectives and enhancing their quality of life.

Is kinesiology a real science?

Yes, it is an alternative to the medical technique that can accurately identify structural, muscular, chemical, and emotional illnesses. The science of kinesiology is concerned with the investigation of human movement.

How much do kinesiologists make?

In the US, kinesiologists make an average salary of $54,843 per year or $26.37 per hour. 


Learning the best schools for kinesiology is not enough. You have to put in a lot of work to make it to admission and graduate well.

That being said, kinesiology is an interesting profession that will offer you a lot of job benefits and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about schools for kinesiology

Is kinesiology in high demand?

Yes, kinesiology is one of the majors with the most rapid growth. The degree can lead to careers outside of coaching, including those in medicine, such as athletic training, occupational therapy, or physician assistant.

What is next after a kinesiology degree?

A kinesiology degree from college could prepare a student for doctoral, medical, or chiropractic school. It could also lead to a graduate degree in nursing, sports training, or sport and exercise psychology.

What’s interesting about kinesiology?

Kinesiology is able to identify four main system imbalances in the body: dietary supplements, hormones, and pH in the gut which is where good health begins. 

Does UC have Kinesiology?

Yes, the UC Berkeley Master of Kinesiology program is among the best in the world. The well-designed curriculum of their full-time postgraduate program seamlessly combines theoretical and practical instruction and helps the students become more successful in their careers.

What can I do with a kinesiology degree without going to grad school?

With your kinesiology degree, you can become a Personal trainer, Fitness consultant, Fitness instructor, Exercise physiologist, Athletic trainer, Strength and conditioning coach, Kinesiologist, and Dietitian.

What can you do with a kinesiology degree in Canada?

You can work as any of the following: Wellness coordinator, Personal trainer, Athletic trainer, Kinesiologist, Senior high school teacher, Fitness consultant, Vocational rehabilitation specialist, and Athletic director.


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