10 Best Schools For Finance

Attending any of the best schools for finance is a good decision you can make for yourself, and for your state.

Finance has and will always be a discipline that can never phase out, and hence, you will always be in the working space no matter how bad the economy goes.

There are various disciplines in finance, and these disciplines can accommodate you, no matter the type of finance you studied.

But major companies also check out the best schools for finance, when they intend to employ them. And this led to the writing of this article.

In this article, you will see some of the best schools for finance, what makes them unique, and other important details that relate to finance.

What is a finance major?

A finance major can simply be defined as a discipline that allows you to work with businesses, to manage large operations. 

And the management would be in relation to financial planning, solving problems, and making budgets that would fit into that of any business.

Furthermore, as a finance major, you will be taught entrepreneurial methods, and how to give good investment advice to your clients. 

Is finance a hard major?

Yes, finance can be classified as a hard major. Furthermore, it is harder than philosophy and history, but not as hard as science, technology, math, and engineering.

But do not be discouraged, if you are a finance major, you can work for companies such as wall street bank. 

There are various disciplines that make up a finance major, and they are equity research, treasury analysis, budget analysis, financial planning, and investment banking.

Which is the best finance degree?

The best finance degree is an MBA, and it remains outstanding among all other finance degrees.

Some other finance degrees that are among the best are business, fintech, economics, financial engineering, and accounting.


Which MBA is best for finance?

The MBA’s that are best for finance is usually in the listed schools below:

  • The Wharton School (Philadelphia)
  • Harvard Business School (Cambridge)
  • Columbia Business School (New York)
  • The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Stanford graduate school of business (Stanford, California)
  • London business school (London, UK)
  • The Fuqua school of business (Durham, North Carolina).

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How do you break into finance?

To break into finance, you need to

1. Acquire a bachelor’s degree:

If you intend to break into finance, you will need to acquire a bachelor’s degree. Though you may not need a degree to break into finance, for specialization, you will need one. 

A degree in finance will expose you to concepts that are finance-related, and ones that you can use in the future. And for this, you can attend any of the best schools for finance.

2. Seek an internship with a financial firm:

After acquiring a degree in finance, you will need to apply to companies for an internship. This internship will help you practicalize all you have learned.

The benefit of these internships is that it also allows you to network with various individuals that may come to your aid when you need them.

3. Get a good referral for job applications:

At the end of your internship, ensure to build good networks that can stand as referrals for you when the time comes.

This is because so many companies do take your referral into consideration when they scrutinize applications.

4. Get extra financial courses:

Aside from your bachelor’s degree, you can boost your chances of breaking into finance with complementary certifications in the field.

You can also take licensing courses that fit your role in the industry that you are considering. 

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5. Get a mentor:

To climb to the top in any profession, you will need mentors. These mentors will guide you, and help you make the best decisions relating to the financial industry.

To make your search for a mentor easy, you can pick from any of your good supervisors at your place of internship. Furthermore, you can reach out to your college professor to mentor you too.

6. Apply for an entry-level position:

After having all these in place, you can then start applying for entry-level jobs in a specific field. Sometimes, it may not be an outright financial institution, though.

What is the best school for banking?

The best schools for banking are:

1. University of Pennsylvania 

This school is located in Philadelphia, PA. Among the schools for finance, it comes first. It also offers good MBA programs that are STEM-related. 

Students are allowed to publish their works in various research areas at the Ph.D. level. To be admitted to this school, you will need knowledge of economics, math, and engineering.

2. New York University Stern School of Business 

This school is located in New York, NY. It is also among the best schools for finance, and it offers courses for both undergraduate and doctoral students.

As an undergraduate, it offers you courses such as corporate finance and capital/investments market subfields. 

This school also offers a master of science in business analytics, quantitative finance, and FinTech. 

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3. University of Michigan Ross School of Business 

This school is located in Ann Arbor, MI. If you seek the best schools for finance that offer diverse options, then this school is for you.

The options are full-time, weekend, and online options, the full-time program. If you also intend to take a Doctoral degree, this school is a good fit. 

The Ph.D. courses offered are Theoretical Models in Finance, Corporate Finance, and Empirical Methodology in Finance.

4. Harvard University

This school is located in Cambridge, MA. It offers four online certificates, which are Alternative Investments, Financial Accounting, Leading with Finance, and Financial Analysis and Valuation for Lawyers. 

Doctoral degree seekers can specialize in the courses this school has or even an MBA that offers research dissertations.

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5. Georgetown University

This school is located in Washington, DC, and it offers finance as one of the major courses that students can choose from.

As one of the best schools for science, it allows you to partake in various aspects of finance, including corporate finance and investments.

The school also offers a master’s degree in finance. And this can be taken as a part-time or full-time option. 

6. Cornell University

This school is located in Ithaca, New York. This school is among the best schools for finance because Forbes ranks it 9th among the best schools for finance studies. 

If you intend to further your studies in the field of finance, this school can also take you for a master’s or doctorate degree. And with this, you can conduct research on international and developmental economics.

7. Yale University

This University is located in New Haven, CT. This is an Ivy League school that offers a master’s degree in various finance courses, with asset management being the cherry on the pie.

If you are in the science, technology, engineering, or math field and are interested in portfolio construction or investment analysis, then this course is for you.

8. Columbia University

This school is located in New York, NY. And as one of the best schools for finance, it offers only one finance program.

It offers a master’s degree in financial economics, and it is a two-year program. Furthermore, it allows students to choose between industrial or financial economics.

Before graduating from this school, you will need to complete a six weeks summer internship, which will also involve research projects. 

9. University of Notre Dame

This school is located in Notre Dame, IN. The University offers degrees in both bachelor’s and master’s in finance.

Before graduating from this school, you must undertake research work and develop an innovative idea. 

10. Princeton University

This school is located in Princeton, NJ. It offers undergraduate and master’s degree certificates in finance.

For second-year students, this school requires them to take two or three electives, and they must do it with their senior thesis.

This school also offers a corporate affiliate program, in which companies come in to seek their students for internship programs.

What universities do banks recruit from?

The universities that banks usually recruit from are the University of Pennsylvania, New York University, and the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). And amongst the Ivy League schools, Harvard also tops the list.

Does finance involve math?

Yes, finance involves math, and this is because finance is about money, and anything involving money would require math.

But the good part about math is that it would not be the most complex one. For example, math such as calculus and algebra would suffice.

What is the highest paying finance job?

The best law schools for international law can skyrocket your career. But you need to have good details about them so you can get in.

The highest paying finance jobs are:

  • Investment banker.
  • Information technology auditor.
  • Compliance analyst.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Insurance advisor.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Senior accountant.
  • Hedge fund manager.

What degree should I get to be an investment banker?

To be an investment banker, you would need a degree in commerce, finance, or accountancy. With any of these degrees, you can get an entry-level position in investment banks.

As a graduate, you can join these investment banks as an intern in investment/brokerage or as a junior analyst.

Is investment banking stressful?

Yes, investment banking is stressful, and thus pays higher than other aspects of finance.

How much sleep do investment bankers get?

Investment bankers get at least 5 hours of sleep each night. This is because they sell and issue stocks, and these would require good monitoring.

How much do investment bankers make at Goldman Sachs?

Investment bankers are not paid nearly as well per hour as they should be. Because most analysts and associates work more than 100 hours per week, their hourly pay might range from $25 to $35. That’s not terrible, but $100,000 a year sounded better.

Is finance harder than accounting?

No, it is not. In general, people believe that accounting majors are more challenging to study for and pass than finance majors. 

There are several different explanations for this, too. It may be more challenging for accounting majors because their course material is typically considerably more technical than that of finance majors.


So many questions, like are finance careers worth it? Can finance make me a millionaire? Well, you can answer this now.

As promised, this article has shown you the best schools for finance, their unique characteristics, and other finance-related topics.

With these, you can make the right decision relating to schools for finance, and pivot your career to better heights.

Also, the demand for financial personnel is projected to increase by 20% by the year 2030. So, you can share this article with family and friends, so that they can key in before then. 

Frequently asked questions about schools for finance

What is the easiest high-paying job?

The easiest high-paying jobs are house sitter, personal trainer, optometrist, flight attendant, dog walker, toll booth attendant, massage therapist, librarian, etc.

Which schools does Goldman Sachs recruit from?

Goldman Sachs’s targeted schools are Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, etc. 

What schools does Blackstone recruit from?

The schools that Blackstone recruits from are Wharton, Columbia, Stanford, and Harvard.

What majors does Goldman Sachs hire?

The majors that Goldman Sachs hires are economics and business. If you are in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, you can also be hired by Goldman Sachs.

What colleges does Morgan Stanley recruit from?

The colleges that Morgan Stanley recruits from are:
New York University 
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Columbia University 
London School of Economics 
University of Maryland, College Park 
University of Pennsylvania 
Imperial College London 
Fordham University, etc.


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