Samsung Student Discount – Enjoy 30% Off On All Electronics

As a student getting through tuition with poor electronic gadgets can be quite challenging. So what if I told you, you could get super-quality devices at a low price? Well, read on to find out! Samsung is arguably one of the best electronic vendors nationwide, thus getting the student discount Samsung offers is a big hit.

 Student discounts are simply special savings offers promoted for students, but mostly for students in the University. The most amazing thing about getting a student discount on Samsung is that you get some percent off any promo product. Also, you save more and don’t have to break your bank to get high-quality digital products.

In this article, you’d find out all about the student discount Samsung offers, the terms and conditions, and even much more. Additionally, there are well-stated and simply written steps on how to register for the Samsung student discount promo. So grab a cup of coffee and relax, as this article is going to be solving the puzzles on your mind.

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samsung student discount

About Samsung

What is Samsung and what do they deal with? Samsung is a South Korean company that largely deals with the manufacture of industrial and consumer electronics. They are one of the world’s largest electronic and digital equipment manufacturing companies. Furthermore, Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of smartphones and mobile phones. Thus, they produce and market a wide variety of electronic devices such as laptops, phones, semiconductors, etc. 

Samsung is a tech giant that has since 1938 taken the lead in technological innovations. This company is known for its consistent and mind-blowing innovations. So it’s certainly a brand you shouldn’t joke with!

Now that you have an idea about what this company offers, let’s find out if they offer a student discount or not.

 However, click here to find out more about this company.

Does Samsung Offer Student Discounts? 

The answer is a big yes! In fact, they have a Samsung student discount program just for you. Samsung’s student discount program gives a whopping 30% promo to its members.

However, to be a part of this, you must be verified as a student. But not to worry, the verification process isn’t a rigorous one. It’s just to ensure you’re a student with a registered university or college.

Interested in knowing more about this student discount Samsung offers? Well, keep reading!

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What Is Student Discount Samsung?

The Samsung student discount is a promo Samsung offers to exclusively college or University students. So if you’re still in high school, then, unfortunately, this offer doesn’t work for you.

Samsung’s products are always high-quality and quite expensive but trust me, they’re always worth it. Hence, using this student discount Samsung offers would greatly help you save more as a student.

Also, Samsung usually offers free shipping on most of its products, thus you have a chance at extra savings. As a student, every opportunity to save more isn’t something you should joke about because that’s having more money and who wouldn’t want to? So, that is more reason why you should join the Samsung student & educator discount program. 

Imagine walking into a Samsung store with the confidence that you get a 30% off any electronic that’s up for sale. Feels great right? Well, that’s the benefit of registering for the student discount Samsung program. 

So, I’m guessing you have lots of questions on your mind, questions like how do I register for the student discount? Or how long does the Samsung student discount last? If you do, then this article was written to answer all your questions.

How Long Is The Samsung Student Discount Valid?

Well, this has two different answers of which one is definite and the other isn’t. How long does the student Samsung promo last? That is indefinite, it could last for three, five, or even a day but that largely depends on Samsung and its team. However, if you’re wondering how long you can enjoy the student discount, then that’s definite.

The student discount is only valid for 4 years, thus, after which, you can’t benefit from the student discounts any brand offers. Hence, this means, you can only get this promo as long as you’re a verified student. Although, if you registered perhaps in your second year, then this discount is still valid even after graduation.

Additionally, you receive a grace period after you’ve graduated. This grace period means you’re notified via emails about the upcoming change of price. Thus, after this prior notice, the prices automatically change to the standard rate. 

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What Are Student Discount Samsung Codes?

Samsung student discount codes are simply unique coupon codes that are used to offer you the 30% off they offer. Promo codes are those codes (mix of numbers and letters) entered on an eCommerce website that gives you access to discounts.

 Relatively, you can’t have the 30% discount without entering the promo codes. Likewise, you can’t have these coupon promo codes without being verified as a student first. 

So, how do you get verified for the student discount Samsung gives? And how do you generate these coupon codes? Below is a detailed step-by-step guideline on how to successfully do that.

How to Generate Student Discount Codes

Firstly, before you can benefit from the student discounts on Samsung, you must be verified as a student. Thus, they are several websites that provide student verification for brands and companies’ student promos. Websites like Student Bean, UNiDAYS, and, however, Samsung uses UNiDAYS.

So here’s a guide on how to get registered on UNiDAYS.

How to Register On UNiDAYS

There are certain things you need to provide while registering for the student discount on UNiDAYS. You need a school email address or access to your student portal also you must be at least 16 years of age.

Alright so without further ado, here is how to register:

  • Visit the UNiDAYS website here.
  • Once you’ve landed on the website page, click “Get now”.
  • Then enter your student email address given to you by your institution.
  • Check your student email address for a verification link
  • Click on this link to redirect you back to the student shop

And that’s how you’re verified, so you can begin to enjoy the student discounts on Samsung.

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How to Apply the Student Discount Samsung Codes

Getting a generated is just one step while knowing how to apply these codes is another, so below are instructions on how to do so:

  • Log in to your UNiDAYS account for your unique student discount coupon
  • Copy the codes as written (Ensure you copy correctly)
  • Open the Samsung store on your browser
  • Select the items you wish to buy and add them to your cart
  • Head to checkout to apply the codes

With these steps written above, applying your discount codes is easy peasy for you. So, now you know all about how to apply your student discount coupons. I hope you found these steps helpful.

On to the next!

Let’s find out ways to stay updated so you don’t miss out on any mouth-watery Samsung discount offer

How to Find About Samsung Student Discount

There’s always a disappointment you feel whenever you just missed out on an amazing offer, quite annoying right? Especially when the electronics you desperately want were up for promo. So don’t want to miss out on any more student promo Samsung offers?

 Well, good news, I’ve made some interesting research on how you can stay updated on every promo. So you can rest assured that after reading this post, no Samsung student promo would pass you by.

Here are effective ways to find out about Samsung student discounts.

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Check Samsung Coupon Page: 

The Samsung coupon page is a go-to if you want to get an idea of the different discounts Samsung gives. You’d find up-to-date discount deals on the page, so hurry now and check it out here.

Follow their Social Media Handles:

This is one of the surest ways to get accurate information on Samsung student discount deals. Occasionally, they make paid ads about the latest promotions or upcoming ones. Thus, you need to follow their social media pages. Also, turn on their post notifications to be among the first set to grab the offer while it lasts.

You can follow their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram handles by simply clicking the redirects.

Subscribe to Samsung Newsletter:

Samsung customer support sends you newsletters about their latest deals and news. So all you need to do is click the subscribe button and enter your preferred email. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.

Browse Amazon for Samsung offers:

Amazon is an eCommerce platform that has the biggest that has a large marketplace of online retailers. Thus, you could browse their website to check out Samsung offers and don’t miss out on any.

Terms and Conditions of Student Discount Samsung

Now, you might be wondering if there are any terms and conditions attached to the student discount Samsung offers. So, I’ve written an outline on their T’s and C’s below, so I advise that you carefully read through it.

  • The Samsung student discount is ONLY applicable to students in India.
  • All information provided is subject to Samsung’s privacy policy
  • You must be verified as a student under an educational institution or college of learning by UNiDAYS
  • The program is only available to students 18 years and above 

The aforementioned are the required terms and conditions to be met before you can be a benefactor of the Samsung student discount program. Sadly, Samsung only offers students studying in India. 

P.S: If you’ve read up to this point and you’re an Indian student, then, unfortunately, this discount isn’t for you.  


As a student, you definitely would love getting the latest gadgets, smartphones, laptops, or any good device that makes life much easier for you. Plus, I’m sure you love the idea of getting discounts. Cause who doesn’t love discounts?

However, bear in mind that Samsung only offers student discounts to students in India. So if you’re in India, then lucky you! Thus, in this article, I’ve put together so many pieces of information for you.

Reading and following through every subheading here makes it so much easy for you to access your student discount code on Samsung. Truly hope this article was quite interesting and helpful to you.

You can go over the article again and get another cup of coffee to learn more about the Samsung student and educator discount program. Cognitive psychology says we understand better when we do things over again, hence if you really want to gain this knowledge, read it all over.

 Also, share this article with your friends and help them save better! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Combine Promotions With The Samsung Discount Program?

Yes, you can do that. You can combine the Samsung discount promo with the Trade-in programs they offer.

 Samsung trade-ins allow you to exchange your old devices for another. So if you want to try it out, then here goes- Trade-in Program

How Do I Get Samsung Exclusive Student Pricing?

Once you’ve registered as a student using the steps explained earlier, then you can start enjoying the student exclusive pricing. 

All you need to do is to visit, click “Get Discounts” and register if you haven’t. Once you’ve done this, you can get exclusive and special student offers. 

Does Samsung Offer A Back-To-School Sale?

 Yes, they do! Samsung offers huge back-to-sales as part of its student discount program.

 So if you’re a student looking to change your gadget or electronic device before school resumes. Then, you might want to jump on this and get 30% off smartphones, laptops, and so on. 

Does Samsung Student Apply To All Products?

Samsung student discount doesn’t apply to all items. They are on a few selected items, however, you can have a tour on UNiDAYS and see for yourself.

How do I sign up for the Samsung student store?

Signing up to the Samsung student store is no different from getting signed up on UNiDAYS. So, it’s just about the same process. Don’t panic, just follow the guidelines on “How to Register on UNiDAYS”.

Need more information? Contact Samsung’s customer support here.

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