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Princess Polly 25% Student Discount – See How To Get It

If you are always looking for a discount to save your allowance, I’ve got a great deal for you, the Princess Polly student discount is the answer to your problems.

With a  25% discount, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on looking good, you can turn heads and still have enough allowance. All you need is to sign up on Student Bean and this offer will be yours.

About Princess Polly

Princess Polly is an online store that deals with women’s clothing that was created in 2010 at a beachside apartment on the Gold Coast of Australia. It has expanded its branches too, in West Hollywood, California, Burleigh Heads, and Australia. Currently, Princess Polly has about 200 people on the team. They have sustainable fashion standards and they don’t edit or touch up the pictures of their models. The brand focuses on women’s jewelry and clothes that are mainly inspired by popular culture and street fashion. In 2021 Princess Polly decided to join the United Nations Global Compact since then the brand has created clothes ethically and environmentally.

To make your life simpler, They have made sure they’re true to the normal size standards. If you’re still not clear on which size you need, check out their helpful international size charts for clothes and shoes that relate to everything including Princess Polly jackets, jumpsuits, dresses, and more.

This page even includes simple instructions on how to measure yourself properly. Of course, while their size guides are very precise, they also know that it can be difficult to picture what your chosen size will look like on your body. That’s why they tell you the dress size and quantity as of the model on each product page for reference.

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princess polly student discount

What Is Princess Polly’s Student Discount?

The Polly student discount is a great way for you to save money and if you are curious about how it’s used, I have a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to use it. Firstly, what is the princess Polly student discount all about? Well, Princess Polly decided to increase awareness, sales, clear stock, and broaden contacts. To achieve this, they provide discounts like Princess Polly Student Discount, etc. After conducting tests it showed that customers’ happiness and loyalty grew. This prompted the growth of student discounts on Princess Polly.

Steps On How To Use Princess Polly Student Discount

To enjoy the 25% discount you need to follow these simple steps. But before I show you these steps you should know about the two sites that offer you this discount, UniDays, and Student Beans.

  1. UniDays; is a discount website that offers discounts and amazing deals to students for free, the site has been up since 2011. College students can sign up to get access to things like Princess Polly student discounts and more. They have more than 18 million users currently.
  1. Student Bean; With over 160 million users in 52 countries, Student beans is a student network that offers student deals that will help their allowance. They help brands present their offers to their users.

Now you know the site to use, here are the steps to follow.

  • Create a Student bean or Uniday account 
  • Make sure you verify your Student bean or Uniday account. You should use your student email for faster verification.
  • After you verify your account you will receive the 25% student discount on Princess Polly
  • And that’s it, you have to re-verify your student discount every month.

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Ways To Save On Princess Polly 

Apart from the student discount on princess Polly, there are other amazing ways to save on Princess Polly. 

  • Sign up for the mailing list and get 10% off.
  • You get 20% off when you refer a friend
  • Princess Polly offers 60% for sale.
  • Click the Sale tab to view discounted items. Narrow the selection by category or size, or search by price. The cheapest items are in the Under $20 section.
  • Unidays offers a 10% discount to College students who register to make purchases at Princess Polly.
  • Exchange items instead of asking for a refund. If your auction, you save on returns.

Benefit Of Students Discount For Princess Polly

Apart from the Princess Polly Student Discount, there are other amazing offers you get to enjoy from the brand. They include:

1. Storage Space

Over the years, the market has become very competitive with a lot of competition from new brands, Princess Polly strives to produce good clothes and free up sales hence the discount. Because of how big the market has become, they make a certain number of clothes that they will want to sell out before extra production. This way you know you are getting the good stuff because they aren’t overproducing. Just one at a time.

2. Princess Polly’s Brand Reputation 

One bad review can bring down an entire company. It can destroy all the years of work and bring them back to the starting point. So to avoid them, you have to have good products, customer satisfaction, etc. The customer’s faith in your product is what will let them leave good reviews about you online, your customer reviews can mold or break you. That’s why the brand Started a Princess Polly Student Discount because with your recommendations as a student the brand can go so high. It will be on everyone’s lips how Princess Polly is a great brand that cares about the student.

3. Client Loyalty

When a brand has a loyal customer it’s a big win for them. A loyal customer will always see your brand as the best option despite seeing other options. Princess Polly provided a discount for this same reason. It provided a princess Polly student discount and several others to get the loyalty of their customer

4. Increase In Sales

Good reputation plus Good Reviews plus an Increase in brand awareness gives birth to an increase in sales. For a company to grow they need you, a customer. The company uses the money to expand and pay workers. This way they can make better clothes and have faster services and friendlier customer Service. With the student discount from Princess Polly, you are saving money and helping the brand. You never know who loves your fashionable looks and wants to join the trend.

A discount is a very attractive way to pull in customers and increase sales.

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Benefit Of The Student Discount To You

1. Standing Out

To stand out, you make yourself unique and princess Polly uses student discounts to stand out. Most people are on the look for discounts when shopping and it takes a lot of time to navigate through the heavily priced items, to get to the discounted ones. Princess Polly took the opportunity and created a student discount that will not only benefit students but help the company. This way more students who need to save money are attracted to the brand sites. More students save money and look great.

2. Increase Brand Awareness 

Like I said in the previous, headings. Your reviews can break them. If it makes them, they get more customers cause, to be honest, we all love a good review.

If it breaks them, nobody buys, or the number decreases till the company closes or goes bankrupt. So how does your review Brand Awareness? Brand awareness is just about informing other people that a brand exists and what they have to offer. 

If you make a TikTok on how Princess Polly Student Discount helped you save your allowance and look great, you have created awareness because you introduced the brand to new people.

If you go ahead to talk about how affordable it is, its quality, etc. More People will be interested in buying the products. Thereby creating Brand Awareness for Princess Polly.

3. Easier Target Audience

Brands like Princess Polly are big on Student Discount because of the easier target audience. Other age groups might be skeptical but students are interested in ways to save money and so the student discount attracts them. This way you provide them with what they need.

Past Offers On Princess Polly

Over the years, there are the free  offers that Polly’s Polly had over years, We hope to see more of this in the future as they were amazing slashes

  •  80% off sale items
  • 20% off sale items
  • Free delivery
  • £14 boots (was £48)
  • Half price dresses

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does princess Polly offer next-day delivery?

Yes, the company uses Australia Post Express Next delivery. Most times you get your delivery on the same day you ordered to your doorstep. You also get free shipping if you spend 50$ on products. Be on the lookout for shipping discounts too.

2. Can I use my student discount on cosmetics?

Unfortunately, No. Your student discount works only on Full priced items. Cosmetic, Gift Cards, Havaianas, or Quay products cannot be purchased with a Princess Polly Student Discount Code.

3. Does Princess Polly deduct money from my account if I need a refund?

Yes, if you want a monetary refund from Princess Polly, They will deduct 6$ for the return postage.

4. I want a smaller size, do I have to pay a return fee?

No, you don’t have to pay a return fee. Returning is very easy. All you need to do is fill out the form that was delivered to you with your package, also use the right Australia post label, and return your order within 30 days of getting it. The return is completely free.

5. What is Princess Polly’s Welcome Offer?

Well, you get a 10% discount as a welcome gift on Princess Polly. As soon as you sign up for their newsletter”Polymail” you get a discount. You also get a forehand on new offers, news, etc.

6. What products are on Sale?

Princess Polly Is an Online fashion store, so they have Tops, bottoms, dresses, etc. With the student discount on Princess Polly, you are sure to find a good deal and even better materials.

7. Where are discounted items on Princess Polly’s Website?

If you click the sale tab on the website, you see discounted items, you can also use the order options to check for size and price and if you want the cheapest item, you search under 20$ items.

8. What is the best way to Save Money on Princess Polly

Apart from the Student Discount on Princess Polly, the site has amazing sales that Go to 60% off, although it depends on certain occasions. Just be on the lookout for codes and promos.

9. Do they have a buy now pay later offer?

If you don’t have the full price to pay for an item, Princess Polly has a Buy Now Pay Later offer that you can use as a payment method for Polly. You pay four installments over 8 weeks. You will look great and have a comfortable plan.

10.Do They Have A Reward Program?

Yes, they do! Immediately you create an account with Princess Polly and you sign up and you are eligible for their reward program.

11. How do I change my package address?

Contact Customer service right away to change the address. Get your order number and the new address you want it sent to and they will attempt to change it for you. Also, know that this changes your delivery time to 24 hours or more.

12. I haven’t received my package but it’s been delivered?

You will have to contact your package carrier. Princess Polly is not responsible for any package loss or damage. You are responsible for your package and contacting your forwarding company to locate your shipment.


In conclusion, Princess Polly is an Australian Fashion Brand that allows every woman to express themselves through the clothes they wear. It is concerned about your comfort and provides a student discount you can use to look good and spend a small amount. It also provides several other discounts that will favor you during the long run like free delivery, coupon codes, etc. All these will make your shopping experience worthwhile. Princess Polly is a great site and you’ll be glad you shopped there.

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