Make 100 And Above In TOEFL [2023]: Practice For TOEFL Test

To get a score of 100 or above on the TOEFL, you need to practice for the TOEFL test for you to land any prestigious scholarship.

Though most schools require a score of 84, why aim for 84 when you can make at least 100?

Do you wish to apply for scholarships that require the TOEFL exam? Does your heartbeat increase when you think about making the minimum benchmark of 84?

Then you need to meticulously digest this article!

Also, the practice for the TOEFL test may seem difficult to surmount for those of you who have taken it before and failed, but not anymore.

What is TOEFL

TOEFL simply means Test of English as a Foreign Language.

It is a standardized test that measures the English language ability of L2 English language speakers who wish to enroll in L1 (English-speaking) universities.

The exam is a test that is accepted by over 11,000 English-speaking universities and other institutions.

Apart from the exam, other standardized English language tests include IELTS, Cambridge Assessment English, and Trinity College London exams.

The skills tested in the TOEFL exam are reading, listening, writing, and speaking in the English language.

The TOEFL was established in 1964, 58 years ago, and it has stood the test of time. It has a validity of 2 years, with 2.3 million people taking the exam yearly.

How to register

Registering for the TOEFL is not complicated at all. All you need to do is to: 

  • First of all, visit the ETS official website.
  • Create a test-taker profile.
  • Submit your application form.
  • Select your exam date for 2022 and the TOEFL test center or opt for TOEFL at home.
  • Pay the exam fee/cost of about 190–200 United States dollars.
  • Confirm and submit your TOEFL application form.
  • Lastly, take a printout or save your TOEFL confirmation page for future use, then practice for TOEFL test

And there you have it. You have successfully registered for the TOEFL exam in 2022.

iBT registration

iBT simply means Internet-Based Test, and it is a new platform created by ETS to allow test-takers to partake in TOEFL from the comfort of their home. 

This method of testing is still standardized, and the only reason for which it was created is to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection.  

Furthermore, the cost of the iBT exam remains unchanged from that of the TOEFL PBT (Paper Based Test).

Who needs the TOEFL exam?

The TOEFL is an exam that is intended mainly for students who desire to attend a university or graduate school program in an English-speaking country. Those who may also take the include

  • Students who intend to gain admission into a high school in an L1 (English-speaking) country.
  • Students attending 2-year community college programs in an English speaking country
  • People that seek to be licensed or certified in a particular field
  • People who need to demonstrate their mastery of the English language for immigration purposes
  • Those who simply want to assess their English language skills in a formal setting

Furthermore, it is recommended by the creators of TOEFL that students be at least 17 years of age before attempting to take the exam. 

The reason for the above is that; the test requires you to read some difficult passages and be familiar with some high-level vocabulary and most students are not exposed to this type of language before the 11th grade. 


So many questions abound about the TOEFL and IELTS among students. In the table above, it can be seen that not all schools require the exam. The same applies to IELTS.

Due diligence is required on your part, to research your school, and to ensure you write the proper English proficiency exam.

To clear doubts amongst students, we would see the differences and similarities between the TOEFL exam and IELTS.

Differences between TOEFL and IELTS

MeaningTest of English as a Foreign LanguageInternational English Language Testing System
Length of Exam#Longer than IELTS (About 3 hours and 30 minutes)Shorter than the TOEFL exam (2 hours and 40 minutes)
Cost of exam$200 to CAD 325$260 to CAD 390
Question spanNot broadBroad variety
Speaking with an examinerYes (But not face to face; recorded, so it reduces tension)Yes (Face to face; this can increase tension in students)
Conduct of examTyped and Internet-basedPaper and pen,  and computer-based
Language useStrictly the U.S or U.K English; but mostly the U.SFlexible; a mix of U.S and U.K English. Recommended for U.K schools
Exam structureMultiple choiceVaries
ScoringPoints (0 – 120)Band  (0 to 9)
UsageEducationalOccupational, educational, and immigration
ResultApproximately 10days after the test13 days after the test
Owned bythe U.S based ETS (Education Test Service)IDP Australia, The British Council, and Cambridge Examinations.
differences between TOEFL and IELTS

Similarities between TOEFL and IELTS

Test for English Language skillsYesYes
A high degree of CredibilityYesYes
Validity2 years2 years
Tests Reading, listening, writing, and speaking Reading, listening, writing, and speaking 
similarities between TOEFL and IELTS

Good TOEFL exam score for scholarship

Do you wish to gain a scholarship but are not sure what a good TOEFL score range is? Then you need not worry about that anymore!!

A good exam score for any scholarship is simply the required or recommended score that can secure you the scholarship. Hence, you need to practice for TOEFL test.

What this means is that every school has its own point for which your exam score would be accepted.

For example, for undergraduate studies, the University of Washington requires 76 iBT and recommends 92+ for a good TOEFL score.

Andrew’s University gives their required TOEFL score as 80 iBT for graduate studies.

As a student who intends to gain a scholarship at a particular school, you have to research the school to be in the know about their required or recommended score.

For clarity, a required TOEFL exam score is the minimum score that can help you gain a scholarship at a school.

While a recommended score is the competitive score that can boost your chances of gaining the scholarship, a step above those with the required score.

How to determine a good TOEFL training Centre

So many prospective students always rack their heads about how to spot a good training center.

If the above characterizes you, then you need to carefully read the guidelines given below.

Clarity about the TOEFL exam

Before sourcing for a particular TOEFL training center, you must have had a handful of information regarding the exam.

A good training center that offers exam lessons should be able to give you such information by heart, without going through online resources at that time.

For example, you could pretend that you know nothing about the exam, aside from the fact that you need it for a scholarship. By doing this, they would feel the need to tell you what they know.

At this point, your recording device should be on for you to listen to at your leisure, and tick the training center as “good”.


The TOEFL is an English test that requires you to speak at some point. The speaking test requires that your diction, articulation, and pronunciation be average or better.

So, of what essence would it be, if your diction, articulation, and pronunciation are better than those of a “good TOEFL exam training center”?

This is a red flag you should look out for when seeking a good center to practice for TOEFL test.

Client review

A good TOEFL exam training center should be able to offer you a client list for you to review.

This is necessary, not because a good client review would correlate with them being good, but for you to speak with their past and present clients.

When speaking with their clients (past and present), note down their points after asking them some questions.

You could ask them how the training center helped them achieve their goal.

You could also ask them to rate the training center on a scale of 10.

For you to get unbiased results, do not ask the same question to different people twice.


Time is a key factor in the TOEFL exam, as you have about 3 hours to answer all tests. Therefore, a good center to practice for TOEFL should be good at timing. 

When calling to get a piece of information from the center, how long does it take them to respond? 

When you send an email across, how long does it take for them to reply? These are red flags that should be looked out for as you can only register for the TOEFL exam once every 2 years. 

The training center or self-practice

When preparing for the exam, a lot of prospective test takers get stuck in a conundrum: “Should I practice myself or enroll in a training center”?

Everyone has what works for them. Seeing that you have come to this level where your life could change for good based on your decision, you should choose what works for you.

So many people love to enroll in a training center to get motivated by other learners. So a training center or self-practice is entirely your choice.

How to make 100 and above in TOEFL.

You must be wondering why this article recommends a score of 100 and above for TOEFL, right? Well, this is because the required average for most schools for the TOEFL exam is pegged at 84.

But why make 84 when the recommended average of most schools that require the TOEFL exam starts at 100?

This is why this article seeks to enlighten you on how to get a score of at least 100  on the TOEFL exam.

For those with some level of fluency in English, you may not need more than a month to make 100+ in the TOEFL exam.

But for those whose fluency in English is poor, at least two months would be required for you to make 100+ in the TOEFL exam.

A.) Two months to the exam

B.) A month before the exam

C.) Two weeks to the exam

D.) On exam day

A.) Two months to the exam

After registering for the TOEFL exam, most people jump on TOEFL guides and past questions.

This is not encouraging, because the TOEFL exam is a test of your proficiency in the English language. So why jump to bigger fish when you have smaller fish to fry?

Re-visit lower English language: As funny as this may seem, it has proven to help a lot of individuals.

The English language builds up, and if you don’t understand the basics, higher forms of it would pose some sort of difficulty to you.

Within these two months, just take a refresher on the lower level English.

Understand the structure of the TOEFL exam:

After taking a refresher course on lower-level English, you can now source for the syllabus and prep questions regarding TOEFL.

The sourcing of the materials is not for immediate consumption, but for you to meticulously go through them and understand the structure of TOEFL.

You may ask why? Well, the reason for this is – going to war without understanding the tactics of war would end in easy defeat.

Create a plan for reading

After understanding the structure of the TOEFL exam, you can now set a reading plan.

Creating a reading plan may seem difficult for people who don’t come across this article. But for you, it would be made easy. 

When creating a reading plan, ensure that it aligns with your capacity. Answer these questions to help set a good reading plan.

When do I assimilate better? Morning or night? What part of the tests would I need to work hard on?

What score do I desire, and how much work would it require? After answering most of these questions, you can easily create a reading plan that will work for you.

B.) A month before the exam

By this period, you would have become conversant with the exam, and most of the questions, and also created some working tactics.

This month, you should:

Listen and watch more

It has been proven that what you read, you may forget. But what you see or hear, you will remember for a long time.

On record, individuals have affirmed the TOEFL exam listening section to be more difficult. This would not be your story!!

To avoid saying the same, engage in activities that utilize proper English. For example, you could watch the news, and listen to podcasts and speeches presented by fluent English natives.

It may pose a bit of a distraction to listen for pronunciation, fluency, and articulation, without being lost in the story, but you have to discipline yourself. 

Learn to take notes and type.

The writing section of the TOEFL exam can be difficult for you; if you are not good with typing (QWERTY).

Take your time, practice typing very well, and if possible, ten-finger typing—in which you don’t have to look at your screen when typing.

C.) Two weeks to the exam 

Practice more with study guides

At this point, you have familiarized yourself with the structure of the practice for TOEFL test and created your tactics.

 For the reading section, you can read the study guides and scribble notes. You could make use of a dictionary for passages that you find difficult.

For the listening section, you can listen to the DVDs and audio guides, take note of words you are not fluent with, and memorize more vocabulary.

When practising the writing section, you can brainstorm ideas or ask friends for suggestions. For easy brainstorming, glance through the writing topics in study guides.

After getting a topic, write concisely about it by first creating outlines before writing. After writing, you can re-read what you wrote to make necessary corrections.

To make it better, seek native English speakers and plead with them to criticize your work.

D.) On exam day

Today is the day you seal your pre-determined score for the TOEFL exam. You should be bold and confident, but don’t become complacent.

On this day, you can simply revise your notes and listen to the radio or podcasts. Do not make the mistake of visiting new materials—this would make you tense and reduce your performance.

Bring two forms of acceptable identification, and store all of your items in your assigned locker.

Don’t communicate with other students during the test, and don’t leave the test room without permission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to take the TOEFL exam if my country speaks English?

Yes, you may have to write the TOEFL exam even if your country speaks English. However, some universities grant exceptions to students from certain regions.

Does ETS limit the number of times I can take the TOEFL exam?

No, ETS does not limit the number of times you can take the exam.

How long does it take to prepare for the TOEFL exam?

When you want to practice for TOEFL test, you have to ensure you have a background in English. If not, the preparation time would vary for you, and someone who already has a background in English.

Are there schools that don’t accept the TOEFL Exam?

Yes, some schools don’t require TOEFL or IELTS. Some examples are Rice University, California State University, Drexel University, etc.

What books should I get for my TOEFL exam study?

For your practice for TOEFL test, it is recommended that you get the official guide published by ETS (owners and administrators of the exam

When considering the TOEFL exam, should I register for a paper-based test or an Internet-based test?

When considering the exam, it is recommended that you register for PBT. 

This is because there are not enough preparation materials for PBT, and PBT would soon be phased out by ETS.


The exam is not difficult to pass. All you need is to practice for TOEFL test. If you follow this guide meticulously, you will easily scale through.

Another factor to put in place is your mindset. When you accept defeat in your mind, then the world seals it for you.

But when you carry positive energy about making a 100+ in the exam, you will see all things work in your favor to get you what you desire.

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