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The 10 Best Online Psychology Programs of 2023

Choosing the best online psychology programs can be challenging because there are more than a thousand programs accessible. 

This article will examine the best online psychology degrees in the US and how to get the most out of your application. 

We put together this manual to help you with your school search so sit tight and read till the end.

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What Is The Study Of Psychology?

Psychology is the study of interpersonal interactions and human relationships. 

However, when you study other people, you frequently learn more about yourself as well. 

For example, you may discover things about how you communicate, how you learn and perform, how you cope with stress, how you interact with others, and even why you tend to say yes to requests when you really want to say no.

Although the newest personality test to discover your “self” is often promoted by well-known fashion magazines, it is not actually psychology. 

Many people have the notion that majoring in psychology is a “pleasant and simple” major with limited job opportunities and little salary. 

This is the furthest thing from the truth.

Psychology uses clinical, research, and empirical contexts.

It’s advanced instruction in critical analysis and investigation techniques in order to comprehend human behavior and mental life. 

Online psychology programs should teach you deeply into the subject of relationships and wellbeing.

What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?

The most obvious job for a psychology degree is that of a psychologist.

The variety of specializations in psychology is astounding, ranging from organizational, child, and community psychology to clinical, educational, sports, forensic, and health psychology. 

Understanding human behavior is important as long as there are people living in various locations.

Psychology is a useful supplement to all other academic disciplines simply because social interactions occur in all facets of society. 

Because of this, psychology graduates can find employment in almost any industry (so long as you have the other corresponding skills needed for it). 

There is a misconception that psychology is an “empty” major devoid of practicals so psychology graduates have low employability. 

But this is not true.

Being able to “pitch” your psychology degree to potential employers is crucial. After all, success in the workplace greatly depends on having a thorough understanding of human behavior.

In addition, a psychology bachelor’s degree serves as a springboard for further specialization and education in the subject. 

With a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue graduate degrees to further your knowledge. 

This is a crucial factor to take into account, particularly if you intend to work in psychology studies or practice as a psychologist. 

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Is Psychology Hard To Study?

Psychology is one of the challenging degrees out there.

This is because many of your assignments will ask you to reference your sources and provide evidence to support your ideas.

Can I Learn Psychology Online For Free?

The MIT OpenCourseWare offers an introductory free online psychology course that covers all the essentials. 

Students can move at their own pace with the help of video lectures, lecture notes, and reading assignments.

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Is Psychology a STEM Major?

Yes, psychology is a fundamental STEM discipline due to both its direct contributions to scientific and technical advancements and its indirect effects on science and technology education and learning.

What Subjects Do I Need To Study Psychology?

While no particular subject is required, having knowledge of biology or life science will be helpful because psychology places a lot of emphasis on the human brain and sensory systems.

How Do I Choose The Best Online Psychology Programs?

Choosing the best psychology programs is hard but you can start by considering the following:

  • Affordability
  • Accreditation
  • Potential salary after earning your degree 
  • Academic quality
  • Student outcomes

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What Are The Best Online Psychology Degree Programs?

Now let’s get to the main part.

What are the best programs to do in psychology?

Read through the options below to make your choice.

1. Northern Arizona University

This institution believes that with the right instruction, students may have a positive impact on the world and encouraged to establish their own pathways in life. 

NAU’s psychology program illustrates this better. 

Students acquire a strong foundational education in the study of human behavior and mental processes in addition to developing into well-rounded and informed citizens.

2. Rowan University

Rowan University consistently ranks highly in college rankings. 

They provide a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (33 credits), a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science (60 credits), and three Master of Arts degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and School Psychology.

3. University of North Dakota

The psychology department of this university grants degree at the undergraduate and graduate levels, allowing students to continue their education all the way to the doctoral level. 

They concentrate on the fundamental ideas and theories underlying motivation, learning and cognition, personality, deviant behavior, and human development in both humans and animals.

4. University of Louisiana at Monroe

The ULM Department of Psychology’s Bachelor of Arts degree serves as a starting point for professional or graduate-level studies in the area. 

Students gain the foundational information and abilities needed to comprehend all facets of human behavior. T

This degree complements the Master of Science degree, which enables more sophisticated fieldwork, very well.

5. King University

Their bachelor of science program offers students the chance to acquire the skills required for a job in human services, social services, business, or any other non-clinical position. 

The program can be finished in as little as 16 months and is entirely online, giving students the greatest degree of freedom.

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6. University of Mount Olive

This university grants psychology bachelor’s degrees in both the arts and sciences. 

You can anticipate engaging in a rigorous scientific and theoretical investigation as a student across a range of disciplines including psychology, theory, development, neuroscience, cognition, and more. 

Before graduating, every participant in the program must do an internship, which improves performance in the real world and ensures a high rate of job success. 

Students can select a counseling or research route and have the option of working with various medical institutions or creating their own research initiatives depending on their preference.

7. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

The psychology program at this university promotes the growth of research abilities while also imparting a fundamental understanding of the human psyche. 

Students gain skills in empirical data collection, analysis, and interpretation from a critical thinking viewpoint. 

The school has a highly qualified faculty that has practical experience working as instructors, researchers, and full-time psychologists.

8. Excelsior College

The 120-credit online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program offered by Excelsior College gives students a solid foundation in the scientific theories and moral standards governing psychology. 

Students must pass a capstone psychology course involving research and real-world problems before graduating.

9. Drexel University

Drexel University’s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program can be finished in 180 quarter units while working full- or part-time. 

The curriculum teaches fundamental psychological theories and research techniques while fostering important analytical and critical thinking abilities.

10. Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University’s online Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) in Psychological Studies degree is accessible full- or part-time. 

The curriculum seeks to give students the investigative and analytical abilities required for employment prospects in a range of clinical, counseling, and healthcare settings.

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What Jobs Can I Get After An Psychology Program?

With your psychology degree, you can be any of the following or more.

  1. Administrative Assistant
  2. Career Counsellor
  3. Cognitive Psychologist
  4. Child Care Supervisor
  5. Clinical Psychologist
  6. Counselling Psychologist
  7. Cross-Cultural Psychologist
  8. Developmental Psychologist

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Psychologist?

Like every other thing, psychology is without its pros and cons.

Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of psychology below.

It offers great job satisfactionIt can be emotionally demanding
It provides multiple employment opportunitiesIt takes time and hard work
It can be well payingSetting up your practice is challenging
You can have flexible work hoursYou would lack motivation
Pros and Cons of Studying Psychology

Can I Be A Clinical Psychologist With A BA?

You can learn more about the several facets of psychology by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology (B.A./B.Sc.). 

You cannot, however, start working as a psychologist the moment you graduate. 

It would be best if you furthered your study to be qualified to practice.

What Kind Of Psychology Makes The Most Money?

By far, the highest-paying careers for psychology majors are psychiatrists. 

PayScale estimates the average pay to be $217,798.

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What is next for you after completing your online psychology degree?

You can further your studies or find internships where you practice what you’ve learned in real-time.

Ultimately, the goal is to be excellent to the point of being indispensible.

Go on, get that degree and shine!

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Psychology Programs

Can I do psychology online?

Yes. Numerous institutions provide online psychology degrees. 

But although some graduate psychology programs provide online training, all of them demand on-site internship or practicum experiences.

What is the meaning of BA psychology?

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is designed to prepare students for professions in the field of professional psychology. 

In comparison to the traditional B.S. (Bachelor of Science), the B.A. frequently has additional elective requirements, allowing students to concentrate on subjects other than general psychology.

What is better a BS or BA in psychology?

A BS equips students for more clinical, research-based careers, while a BA opens doors in sectors like criminal justice and social work. 

Many bachelor’s degrees in psychology equip students for forensic psychology and organizational psychology.

Is a BA in psychology useless?

An education in psychology is not useless. 

A bachelor’s in psychology is also not a particularly useful degree. 

Even though a psychology degree will teach you useful skills and make you employable in many other industries, it won’t give you as many career chances or other advantages as someone with a STEM degree.

How long does it take to become a psychologist?

You require an undergraduate degree (four to five years of college) and a PhD to work as a clinical psychologist (four to seven years of graduate school). 

The majority of students will enroll in higher education for between eight and twelve years in this specialty field.

Is a psychology degree worth it?

The future looks promising for psychologists and other mental health professionals, with a predicted 14% growth rate through 2028. 

You can position yourself for a sustainable career in an expanding employment market by earning a psychology degree now and going on to graduate school.

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