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The Best Online Master’s In Psychology Programs Of 2023

Are you looking to do your master’s this year? You should enroll in the best online master’s in psychology programs.

Students who get a master’s degree in psychology are prepared academically and practically to enroll in doctoral programs. 

You won’t need much to get in as some online psychology master’s programs set a minimum undergraduate GPA to weed out unqualified candidates.

They just require your standardized exam results, recommendation letters, and interviews to enroll. 

Some of the common courses for psychology master’s students include graduate research, multivariate statistics, and advanced statistical methods. 

In this article, you will find out the best online master’s in psychology programs and what to look out for before you select one.

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Does A Psychology Degree Pay Well?

Yes, you will get jobs that pay well with your psychology degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, licensed psychologists make about twice as much money as the average American (BLS) and urban professionals earn much more money.

The average yearly salary for some industrial-organizational (IO) psychologists is around $250,000. 

However, a variety of criteria, such as place of residence, level of expertise, and job title, affect salaries.

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Can I Become A Psychologist With A Masters Degree?

Yes, there are several employment options to be a psychologist with your master’s degree.

But you need to have a doctorate degree to become licensed.

Can I Get A Masters Degree In Psychology Online?

Yes, you can do an online master’s degree program in psychology.

We would be discussing some of the best online master’s in psychology programs soon.

Why Should I Get An Online Masters Degree In Psychology?

An online master’s degree is more flexible and time paced.

This will let you study while doing a full-time job.

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What Are The Best Online Masters Degree Programs?

You will get the most out of your study when you enroll in one of the best programs.

We’ve listed some of the best programs for you below.

1. Harvard University

Their hybrid master of liberal arts in psychology program is available through Harvard’s Extension School.

It will equip you with a range of fundamental theoretical, applied, and research skills. 

You would take twelve courses, three of which must be on campus. 

Following three prerequisite classes, you would choose five psychology electives and one seminar that suits your interests and career objectives. 

Additionally, the curriculum offers elective options and instruction in statistical methodologies.

2. Lamar University

This school offers one of the best online master’s in psychology programs out there.

Graduates of LU’s online master’s in the clinical mental health education program are prepared to offer clinical counseling to clients and patients in a range of settings. 

The 60-credit curriculum includes a residency and a practicum or internship to help students develop their counseling tactics and skills,

3. Ball State University

In as little as 18 months, you can finish the 30-credit online master of arts in educational psychology program. 

There are two topics included in the 18-credit core curriculum—human learning and achievement motivation and the psychology of human growth.

The remaining 12 credits can be completed in subfields such as gifted and talented populations, human development, neuropsychology, and applied behavior analysis. 

This coursework prepares students to pursue concentration and specialization topics.

4. University Of Southern California

You won’t mention the best online masters in psychology programs without naming USC.

Their program can be finished in as little as 16 months. 

The major courses for their 34-credit online master’s in applied psychology include human behavior, consumer psychology, organizational psychology, and research methodologies. 

A practicum is required for both the organizational psychology and consumer psychology specializations in this program. 

5. University of West Alabama

You can finish the 33-credit online master’s in continuing education for adults program at UWA in 12 to 24 months. 

The degree offers a wide overview of the discipline for students who do not plan to pursue professional licensing.

Current counselors wishing to expand their own knowledge can benefit from UWA’s curriculum by getting a broader perspective on psychology.

6. Touro University Worldwide

The online masters in the psychology program at TUW have an emphasis on research techniques, cognitive and social psychology, learning theory, and ethical behavior. 

You will take nine mandatory courses, along with three classes in each of the three concentrations. 

7. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles

A master’s in psychology is available online from The Chicago School, with options for specialization in forensic psychology, public health, general studies, and social and community psychology. 

You can pursue your unique interests and objectives throughout your curriculum by choosing from additional concentrations in organizational leadership, child and adolescent behavior, and international psychology.

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8. Golden Gate University – San Francisco

This 42-credit online master of arts in industrial-organizational psychology program helps students build analytical and problem-solving abilities that are applicable to the global marketplace. 

In addition to exploring individual and group dynamics, you would investigate the principles of organizational behavior, diversity within business organizations, and human resource technologies.

9. Nova Southeastern University

The coursework for this 30-credit online master’s in psychology program incorporates both theory and research. 

This degree serves as a precondition for entry into other psychology programs; it does not, however, satisfy the educational requirements for certification or licensure in Florida.

10. University of Pennsylvania

Penn University provides a dual master’s degree in applied positive psychology that promotes individual and group success. 

The master’s in positive psychology is the first program of its kind in the world.

It places an emphasis on the ideas of positive psychology pioneers as well as current theories, research, and teachings on the subject.

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What Field Of Psychology Makes The Most Money?

The highest-paying careers for psychology majors are unquestionably those of psychiatrists. 

According to PayScale, their typical wage is $217,798.

Can I Be A Therapist With A Masters In Psychology?

Yes, you must complete your licensure requirements and obtain a master’s degree in psychology or counseling before becoming a certified behavioral therapist.

Are Online Masters Degrees Respected?

An online degree is as legitimate as one obtained through a typical on-campus program.

Some other factors like accreditation, graduate quality, and the reputation of the university can be a factor.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Master in Psychology?

A first-year student’s chances of getting into a Master of Clinical Psychology program are 0.26 * 0.624, or 0.16. 

Therefore, the likelihood that a first-year student will become a clinical psychologist is 1 in 6.

How Competitive Is Masters In Psychology?

Clinical psychology programs are quite competitive. 

It is estimated that 300 applicants apply for 8 open positions every session.

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What Should I Know Before Applying To The Best Online Masters In Psychology Programs?

  • Every applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree from an approved college in order to start their graduate studies, regardless of the institution or program. 
  • The majority of schools will require a bachelor’s degree in psychology, while some don’t necessarily need it.
  • If you’re applying with a different degree, you will need preparatory courses in developmental psychology, statistics, and experimental design. 
  • You will also need to take prerequisite courses during the first semester if you don’t meet the requirements at the time of acceptance. 
  • Most colleges require a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • The common entrance requirements include GRE scores, recommendation letters, and a statement outlining a candidate’s academic interests and psychology career goals.
  • You would not need previous professional experience before admission to a master’s program in psychology. 
  • You may need to study additional prerequisites in a specialization, such as developmental psychology, psychology, and law, or behavioral and cognitive neurosciences, depending on your field of interest.

Wrapping It Up

What are your career prospects after you’re done with your master’s degree in psychology?

Numerous opportunities are available to people with an online master’s in psychology, regardless of whether you want to continue your studies and get your doctorate or break into the area of psychology. 

Graduates with a master’s in psychology can pursue careers in counseling, education, criminal justice, communications, media, and more. 

Whatever field you select, your education has equipped you to have an impact on human behavior at all scales, from the individual to the organizational. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Online Masters In Psychology Programs

Is An MA in Psychology Worth It?

Yes, having a master’s degree in psychology can help you in your career search. 

The degree may offer new compensation prospects that you might not have otherwise had for work in a range of sectors, including family services, behavioral counseling, and other areas.

Which Ivy League Is Best For Psychology Masters?

For obvious reasons, Harvard is at the top of both lists. 

The 30-person psychology department at Harvard is made up of living legends who have received accolades through publications and honors.

Do I Need To Take The GRE For Masters In Psychology?

Most master’s programs in psychology need the GRE, even though some graduate schools no longer do but accept alternative credentials and skills in their place. 

Note that the GRE General Test costs $205, while the GRE Subject Test costs $150.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Grad School For Psychology?

Some grad programs in psychology are hard to get in.

The standard GPA needed for graduate school psychology admissions is a 3.0 or 3.5 GPA because graduate programs typically tend to be more demanding than undergraduate studies. But there are several grad schools with low GPA requirements.
Note that there are other factors that will impact your admission so your cumulative GPA may only be one factor.


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