The best online master's degree programs available

Online Master’s Degree: The Best Schools To Study

Online master’s degree programs are beneficial for professionals looking to advance in their careers or switch fields. 

Doing a degree online will enable students to juggle the pursuit of higher education with full-time employment.

This article will explore the best online master’s degree programs and schools that offer them.

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What Is A Master’s Degree?

A master’s degree is basically an advanced degree that demonstrates your “mastery” of a particular field.

This degree will open the doors to new employment prospects and higher earning potential for you. 

The average weekly salary of full-time working adults with master’s degrees is $240 higher than that of those with bachelor’s degrees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

You must first complete your bachelor’s degree in order to pursue a master’s degree.

Why Should I Get A Masters Degree?

A master’s degree can improve your data-driven decision-making abilities and keep you ahead of the learning curve for new technology. 

It also increases your strategic and leadership skills. 

A master’s degree also equips you with vital soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

The good thing is that online master’s programs would give you the freedom you need to continue with your responsibilities while pursuing your degree.

Additionally, you might be able to accelerate the process with some online programs, enabling you to finish your master’s program faster than you might on campus. They achieve this by displacing the standard thesis requirement and providing accelerated 6 to 8-week sessions.

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How Many Years Is A Masters Degree?

Master’s degree programs typically last two years from start to end.

Does An Online Master’s Degree Require A Thesis?

No, you might not need a thesis for an online master’s.

Universities are increasingly coming up with solutions to offer online master’s programs without thesis requirements.

Now they provide alternatives to the thesis, such as capstone projects, internship opportunities, or other courses or projects that serve as the program’s conclusion. 

How Many Credits Is An Online Master’s Degree?

The majority of online master’s programs demand 36 to 54 credits, or 12 to 18 courses, from the students.

The thesis is one of the most time-consuming components of many master’s degrees and can frequently take a year or longer to finish. 

Thankfully, many online master’s programs no longer require a thesis, allowing some students to complete their master’s degree in just one year!

Can You Get Financial Aid For Online Master’s Programs?

Yes, federal, state, and institutional financial aid is available to students enrolled in online master’s degrees. 

This aid might take the form of merit- or need-based scholarships.

Which Master’s Degree Is Most Valuable In The US?

Some of the master’s degree programs available in the US are listed below:

  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Finance and economics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Technology management
  • Computer science
  • Corporate finance

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What Are The Schools That Offer Online Master’s Degree?

The world is changing and most schools are beginning to adopt the online learning mode.

Now you can comfortably get your masters in the comfort of your home in some of the schools listed below:

1. Wayne State College

The institution is well renowned for its 13 other online master’s programs, including its online master’s degree programs in business administration (MBA), education (MSE), and organizational management (MSOM).

Since the faculty teaching the online master’s program also teaches on-campus courses, the overall caliber of education is kept to the same high standard. 

The school uses blackboard to support classroom engagement. 

This allows students to always stay in touch with their professors and classmates while also keeping up with their assignments thanks to this approach.

2. The University of West Georgia

The University of West Georgia offers 18 online master’s programs including MBA, MSN in Nursing, and MEd in Instructional Technology, Media & Design. 

Students at West Georgia are able to save a significant amount of time and money by going the virtual route instead of paying for housing, scheduling, and daily on-campus expenses. 

Also, there are no additional expenses for online education for non-resident students so this is a win-win.

3. Georgia Southern University

A Georgia Southern education has traditionally been known for its emphasis on applying theory to real-world situations outside of the classroom. 

This way of thinking has enabled students to succeed since the foundation of the school in 1906. 

They also offer online master’s degree programs that undoubtedly reflect this. 

Georgia Southern provides master’s degrees in the arts, social sciences, business, and education in an effort to satisfy the increasingly diverse requirements of its students.

4. Midwestern State University

The university provides many online master’s degree programs, including the MBA Master of Business Administration, the MA in Criminal Justice, the MS in Nursing, and many others. 

Overall, the university receives a grade of “B” from for academics, value, and diversity, indicating that it is an excellent choice.

5. Fort Hays State University

Students can complete their master’s degree through the Fort Hays program in a convenient online mode while also attending classes. 

FHSU ensures people from all backgrounds can have access to a top-notch education. In order to achieve this, the online institution offers convenience and flexibility to all of its students.

Students can finish courses according to their schedules because classes have a rolling semester system. 

The fact that FHSU consistently ranks among the top online master’s programs according to U.S. News and World Report sets it apart from other colleges that also offer online degrees. 

The university provides over 50 online degrees, including 16 master’s degrees in several fields, including business administration, psychology, nursing, education, and more.

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6. The Holy Apostles College & Seminary

This institution offers a few master’s degrees through the online graduate program including pastoral studies and philosophy. 

Because the school is small, the student-to-faculty ratio is just 5:1, and the courses heavily emphasize spiritual and religious ideas. 

In essence, this means that the entire establishment is a single, close-knit religious community.

7. Valdosta State University

This school offers an alternative for non-traditional students in their master’s degree program, which has the ability to dramatically lower costs for students.

You can always specialize in almost any topic available to students thanks to the 28 online master’s degrees available to them.

8. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Ten graduate degree programs are available online at UTPB, including ones in kinesiology, special education, business administration, accounting, and educational leadership.

Since classes are often taught over an eight-week period, students can complete their coursework more quickly and graduate earlier.

9. The University of Central Arkansas

UCA currently provides a number of hybrid choices and five completely online programs that don’t necessitate being on the UCA campus. 

The Master of Business Administration (MBA), the MS in Family and Consumer Sciences, the MS in Instructional Technology, the MGIS in Geographic Information Systems, the MS in Health Promotion, and many other programs are among these.

10. Arkansas State University

Their virtual system offers 25 different online master’s degree programs in subjects like teaching, school counseling, media management, strategic communications, and early childhood services. 

Students can acquire a master’s degree in as little as 20 months because courses are frequently divided into seven-week blocks for expedited learning.

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What next after getting your online master’s degree?

Following completion of your master’s degree, you have the option of pursuing additional master’s degrees, doctoral programs (such as the Ph. D. and Ed. D.), and certificate programs in graduate school. 

The level, length of completion, and other aspects of these degrees and certificates all differ.

Just make sure to know what you want and how to follow it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Masters Degrees

Can a Master’s degree be done online?

Yes, you can do your master’s degree online.

Online degrees enable students to juggle the pursuit of higher education with full-time employment.

Are online master’s degrees worth anything?

As long as you enroll in a recognized program and make sure that it satisfies the requirements of potential employers, earning a master’s degree online is worth the time and effort.
Choose a different online course if the curriculum seems dubious or if you see that the university lacks external certification.

Can I get a master’s degree online for free?

Yes, there are several ways to obtain a master’s degree without paying tuition.

Some universities provide master’s programs on a complete grant, some provide master’s programs without charge while others provide students who work there a tuition discount.

Is getting a master’s degree hard?

Yes, master’s degrees require more work than the majority of undergraduate programs. 

But as you continue, you’ll figure out how to adapt and you will be fine.

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