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What to know about Online Course Certificate.

The pandemic came with a total shift in the way we learn. Although getting an online course certificate has been a thing, it didn’t gain much credence till the pandemic.

It has become the “new normal” mode of learning.

Most colleges have online degree programs but online courses do not only cover the academic courses, it goes beyond that.

You can learn skills like digital skills, leadership, communication, etc., and acquire an online course certificate.

Because these courses are done online, the certificate is mostly in soft copy(Jpeg, document, pdf, etc.)

But must you do a course online?

Online courses have offered more flexibility in learning. In that, people no longer go to a physical location to learn. It has afforded people more control of their time.

But then, it doesn’t make it the only way to learn. You can still do your courses offline if it works for you.

There are a lot of online courses and a ton of platforms to take these courses. It then begs the question, Is an online course certificate recognized globally?

The truth is, being certified is good but it doesn’t override the need to really learn the course.

Most people go with the mindset of being certified but not transforming their lives with what they learned and this shouldn’t be the case.

Go for the learning, and acquire the certificate for the proof.

Is the online course certificate more important than the learning?

Learning is the ultimate. The certificate is there as evidence of learning. If learning is the result of doing any online course, the certificate becomes secondary.

Although, in most cases, you will have to present the certificate as proof before you practice your learning it doesn’t replace being competent.

Think of the certificate as what opens the door for you to prove your value.

Is an online certificate costly?

The cost of a certificate depends on the course you’re learning, the platform, and the duration.

Learning a higher value course will cost you more. Learning with a globally recognized platform will cost you more. Also, longer period courses cost more.

Can you get an online course certificate without learning the course?

The normal route is that you will go through every module in the course, learn the lessons, take the tests, do the assignments, and take the final exam before you’re qualified to have the certificate.

Any other way apart from this is not legit.

Is an online course certificate better than an offline one?

The result of both of them is learning. The only difference is that most online courses are safe paced and flexible and so, you don’t have to go to a physical location or have a fixed time for it. This has made it seem like it’s the better option.

Both the online and offline certificates are both recognized.

In the course of this post, we would talk about the factors that make an online course certificate valid.

What factors will make an online course certificate recognized?

1. The learning platform 

Where you learned a course is important. Just like colleges and universities, the validity of an online course certificate is as good as the platform.

Learning on bigger platforms might cost you a lot, but it will be worth it. You have to pay the price for value.

2. The validity period.

Most online course certificates have a period it would be useful. Just like IELTS exams, some certificates expire with time.

So an online course certificate will not be useful once it expires.

3. The bar code and verification

Some online course certificates come with a bar code or any other means of verification. It is ideal to confirm these means to be sure of their validity.

4. The course

Some courses are highly regarded more than others and this can make the certificate more valuable than the others.

Also, some courses are very physical in nature. You don’t have to show a certificate to prove that you’re a good tailor, Baker, or cook. Because of this, certificates in these courses are not so regarded. Although this is not generally true in some settings.

Can you work with an Online Course Certificate?

Yes, you can. As mentioned above, the only difference between an online course and an offline one is the learning platform.

The certificates are both recognized and can be used to work.

Must an online course certificate be a soft copy?

The digital form of the certificate made it universal. It made it possible to receive any certificate anywhere in the world no matter the platform you did the course.

A Soft copy will also give you mobility and flexibility.

But if there is a need to present a hard copy, you can always print it out in a certificate format.

Doing a course online does not mean the certificate must be in soft copy. 

You can get a physical certificate for an online course or a soft copy certificate for a physical course. Everything depends on the platform and the way It operates.

Tips to keep your online course certificate safe

Because an online course certificate can be at the risk of being lost, there are ways to keep it safer.

some of the tips for sake keeping your online course certificate are

1. You can upload it to cloud services such as google drive, dropbox, etc.

2. You can forward it to your email and save it there(If you didn’t receive the certificate through your email) 

3. You can arrange all your certificates in one folder and share them with another person to help you secure them.

4. You can also print it out and secure it offline.

The best format to keep an online course certificate

An online course certificate can come in a picture or document format.

Whichever way it comes, the pdf format is ideal. This is because PDFs cannot be altered.

Summary of the things to know about online course certificate

1. An online course certificate is recognized based on the platform of learning

2. It is not better than an offline certificate

3. It can be printed

4. It gives more mobility 

5. It can be secured on the cloud 

Final words 

It is easy to get an online course certificate anywhere. There are a lot of platforms for that.

But if you’re looking to get a more recognized certificate, learn On a more recognized platform. The popularity and the quality of the courses on a platform are major factors in choosing one for your learning.

Now that you’ve known all there is to online course certificates, go on and learn that course, get that certificate, practice that skill, and change the world!

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