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How to Get Old Navy Student Discount in 2023

Considering the rising prices of clothing, you’re not alone, in fact, I’ve been there too. Recently though, I decided to give Old Navy a try, and came out impressed! In this article, I’ll answer all your questions about Old Navy, and any available Old Navy student discounts.

School is back in season, and with every new session comes the need for a new school wardrobe. Yet, you’ve probably had lots of, ‘I love that, but it’s too expensive’ moments when browsing through online and offline stores.

If this is you, then luckily, this post is a comprehensive post about the Old Navy student discount.

About Old Navy

Old Navy, a subsidiary of Gap Inc., is an American company that retails discount clothes and clothing accessories for all genders, ages, and sizes. The fashion company was established on March 11, 1994. Since then, it has grown from a small branch of Gap to a major retailer in the American clothing industry with its line of quality, affordable clothing.

Presently, Old Navy has expanded to a total of 1,106 outlet stores, including six giant flagship stores.

In addition to regular clothes, Old Navy also sells jewelry and watches. If you need a great place to stock up on new clothes or wardrobe changes for the new school year without breaking the bank, then check out Old Navy.

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What are Old Navy’s Prices?

Now that you have a little background info about Old Navy, let’s go ahead with their available items and corresponding prices. So, how much should you budget to shop at Old Navy? We’ll get into it below.

Old Navy sells a wide variety of clothes for men, women, and children. At Old Navy, you can get everything from shirts, shorts, jeans, casual dresses, and shoes. Generally, shoes cost $25-$35, shirts between $25 and $45, and dresses go for $25-$55.

On the other hand, Old Navy jeans range from $19 – $60 depending on style and size, meaning kids’ sizes typically cost less. In the kids’ section, clothes cost between $5 and $35, again, depending on the size and item.

Is there an Old Navy Student Discount?

You can see above that Old Navy’s prices aren’t costly at all; it’s called a discount store for a reason. Still, saving money is always a bonus, and extra discounts can never hurt. In this regard, are there any Old Navy student discounts you can take advantage of?

Sadly, there aren’t any. Currently, there is no Old Navy student discount on any of its products or items. But, does this mean you must always pay the full price whenever you’re shopping at Old Navy?

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How to Save at Old Navy Without Student Discounts

Yes, there is no available Old Navy student discount. Regardless, are there other ways to save at Old Navy? What shopping tips can you use to save money at Old Navy, whether online or in-store? There’s a long list of ways to save money when shopping asides from using the Old Navy student discount. We’ll look at a couple of them below.

●     Check out clearance racks

This may seem obvious, but most people don’t check clearance racks because online shopping is a lot more convenient. Plus, clearance racks get lots of bad reps; it’s usually said that the clearance rack is full of leftover clothing with bad quality. While I’m not denying that sometimes you don’t get the best quality on the clearance rack, sometimes it can be a goldmine.

I’ve seen cool tees go for less than a dollar on the clearance rack. You never know till you try, so dash to the Old Navy store closest to you.

●     Shop on Sundays or Mondays

To get clearance discounts fresh off the block, try doing your shopping on either Sunday or Monday. Why? I’ll tell you – Old Navy marks down clearance every Sunday or Monday, depending on the section. So, if you’re contemplating the clearance rack, do well to wait till the weekend.

●     Use the extra discount on sales and clearance

Even without the Old Navy student discount, they usually give a 30-40% discount on items on sale or the clearance rack. These discount codes are not only valid online but in-store too. Whenever you shop for items on sale or clearance, wait for these codes so you can get 30-40% off your entire order at checkout.

●     Watch out for price adjustments

Old Navy is so awesome that even after you’ve bought an item, you can get some money back if there’s a price slash within two weeks after your purchase. To get this, just include your order number in the email or chat you send to them. If your application is successful, you’ll get an immediate refund for the difference.

Unfortunately, price adjustment benefits won’t work for items that were on sale, on clearance, or had any promo code attached. For more information, visit the Old Navy Price Adjustment Policy page.

●     Free returns

Errors are unarguably common with online shopping, especially when dealing with clothes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the wrong size or style, Old Navy won’t force you to accept something you don’t like. Nonetheless, you must return your item within 30 days to enjoy their free return policy. Also, it must be in good condition, unwashed, and unworn.

Moreover, Old Navy won’t charge you for shipping. All you have to do to enjoy this benefit is show proof of purchase. See Old Navy’s Return Policy for more details.

●     Order online

Is there a need to tout the benefits of online purchasing? I know delivery fees can be off-putting, but with Old Navy, there’s a secret you’re not aware of. There’s almost always a coupon code on the Old Navy online store, and you don’t need to search hard for it. Just check either the site header or footer.

On the other hand, you’ll rarely find coupons in brick-and-mortar stores. So, unless you’re going to see the clearance sales specifically, you’re better off ordering online.

●     Always Price Match

Maybe you’re extremely cautious and want to completely avoid dealing with errors and returns. Or do you like to see and feel your clothes in person before buying them? No problem. Yes, online shopping may not be the best option for you if you’re in any of these categories, but you can always price-match your item.

Basically, price-matching means comparing the online price of your item with the in-store price. Some stores will try to match their prices to online prices, or at least come close. If the difference is too much for you, you can save money by purchasing elsewhere.

●     Check the home page

Old Navy does most of the work for you when it comes to looking for deals and promos. On the Old Navy home page, you can find all the best-selling items and hot deals across all sections of the website. Additionally, Old Navy advertises any ongoing sales, which we’ll talk about down the line.

●     Consider the season before making purchases

Equally important, you need to compare the item you need with the time and season of the year. What does this mean exactly? Well, items tend to either be on the affordable or expensive side of the spectrum depending on the month.

For instance, shopping for summer dresses or swimsuits right at the beginning of summer isn’t in your best interest. Instead, buy your summer wear around mid-July, when Old Navy begins clearing out summer items to make way for fall.

●     Take advantage of free shipping

We can’t say this enough! Don’t just ignore this offer, use it at every chance you get. Shipping fees can double the cost of your order, but with Old Navy, you can drastically reduce or eliminate your shipping expenses. Here’s a list of ways to be eligible for free shipping.

1.    In-store pickups.

Like many online stores, Old Navy offers you the option to pick up your order from a location near you. So, if you can, order online, then pick up your order from a nearby outlet to bypass shipping fees. Plus, you can immediately return the order if you notice something you don’t like.

2.    Place an order worth $50 or more

Old Navy automatically rewards any order worth more than $50 with free ground shipping. Using this type of shipping, you’ll likely get your order within 5-7 working days.

3.    Old Navy free shipping coupon codes

Again, there are so many available coupon codes that you won’t notice that there are no Old Navy student discounts! If you usually don’t make orders worth more than $50 at a stretch, then look out for Old Navy free shipping coupons. You can use these irrespective of your order price, and they’re available throughout the year.

4.    Navyist Credit Card

Navyist credit card owners get access to multiple benefits including free shipping. Cardholders get 3-5 days of free shipping for any order under the Gap Inc. brand website. To apply for this benefit, enter NAVYIST when checking out your items.

With your Navyist card, you also earn five points for every dollar spent. Of course, you can convert these points to rewards when you’ve accumulated enough.

●     Sales

Last but not least, sales. Old Navy has numerous sales all year round across all sections. Watch out for these sales, and grab them without hesitation.

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Old Navy Discount Information

We’ve talked about sales and Navyist cards and coupons, but there’s a vital piece that ties all these together – information. As they say, ‘Knowledge is power.’ How exactly do you know when there are available deals that you can grab? Further, will these information channels cost you?

Absolutely not! They’re easy to join, and you’ll get information directly from the source. Keep reading to see the mediums you can sign up for.

1.   Email Newsletters

I’m sure you were expecting it, and you’re not wrong. Email newsletters are the most popular way of getting information from any brand without fear that it’s twisted or false. You’ll get notified about sales including back-to-school and Black Friday sales, and new goods in stock.

But wait, there’s more. Did you know Old Navy rewards you for joining their mailing list? Yes, you get an unbelievable 20% discount on your first purchase after your subscription. To join, visit the Old Navy homepage, scroll to the bottom, and enter your name, then hit join.

2.   Texts

Apart from emails, you can also sign up for Old Navy text messages if you’re not the type to open your email app. Like the email bonus, you also get a reward for subscribing to texts. Old Navy automatically deducts $5 if your order is above $35.

Furthermore, Old Navy will send you notifications of sales and offers no less frequently than your email counterparts. So, pick what you’re more comfortable with and sign up today.

3.   Online Communities

These are great places to find out first-hand user information about Old Navy that you won’t normally see on their website. You’ll hear people’s personal accounts and experiences with items and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Of course, you can also get tea about sales and deals from these spaces, after all, people will always talk.

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In summary, when it comes to affordable clothing, there’s no better store than Old Navy. Although there isn’t any Old Navy student discount, Old Navy rewards you with so much that you’ll save more than you would have with just a student discount and nothing else. So, you don’t have any more excuses; change your school wardrobe today.

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Old Navy Student Discount FAQs

1.   Does Old Navy deal with other things?

No, they don’t. Old Navy is an American retailer that sells discount clothing items and accessories for all genders, ages, and sizes.

2.   Does Old Navy offer student discounts?

No. As earlier stated, there is no Old navy student discount.

3.   How can I save money at Old Navy?

There are multiple ways to save money at Old Navy. I’ll list a few of them below. Some include; Clearance sales, use price adjustment benefits, free returns, order online, free shipping, and Old Navy’s program.

4.   Can I get a refund from Old Navy?

Yes, you will get a refund in the event of damaged goods or wrong orders. Also, if there is a price adjustment within two weeks of your purchase, Old Navy refunds you the difference.

5.   How can I get the Navyist credit card?

You can either ask customer care at your closest Old Navy store or visit the Old Navy website to apply.

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