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The 8 Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, Texas

Some of the best nursing schools in the United States are found in Dallas, Texas. So, if you’re thinking of getting your nursing education in the city, you can be sure of being trained by world-class educators in world-class facilities. 

The competition among registered nurses (RNs) to get into the top hospitals in Dallas, Texas, is fierce. This could be because there are just about 87 top hospitals and over 54,000 registered nurses in the city. 

What this means is that, for you to have a fair chance, you’ll have to be a product of one of the top nursing schools in Dallas.

So, if you’re looking to work as a registered nurse in Dallas, read on, as we discuss the best nursing schools in the city.

Why Should You Study Nursing in Dallas, Texas?

Studying nursing in Dallas means preparing yourself to tap into the vast opportunities available for healthcare workers in the city.

This is because, with a population of over 1.3 million and only about 87 top hospitals, the city is still short of quality healthcare facilities. So, studying in Dallas means getting yourself equipped for the numerous opportunities that might sprout up for registered nurses.

Dallas is also the commercial and cultural hub of Texas. This means that aside from learning from the top nursing schools in the city, you’ll also be learning a lot about the cultural heritage of your host community.

nursing schools in dallas

How Do I Become a Registered Nurse in Dallas? 

To become a registered nurse in Dallas, you have to follow this simple pathway:

  • Graduate from an accredited nursing school with either a BSN or an ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing).
  • Write and pass the NCLEX-RN licensure examination.
  • Fulfill the state’s RN licensure requirements.  

These 30 Most Common Nursing School Interview Questions will get you fully ready for any nursing school interview.

The Top 8 Nursing Schools in Dallas

Here are the top 8 nursing schools in Dallas based on the quality of programs offered, NCLEX pass rate, and program accreditation:

1. University of Texas at Arlington

LocationNedderman Dr., Arlington, Texas
Tuition$5,178 (in-state) and $16,223 (out-of-state)
NCLEX Pass Rate91%
ProgramsBSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN, DNP

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is the largest producer of registered nurses in the state of Texas and one of the largest in the nation. It achieved this while maintaining an excellent standard of education.

This is evident in its three-time award as a nursing center of excellence by the National League of Nurses.

UTA offers several nursing programs to its students and ensures they are well-equipped to carry out their responsibilities as professional nurses.

Though the school has a high acceptance rate of 88%, it still graduates well-rounded nurses yearly.

Click here to visit the school website.

2. Texas Woman’s University

LocationSouthwestern Medical Avenue, Dallas
Tuition$6,462(in-state) and $13,806(out-of-state)
NCLEX Pass Rate94%
ProgramsBSN, MSN, DNP, PhD

Texas Woman’s University (TWU) was built to prepare young women to participate effectively in the industrial age. Though it was dedicated to only women, the school has gone on to admit men to its academic programs.

TWU offers numerous nursing programs to its students. There’s the traditional baccalaureate program; then there are online and hybrid programs for students who are working and schooling.

The school has campuses in Denton, Dallas, and Houston. Though all three campuses offer nursing programs, the Dallas campus incorporates more health-related programs than the others.

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3. Texas Christian University

LocationFort Worth, Texas
NCLEX Pass Rate97%
ProgramsBSN, MSN, DNP, PhD

Texas Christian University (TCU) has consistently ranked among the top nursing schools in Dallas. In fact, out of the thousands of colleges in the United States, it’s always been among the top 100.

TCU offers both undergraduate and graduates nursing programs in the following academic units: communication sciences and disorders, kinesiology, nurse anesthesia, nursing, and social work.

With its fully equipped research centers, TCU offers its students a quality clinical research experience. This ensures they don’t just graduate as practical nurses but also graduate as research experts who are knowledgeable about how to find solutions in the healthcare system.

TCU ranks at No. 8 among the 364 Christian colleges in the United States. 

Click here to visit the school website.

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4. Southwestern Adventist University

LocationHillcrest Street, Keene, Texas
NCLEX Pass Rate92%
ProgramsBSN, RN-to-BSN

With the way its programs are structured, there’s no doubt as to why Southwestern Adventist University is listed as one of the top nursing schools in Dallas.

The school ensures it gives its students the most personalized nursing education in the nation. It does this by grouping the students into small classes and assigning qualified professors to each class. This is to ensure each student receives special attention from the professors.

Though the school offers only undergraduate nursing programs, it ensures its students are provided with the best academic and clinical experiences. Graduates of Southwestern Adventist University are highly sought after in Dallas and Texas as a whole.

Click here to visit the school website.

5. Collin College

LocationMcKinney, Texas
Tuition$60 per credit hour (in-state), $185 per credit hour (out-of-state)
NCLEX Pass Rate90.73%
ProgramsAAN, RN-to-BSN, LVN-RN

Collin College, as the only public college in Collin County, offers more than 100 degrees and certificates to thousands of students.

Its nursing programs are ranked among the best in the city of Dallas. The school offers three important nursing programs – an associate of applied science (AAN), a registered nurse to a bachelor’s of science in nursing (RN-to-BSN), and a program for licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) to become Registered Nurses (RNs).

Click here to visit the school website.

6. Baylor University

Location333 N. Washington, Downtown Dallas
Tuition$66,834 for the ABSN program
NCLEX Pass Rate96.85%
ProgramsBSN, ABSN, BSN-to-DNP, DNP

Baylor University’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing is located in the heart of Dallas.  Coupled with its undergraduate and graduate nursing programs, the school offers excellent nursing prerequisite courses.

In the undergraduate nursing programs, Baylor offers both traditional, fast track, and distance BSN programs. The distance BSN is an accelerated online program that takes about 1 year to complete.

The graduate nursing programs offer several online Doctors of Nursing Practice programs. There’s also a DNP program for the U.S. Army in Anesthesia Nursing.

Being the world’s largest Baptist university, Baylor prides itself on its ability to offer its students excellent academic programs in an environment that enriches their spirituality as well.

Click here to visit the school website.

7. Arizona College of Nursing

LocationLyndon B Johnson, Fwy B100 Suite, Dallas, Texas
NCLEX Pass Rate91.5%

The Arizona College of Nursing offers only one nursing program–the accelerated BSN program. The program runs for 3 years in what is believed to be one of the best academic environments in Texas.

Because of its commitment to personalized learning, the Arizona College of Nursing admits just a few students in a class. As a result, its admission portal is always open as it starts new classes every eight weeks.

With its high-tech laboratories, students are assured of world-class clinical mentorship and experience.

Furthermore, the school has a special NCLEX preparatory program for its BSN students, which enables them to perform excellently every year on the licensure examination.

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8. West Coast University

LocationCentral Expressway, Richardson, Texas
NCLEX Pass Rate90.53%
ProgramsBSN, LVN-to-BSN

West Coast University’s Dallas Campus is the newest addition to the five campuses owned by the university.

The Dallas campus is purely dedicated to nursing education. Equipped with industry-current technologies like the simulation center and skills lab, which have advanced technology like high-fidelity manikins, the school is designed to give students the best.

Also, there are interactive learning tools like virtual reality dissection tables. Every detail of the campus is designed to give students a world-class experience as nursing students.

West Coast University offers two nursing programs to its Dallas students: a traditional BSN and an LVN to BSN program.

Click here to visit the school website.

Which Nursing Homes are the Best in Dallas for Working?

Based on the ratings and reviews from users and their families, here are the best nursing homes in Dallas:

  • Allegiant wellness and rehab
  • Autumn Leaves
  • C.C. Young Memorial Home
  • Crystal Creek at Preston Hollow
  • Remington Transitional Care of Remington
  • Continuing Care at Highland Springs
  • Good Samaritan Society – Lake Forest Village
  • OnPointe Transitional Care at Texas Health Presbyterian

Nursing Schools That Offer Online Programs in Dallas

Here are the top 10 nursing schools that offer online programs: 

  1. University of Texas at Arlington 
  2. Baylor University 
  3. Texas Woman’s University 
  4. Texas Christian University 
  5. Southwestern Adventist University 
  6. West Coast University 
  7. Texas Wesleyan University
  8. University of Phoenix at Dallas
  9. University of North Texas at Dallas
  10. Tarrant County College

Conclusion on the Top Nursing Schools in Dallas

Graduating from one of the best nursing schools in Dallas almost guarantees you a good job as a registered nurse.

I hope you’ve learned from this article about the nursing schools in Dallas that have the capacity to give you the best nursing education.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nursing Schools in Dallas

How Much Do Nurses Earn in Dallas?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for registered nurses in Dallas is $70,871 per year.

Does Dallas Have Good Opportunities for Nurses?

Dallas, with a population of 1.3 million people and several world-class hospitals and research centers, is filled with opportunities for nurses.
However, the best employers are very selective. This means graduating from one of the best nursing schools in the city will give you a competitive advantage over others.

How Competitive are Nursing Schools in Dallas?

Getting into the top nursing schools in Dallas is very competitive, as most schools have no choice but to admit only a small percentage of the pool of applicants they get yearly.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Nursing School in Dallas?

The cost of nursing schools in Dallas ranges between $2,000 and $50,000 for LVN programs and $15,000 and $100,000 for BSN programs.
However, most nursing schools in Dallas offer financial aid to their students to help them pass through nursing school with ease.

What is the Best Nursing School in Dallas?

The University of Texas at Arlington is the best nursing school in Dallas. UTA is the largest producer of registered nurses in Dallas and, unlike most other schools, offers nursing programs for all college-level students.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Registered Nurse in Dallas?

With an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), you can become a registered nurse in Dallas in 2 years.  


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