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Nasty Gal Student Discount – Enjoy Up To 55% Off

With a Nasty Gal student discount of 55%, you don’t have to worry about looking bad ever! Because your fashion taste will stand out and you’ll feel extra confident in whatever you get on Nasty Gal. Moreover, a  university email, access to UNiDAYS, or student bean is all you need to save your money on Nasty Gal.

What Are Nasty Gals?

Nasty Gals is a company founded in 2006 by Sophia Amoruso. It’s a clothing brand that focuses on women, available in 60 countries, and is based in Los Angeles. However, this company was sold over to Boohoo Group because of bankruptcy law in 2017. Boohoo Group bought the e-business for 20 million dollars. How did they go bankrupt? Well, let’s find out how it started.

According to Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal was a small eBay store meant to settle bills and earn extra money, then her salary. At the time, she was a school dropout and worked as a receptionist at an art school in San Francisco. So when she started in 2006, She called Nasty Gal, “Nasty Gal Vintage” she sold clothes from estate sales and local thrift stores. However, to her surprise, it went viral. It had a lot of customers and business was flourishing. When she saw this, she took off her eBay store and created a website for Nasty Gal, making it a solo brand.

From 2009 to 2012 business was great for Sophia, she was put on the cover of Forbes and tagged”Fashion new phenom”. Plus, at the time Nasty Gal had over $90 million in annual sales and about 200 employees. Sophia Amoruso was now basking in wealth, according to Forbes she had about 280 million dollars. But maybe the success was too sudden? Because the years from 2012 to 2016 weren’t rosy at all. So Amoruso mismanaged NastyGal into Bankruptcy and had to file for chapter 11 protection and was finally sold to for $20 million. Which is the current owner.

So now you know all about Nasty Gal, let’s see if they give student discounts or not.

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Nasty Gal Student Discount

How To Get A Student Discount On Nasty Gal

To get a student discount on Nasty Gal you need to be a student. Either you are in the university, Sixth form, college, high school, and anyone over 16 years that is in full form education. Also, if you are currently studying for an apprenticeship you are also eligible. 

Now you know you are qualified, so how do you get a Nasty Gal student Discount? Well first you need to have an account on UNiDAYS or Student beans and follow these few steps 

  • Create or login into an account in UNiDAYS or student bean
  • Fill out the form and you generate your nasty gal student discount 
  • Save your discount and use it whenever you want to check out Nasty Gal.

That’s how easy it is and you get a 55% student discount on Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal On Campus Ambassador

Nasty Gal On Campus Ambassador is for you if you like: your unique style, turning heads, standing out and you are willing to represent nasty Gal brands, parties, filming screens, etc Also, It is open to students, just like the Nasty Gal Student discount.

 All you need is proof of enrollment, social media influence, a flair for marketing, and promotion on social media.  Like all ambassadors, you enjoy certain advantages like et commission on every cloth you sell, Free clothes to wear and pass around on campus, invite to local events, exclusive promo codes, etc 

How To Apply For Nasty Gal Student Ambassador Deal.

Unlike the Student Discount on Nasty Gal, you don’t just use a school email, nope. Thus, to apply you have to write a 300-word essay and email it to Nasty Gal’s official email account. The mail includes an essay about yourself, the name of your school, your graduation year, also why you should be chosen as a Nasty Gal Ambassador and your extracurricular activities. Additionally, it’s a bonus if you add links to your social profile, blog, etc.

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Reasons You Should Use Nasty Gal

They are a lot of shops you could get your clothes from, why should you use Nasty Gal? Well, I’ll state 5 reasons, Nasty Gal is a great choice.

Purchase Now And Pay Later

 It’s hard to wait for the end of the month before you get your essential needs met. If you are a student it’s even harder to pay for essential needs, luckily Nasty Gal offers a student discount and a way to pay in installments. With the use of an online service called Klarna, you get to purchase what you want and pay in 3 similar installments. Thus to use this offer, you select klarna as a payment method during checkout.

 Àfter 30 days the money is automatically deducted from your bank account.

2. Refunds And Returns 

Most times you get the wrong color of clothing or the wrong size delivered to you. Most companies make you pay for refunds but Nasty Gal allows Refunds for free! So to have access to the free refunds, you need to return them within fourteen days of purchase, have their original tags, and make sure they weren’t washed or worn. Once you contact Nasty Gal, you get an exchange if you require one or a full refund.

3. Multiple Payment Methods

When I talk about multiple payment methods I don’t mean Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and the likes. Although it is an added advantage, I’m talking about Nasty Gal Student Discount, Their installment payment plan with Klarna, and Gift vouchers. So many ways to pay that are convenient and help save money.

4. Track Your Package

If you want to know the situation of your package, if it has moved or it is still in the warehouse, then you can track your package from the order page on Nasty Gal’s Page. So, you check your email for mail notifying you about the movement of your package (check junk/spam mail), copy your order code, and paste it into my order section on the Nasty Gal page.

5. Free Shipping

Nasty Gal offers free shipping on orders above 80$. Thus, to get this you download the app and earn a nasty gal promo code on orders of 80$ and above. Just add the code to check out and you get free shipping, so it’s that simple

6. Affordable Clothing

Nasty Gal has products for as low as £9 which is $10.86.It is super affordable, especially for students who can’t afford to spend excess on clothes.

7. Next Day Delivery

Ordering clothes is very exciting but waiting for them is the tough part, if you don’t like waiting, Nasty Gal has another good offer that works for you. They offer a next-day delivery that costs £10 which is $13.26, you get 12 months of delivery and free returns.

8. Serves As A Gift 

If you are clueless about gifts to give someone, you don’t have to worry about their size. Nasty Gal offers Fashionable items that anyone will love. The company offers a Gift card that gives you an amazing gift at an affordable price.

9. 80% Off!

Apart from the amazing 70% Nasty Gal Student Discount. The site has an 80% clearance section. So you don’t have to be pressured to rush the offer, this offer is on throughout this year! All you need to do is go to the clearance section and search for available offers.

10. Nasty Gal VIP Section

Nasty Gal has a VIP Section you might be interested in, they have amazing offers in-app deals,apex-day delivery for the whole year, etc.

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Steps To Use Nasty Gal’s Promotional Code

The student Discount gets you 55% off but there’s only so much you can get with that. So, here is an additional code that helps you save more on clothes. 

So, what’s a promotional code? This is like your regular paper coupon; a series of letters and numbers mixed to get a discount. 

So, now you know what a promotional code is. Here’s how to use one written below:

  • Get your discount code.
  • Go to the nasty Gal website, purchase whatever product you like
  • Click on the cart and check out, when you are done selecting, 
  • When you want to pay, input your code and that’s it.

Nasty Gal Past Offers

  • 80% off everything
  • Extra 10% off sale items
  • 55% off site-wide
  • Free £15 Just Eat voucher
  • 20% off dress, denim, and footwear with the Nasty Gal Discount Code.
  • Free Next Day Delivery Voucher Code
  • 30% of all products on NastyGal
  • 40% of Summer Edit

Side Fact

So, you might be wondering what happened to Sophia Amoruso. Well, she became a New York Best Selling Author in her Autobiography called #Girlboss in 2014. Sophia made a media company called “Girlboss Media”. It’s a content media that hopes to provide female empowerment through podcasts, blogs, and conferences.

Despite all this, the company has its line of jewelry, clothes, and shoes and is still an only girl band. Their products are already very affordable, so the Nasty Gal student discount of 55% is eye-catching and an excellent deal for students. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How many coupon codes can I use per checkout?

You can only use one coupon code on an order. Simply means, you can’t use your Nasty Gal Student Discount and Promo code. You have to choose only one.

  1. What do I do when my order is late?

You might want to check your email first for your dispatch email and order code, to track your package. Thus, if you have done this and your package wasn’t delivered, then check if your delivery is on cut-off delivery times. You can check delivery times here. If it’s 9 pm on the scheduled delivery day and you don’t see your package, contact customer care.

  1. My Refund is taking so long, what can I do?

If you return an item, you have to wait for 21days before you get your refund. Because it takes Nasty Gal 14 days to process the returned product and 7 days for the refund to get to you. Once a refund is made, you are sent an email notifying you that payment is made. But if after 21 days you haven’t received an email, then contact customer care.

  1. Why do I keep getting this payment error message?

You might want to check if you inputted the correct details, maybe you missed a number or misspelled your name. However, if your details are correct then contact their customer care with; What browser you used, the payment method used during purchase, the error message you got, and a clear explanation of the issue.

  1. Why is my package in another country?

There’s no cause for alarm, your package might just be passing through another country to get to you. Nasty Gal makes sure your package is delivered on the expected date.

  1. How do I change my email address?

For safety reasons, Nasty Gal doesn’t allow you to change your email address. Unfortunately, if you need a change you have to create a new account.

  1. Can I Return Two Products In The Same Parcel?

Sure, you can but if you do, it might take longer to process your refund. So to get a faster Refund, you can put two products in different parcels.

  1. Is there a limit to the Nasty Girl student discount?

You can use Nasty Gal Discount on all full-priced items. However, your discount can’t be used on sale items.

  1. Do I need an email to register for the student discount? 

To use Student bean or UNiDAYS you need a student email. Yes, to access your student discount on Nasty Gal, you need to have a working student email.

  1. Does Nasty Gal offer next-day delivery?

Yes, Nasty Gal offers the Next day delivery when you subscribe to the Nasty Gal VIP perk. It cost £10.99 which is $13.26. This money covers the delivery and returns for 12 months.

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