Most Popular University Subjects For Indian Students

Studying abroad is a very popular choice for Indian students, with over 600,000 scholars enrolled in programs abroad in 2021.

India is now the second-largest source of international students, trailing only China.

If you wish to join this increasing group, you must carefully choose the subject you wish to study.

This is one of the most critical decisions you will make and will have an effect on the following choices:

  • Academic success
  • Career after graduation
  • Enjoyment of your studies

Studying something you enjoy increases your likelihood of enjoying your classes, which increases your chances of earning great grades.

Additionally, it is possible that you will get in a position that you enjoy.

To assist you to decide on a major if you’re unsure, here are some of the most popular programs for Indian students studying abroad.


Most Popular University Subjects For Indian Students | Expaat

Engineering is one of the most popular university majors, particularly among overseas students.

It is a broad subject with various popular subdisciplines, including the following:

  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering

Advantages of studying engineering abroad

Listed below are a few significant advantages of studying for an engineering degree abroad:

  • Access to state of the art facilities
  • Opens up fantastic career opportunities
  • Gain real-world experience with top international engineering companies
  • Learn from leading engineering professionals


Mathematics is another STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) topic that is extremely popular at universities worldwide.

Math is a truly global topic that transcends language and geography, making it an excellent choice for studying abroad.

It has an infinite number of applications and can lead to a variety of fascinating employment prospects or more education.

You can study math independently or as part of a variety of linked programs, such as:

  • Statistics
  • Actuarial mathematics
  • Financial mathematics

Advantages of studying mathematics abroad

Several of the most significant advantages of studying mathematics overseas as an Indian student include the following:

  • Study in the universal language of math
  • Get to choose from the world’s best mathematics programs
  • Meet and learn from students from all over the world
  • Gain access to the best career opportunities

Computer science

In today’s digital age, a computer science degree from a reputable international university can be worth its weight in gold.

Almost every business and country requires qualified and experienced computer scientists, which means your options are virtually limitless.

Computer science is another vast subject field that offers a variety of related programs and courses, including the following:

  • Information technology
  • Computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer forensics
  • Informatics

Advantages of studying computer science abroad

These are some of the most compelling reasons to study computer science abroad:

  • Get access to the technology you might struggle to find in India
  • Improve your employability
  • Get real-life computer science experience in international businesses
  • Network to make important international connections


Business is a very popular subject for international students to study, and it’s easy to see why. The transferable skills you’ll acquire are applicable to practically any career, opening up a world of opportunities.

There are numerous business-related degree programs available, so it’s worth considering which area most interests you and the type of position you’re aiming for after graduation. Several of the most important business subjects include the following:

  • Business administration
  • Business management
  • Business economics
  • International business
  • Entrepreneurship

Advantages of studying business abroad

Choosing to study for a business degree abroad has a number of advantages that studying in India does not, including the following:

  • Experience of how businesses work in another country
  • Access to internationally recognized qualifications
  • Chances to gain work experience in global organizations
  • Opportunities to meet new and diverse people
  • Improved career opportunities


Medical degrees are particularly popular among Indian international students due to the high quality of medical programs offered by international universities.

Medicine is a legitimate occupational degree that can lead to a very gratifying and difficult career.

Medical degree programs typically have a different structure than most other courses, with a heavier burden and frequently several additional years of study required to finish.

The medical profession is vast, with numerous specialties to choose from, including:

  • Surgery
  • Medical technology
  • Radiography
  • Nursing
  • Medical sciences
  • Healthcare

Advantages of studying medicine abroad

One of the primary reasons for an Indian student to study medicine overseas is to have access to the world’s premier medical schools.

The majority of the greatest programs are located in nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

Additional compelling reasons to study abroad as a medical student include the following:

  • Experience different healthcare systems
  • Get the chance to start a career overseas
  • Learn from top medical professors
  • Access the latest technology and techniques
  • Boost your CV

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