Mononoke Inu Coin: Info, Price, Chart, Updates

A meme coin that has been in the market and is likely to perform well is the Mononoke Inu coin. The coin is a meme coin, and like all meme coins, it is projected to perform well in the crypto market.

But how can you purchase this Mononoke Inu coin? What level of information do you have about the coin? 

But not to worry, you will get an expert-detailed article on Mononoke Inu Coin, how to purchase it, and other probable questions you may need to be clarified on.

However, meme tokens are growing in popularity daily, and investors are showing interest in Mononoke Inu.

Meme Tokens?

Meme tokens are digital assets that draw design cues from things shared on social media. They have characteristics of typical cryptocurrencies, such as volatility, opaqueness, and transparency.

Meme tokens are community-driven and rely on the influence of their community, unlike conventional crypto tokens. 

This is due to the massive online community support they receive and investors’ fear of missing out (FOMO). They unfortunately risk losing value quickly if their community rejects them or other projects.

Most meme tokens can be made in any amount, and there is no set number in circulation. Investors can hold so many of them because they are easy to get and don’t cost much. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) is the first meme-based digital currency. Shiba Inu was made as a joke by the people who made it in 2013. It looked like the famous Shiba Inu dog from Japan. After DOGE, developers made many meme tokens like Dogelon Mars, Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, etc.

The Mononoke-Inu Project

Mononoke Inu is a meme token based on Japanese avant-garde anime TV that was built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The idea for the project came from a real desire to help the community. 

The designers also thought about what they remembered from their own childhoods. It was made by an anonymous group of developers who wanted to take over the meme token market. 

They think that bad creators have been a problem in the meme token space, but they think that Mononoke Inu will change that. One goal of the project is to make a token that will bring the whole DeFi community together.

Their whitepaper says that the project will be done in stages, and it is currently in the third stage. In phase one, the focus is on making smart contracts and building communities. In phase two, things change.

Phase two is mostly about getting feedback and making improvements to the community experience as a whole. But right now, phase three of the project is the cherry on top. During this phase, a custom-made game came out, which has now helped Mononoke Inu’s overall situation.

About Mononoke-Inu coin


The Mononoke-Inu coin is one of the newest meme tokens making a splash on the Ethereum Blockchain. One of the things that makes the token stand out is how excited the community is about it. 

At the moment, there are a total of 1,000 quadrillion tokens in circulation, which is more than 10% of the total amount. Mononoke-market Inu’s capitalization is around $11,974,242.72, and on average, $112,761 worth of trade happens every 24 hours. 

One percent of its total supply will be used to redistribute tokens and give token holders incentives. The other five percent will be used for marketing. 

Also, 5% of the 1% redistribution is used to burn in every transaction. At the time of writing, 5% of the available quantity had been burned. The token can be traded on LBank, BKEK, and Uniswap. It is also on many other exchanges (V2).

Simple way to buy Mononoke Inu coin

To buy Mononoke Inu coin on Uniswap, individuals just need to do the four easy things listed below;


First, you will need to set your Metemask wallet to Eth Mainnet. This is easy to do; just choose the option from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen.


You will have to buy Ethereum on the Binance exchange. It’s easy to buy ETH on Binance, especially if you already have money in your Binance account. 

If you don’t have one, you will need to give Binance some “Know Your Customer” information. After that, you’ll be able to buy ETH.


You will move the Ethereum you bought from Binance to your Metamask account by just withdrawing it. Once you do this, you will have Ethereum in your Metamask wallet.


Lastly, you will link your Metamask wallet to your Uniswap account and trade ETH for Mononoke-Inu. Thereafter, you can start trading on Uniswap with the token you just bought.

Why Should I Buy Mononoke-Inu?

Even though Mononoke-Inu is new to the Ethereum chain and blockchain-based market, it has been able to keep its place in the space. 

The price of the token has gone down by much more than 35% in the last 24 hours and by 17% this week alone. That’s amazing, given the current dip in the market and other meme tokens aren’t pulling their weight right now. 

Even though the token’s price is still far below its All-Time High (ATH) from last October, its rise is hard to ignore. But traders expect a lot from the token in the later part 2022, when Phase 4 of the project will be released.

In Phase 4, a 2D adventure game that will be on the Ethereum Blockchain will be released. If this works, the project thinks that Mononoke-market Inu’s cap will reach $5 billion and 150,000 people will own tokens. 

Crypto analysts also say that if it is that successful, the price of Mononoke will go through the roof. The success of the token will depend a lot on how the community reacts. 

But, like any other cryptocurrency, no one knows what will happen to a token in the future. Those who want to invest in crypto should only use the money they can spare.

Other meme tokens like Mononoke Inu coin

Shiba inu

This coin was launched in late 2020 and has made the meme coin race even more interesting. Shiba Inu was made by an anonymous person named Ryoshi as a test of the community-driven initiative, he says.

 This is a part of an attempt to knock Dogecoin off the top spot as the best cryptocurrency for memes and put Shiba Inu in its place as the best meme coin for investors. Shiba Inu has been called the “Dogecoin killer” because of this.

Even though Dogecoin is the most popular meme coin, Shiba Inu’s price jumped over 21,000% at the peak of the 2021 price rally, making it one of the best meme cryptocurrencies to buy this year.

But Shiba Inu isn’t trying to take the top spot by making a lot of noise on social media. The Shiba team has been coming up with a lot of use instances to keep the project fresh in investors’ minds. 

The most recent one is a trip to the Metaverse. A blog post on Shiba Inu’s website says that the company wants to start selling Shiba Lands, which is a kind of virtual real estate.

Samoyed coin

This coin is a well-known meme coin that comes from the Solana blockchain. Samoyed Coin was made when Solana inventor Anatoly Yakovenko and popular Solana backer Sam Bankman-Fried, who owns the FTX crypto exchange, got together. 

The Samoyed Coin is a popular meme coin on the Solana blockchain and in the wider crypto market. This is because its main goal is to bring more people into the crypto space by making a fun-themed digital asset.

But the meme crypto focuses on getting new people to use Solana, educating market participants, making personal ties, and helping token holders get the most out of their investment. 

Samoyed Coin is the public face of meme coins on the Solana blockchain. In the past year, it has become one of the most popular memes very quickly.

Mona coin

MonaCoin is among the oldest memes that can be used as a cryptocurrency. The meme coin got a lot of attention when it came out in late 2013, and there is a big community of users in Japan.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are used to run the meme project, which is decentralized and open-source. MonaCoin is a branch of the well-known Bitcoin branch Litecoin. It uses a system called Lyra2RE (v2).

The main benefit of the MonaCoin network is that it can process transactions in 1.5 minutes and has a strong, active community. Because of a TV ad for the joke crypto, the meme crypto became popular in Japan.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When did the Mononoke Inu coin start?

The first time Mononoke Inu is traded is in September 2021. 

What’s the smart contract address for Mononoke Inu?

The smart contract address for the Mononoke Inu is 0x4da08a1bff50be96bded5c7019227164b49c2bfc.

How high can the Mononoke Inu price go?

The most that Mononoke Inu has ever cost is $0.000000000428, which is its all-time high. 

This price was reached 8 months ago. Many people have speculated about how much Mononoke Inu will cost in the future.

What’s the current Mononoke Inu price? How much is 1 Mononoke Inu worth?

It costs $0.000000000002184 for 1 Mononoke Inu. In the last 24 hours, the value of a Mononoke Inu has dropped by –34.30 percent.


Since DOGE Coin came out in 2013, there have been more and more meme tokens, which crypto users love. 

Mononoke-Inu is one of these tokens, and its anonymous creators say that it is here to take over. 

Now that you know more about the Mononoke Inu coin, you can venture into it, but be sure to do so with your spare money.

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