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How To Get Microsoft Office 10% Student Discount

As a student, chances are you use Microsoft Office all the time. Either typing out term papers and assignments, keeping spreadsheets, or making presentations – your need for Microsoft Office is truly endless. For something that you’ll need frequently, student discounts would be a big help, wouldn’t they? Are there any available student discounts Microsoft Office has to offer?

Well, it’s your lucky day. Microsoft is truly benevolent to students, with its many discount offers and student opportunities. Moreover, there’s some incredible information I want to share with you! So keep reading to know the amazing student discounts Microsoft Office has for you.

What is Microsoft?

I doubt you don’t know about the multimillion-dollar tech conglomerate, but here’s some additional information for you. Microsoft Corporation is an American tech giant founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft produces computer software, electronics, and personal computers. 

Also, Microsoft is currently the world’s largest software developer and has championed leading tech projects across the globe. The tech giant also owns major subsidiaries that are indispensable in the developer community like Github.

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microsoft office student discount

Microsoft Applications and Products

Microsoft has a long history of powerful applications and products. So its most famous software includes the Windows Operating System, Internet Explorer and Edge browser applications, and our principal focus – the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Office and Office Applications

Microsoft Office is a group of client and server-side software and services developed by Microsoft that helps you with basic ‘office’ tasks. 

Thus, this is tech jargon for software that you interact with (client side) like Word. On the other hand, the server-side software is software that runs things in the background, interacts with the cloud, and stores information.

Microsoft Office applications and their uses include:

  • Microsoft Teams – Hosts group calls and meetings.
  • Microsoft Word – Word processor
  • Microsoft Excel – Spreadsheet application
  • Microsoft Powerpoint – Presentation application
  • Microsoft Outlook – Email 
  • Microsoft Access – Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Microsoft Publisher – Publishing application
  • Microsoft OneNote – Note storage
  • Microsoft OneDrive – General file storage 

Office 2021 vs Microsoft 365

You’ll see these two categories of Microsoft Office tossed around the internet all the time. So what’s the difference between the two? Do they offer similar benefits?

Office 2021 is a package from Microsoft Office that includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This package is a one-time payment package. It costs about $124.99 on Amazon and is best for commercial users who want basic features with no extras.

On the other hand, Microsoft 365 gives you access to the same Microsoft Office applications. However, unlike its counterpart, you pay $100 yearly to access the products as this is a subscription-based service. You can also use this package across multiple devices (up to six) and get 1TB of free storage each. Moreover, you get automatic upgrades across all apps to enhance your productivity.

Finally, Office applications are available for offline use. Despite this, you must connect to the Internet every 30 days to sync your documents to your drive.

Find out more information here.

Microsoft Office Mobile Applications

Microsoft realizes that it’s easier for a student, or anyone for that matter to move around with a mobile phone. Laptops and desktops aren’t as portable. So, to combat this issue, Microsoft released mobile versions of Microsoft Office for Android and iOS.

Similar to its desktop predecessors, you need to sign in with either a free trial Microsoft account or a work or school account to maximize productivity with these apps.

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Are Student Discounts for Microsoft Office Available?

Microsoft doesn’t just offer you student discounts for Microsoft Office, it’s absolutely free! Yes, with the Microsoft 365 Education package, students around the world have free access to the value-packed Microsoft 365 package. This is the unbelievable student discount Microsoft Office has for you. 

Conditions for Microsoft Office Student Discounts

To access the student discounts Microsoft Office offers, you have to meet some very simple conditions. Let’s talk about these conditions below.

  • You must be a student above 13 years of age
  • You must have a valid school email address

Like many other student discount plans, the student discounts Microsoft Office has in store are available to all students. Full-time students, part-time students, and even staff of all institutions can apply for this package. The type of school you’re in also makes no difference – whether it’s a university, polytechnic, junior college, or even a vocational school. 

Read on to know how you can access this package for yourself.

Does Microsoft Office have Student Verification?

This is an unbelievable package, so it will attract exploitation. Does Microsoft verify that you are a student? Yes. To verify your student status, you have to take any of these four easy steps, depending on what identification you have.

Firstly, you must have a trial subscription. So visit and input your school email address. Subsequently, select Get Started for Free. You must have a school email address for this, there’s no way around it.

1. For School Email Account

This is the most straightforward method of student verification. So, if you have a personal email address with your school domain (for example,, take the following steps.

  • Visit to sign in. Next visit the Academic Verification page.
  • Input your school email address and confirm.
  • Click Verify
  • In your mailbox, you’ll receive a verification link. Click on this link. Your verification is complete.

2. For School Account or Portal

To verify your student status using this method, log in to your school’s portal or access page. 

  • Visit to sign in. Next, then visit the Academic Verification page.
  • Select this option and search for your school
  • Click Continue

3. Using an International Student Identity Card

          For this option, simply enter your ISIC number and click Verify.

4. Manual Documentation

  • Select this option on the Academic Verification Page.
  • Fill out the form on the page and upload any of the documents you can provide
  • Click Submit

Your student status will be confirmed or denied in 3 to 5 business days. So if you’re using this method, make sure your details are visible to avoid rejection.

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How to Activate Your Free Microsoft Office Account

After you have completed your student verification process, you can now access the student discounts Microsoft Office offers. So take these steps to activate Microsoft 365 on your device.

For PC installation:

  1. Log in to your student email account. Endeavor to do this on the specific device your Office suite will be installed on.
  2. On the support page, follow the prompts under PC installation.
  3. Sign in to Microsoft with your student email address.
  4. Go to the Microsoft 365 home page, and select Install Office.
  5. Select Office 365 apps.
  6. Select and install the version that matches your operating system
  7. After a successful download and installation, you’ll get the message ‘You’re all set! The office is installed now.’ 

For Mac installation:

  1. Visit  and select Sign in to log into your Microsoft account.
  2. On the support page, follow the prompts under Mac installation
  3. Visit the Microsoft 365 home page, and select Install Office.
  4. Select Office 365 apps to begin downloading.
  5. To install, go to your Finder, select Downloads, and double-click Microsoft Office installer.pkg file.
  6. Select Continue to start installing.
  7. Agree to Terms and Conditions, then choose your installation method and click Continue.
  8. Select location and click Install
  9. Enter your Mac password and click Install Software to finish installing.

You can customize the specific apps you want to install if you don’t need the entire package. For more information view here

Note that your Microsoft 365 package will expire automatically after 4 years. Thus, when your access expires, you will be able to view old 

documents, but you won’t be allowed to create or edit documents. 

Furthermore, you may lose your stored files in OneDrive. Thus, to prevent this from happening, transfer your files before you graduate, or renew your Microsoft 365 license.

Does Microsoft Have Other Student Discounts?

Yes. Asides from the student discounts Microsoft Office gives you, you also get other discounts from Microsoft for device purchases. Microsoft gives you 10% off select devices including PCs and Surface deals. So visit this link to see more amazing deals from Microsoft.

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How to Know About Microsoft Deals and Discounts

Microsoft is generous to students and offers incredible back-to-school offers to students and even parents! But how do you keep up with these back-to-back deals? Are there ways to know when Microsoft has a new offer for you? Well yes! So read on to know how you can find premium deals, and pay less money for gadgets and software.

1. Newsletters

When you visit Microsoft’s education store, you’ll usually get a form that asks for your details. Though most people skip this form; a mailbox full of promotional emails can get annoying.

Nonetheless, you should supply your name and email to Microsoft so that you can receive promotional emails and newsletters. So this way you can stay updated and be among the first to learn about new updates, deals, and releases.   

2. Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective methods of information dissemination in our present-day world. However, the fastest way to spread the news of anything is through a Twitter handle or an Instagram upload. 

Consequently, if you’re interested in student discounts for Microsoft Office, new app features and updates, or even tech news (for our computer geeks), then stay tuned to Microsoft’s social media pages.

3. Tech Groups

This is closely related to following Microsoft’s social media pages. Although, here you’ll need to go the extra mile. Hence, It’s more about networking than silently following a company’s social media handles. 

Join tech groups and communities full of people with similar interests to yours. Whether in your school, on Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, there are always communities of Microsoft enthusiasts. Among these techies, you’ll get premium info about Microsoft hot deals and other student discounts, especially PC discounts.

4. Website

Yes, this seems obvious. Unfortunately, you can get really busy as a student. Hence, it becomes easy to forget to check up on a couple of things. But especially if you want to get a new device or software from the education store, always be on the lookout. 


Microsoft Office is a software application that is something that you’ll always need as a student. So its productivity applications are helpful in so many ways. Plus, the applications are easy to use and understand. Thus, the sooner you claim the student discounts Microsoft Office awards you to encourage your efforts, the better. So what are you waiting for? Hurry now and claim your student discount for Microsoft Office today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Discounts for Microsoft 365 

Are there student discounts Microsoft Office gives?

Yes, Microsoft 365 is free for all verified students and staff of recognized institutions.

Does Microsoft education offer student discounts on all products?

No. Microsoft does not offer discounts on select products like games, digital apps, in-app content, subscriptions, or movies. Or TV shows, Xbox consoles, products that have been personalized or customized, gift cards, and services/subscriptions. Only Microsoft 365 is totally free to students.

Can I get verified without a school email address?

Yes, you can use other methods of identification. Despite that, you need to have a valid school email address to enable you to sign up for Microsoft.

Does Microsoft 365 have different plans?

Yes. Microsoft 365 has three plans – Microsoft 365 A1, Microsoft 365 A3, and Microsoft 365 A5. So visit this link to know which suits you most.

How long do I have before my student discount for Microsoft Office expires?

You have about four years from your time of registration. So do well to clear your OneNote drive before time is up to avoid loss of files.

Is my country eligible for Microsoft Office education?

Microsoft 365 education is available in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, and most countries around you. Thus, check here to get more information on international eligibility.

How do I activate my free Microsoft 365 account?

  1. First, sign in with a valid school email address to activate your trial.
  2. Log in to your school’s access page or portal.
  3. On Microsoft’s office home page, select Office 365 apps and install.
  4. Your apps are now ready to use.

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