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The 10 Best Online Master’s In Social Work (MSW) Programs

A master’s in social work (MSW) can offer career advancement opportunities, clinical employment, and increased earning possibilities. 

If you wish to work in a supervisory capacity, offer therapy and counseling, or instruct college courses, the MSW is the perfect degree to earn.

Now it’s possible to finish your study whenever you want without having to travel to school. 

Are you looking for the best online master’s degree program in social work? 

Read through the article to find the best online master’s in social work suitable for you.

What Is A MSW(Master’s In Social Work) Program?

A master’s in social work program, often known as MSW provides graduates with the information and abilities necessary to support the well-being of diverse client populations, especially those who are vulnerable. 

A minimum of 900 fieldwork hours are needed to earn an online MSW degree, which normally takes two years to complete.

Although there are higher degrees available, such as a Doctor of Social Work, the MSW degree is currently thought of as the ultimate degree for social work.

An MSW can provide options for job growth and specialization in comparison to a BSW. 

Why Should I Do An Online Masters In Social Work?

If you have to balance a full-time job, a family, and other personal and professional commitments, attending on-campus programs might not be an option for you. 

Many on-campus schools of social work have developed Masters of Social Work online programs in order to match their on-campus programs.

Doing your master’s in social work online will offer the following benefits and more:

1. It is more flexible

You can finish your schoolwork on a more flexible schedule because many online classes are asynchronous, meaning that they don’t require live class attendance. 

For MSW students pursuing their degree online while holding down a full- or part-time job, this flexibility might be beneficial.

2. It will cost you less

Online programs frequently cost less over time than on-campus degrees since they don’t come with the extra costs of commuting or moving. 

Some institutions even offer reduced or flat-rate tuition for students who study online.

3. The admission requirements are not so strict

The prerequisite for some foundational courses in accelerated online MSW programs is usually a bachelor’s degree in social work. 

Because of this, applicants holding a bachelor’s degree in any discipline are frequently accepted by traditional online programs.

4. The program length could be shorter

Despite the fact that MSW programs typically necessitate two years of full-time study, some online schools provide accelerated options that enable students to get their degrees in 12–18 months.

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How Long Does It Take To Get An Online MSW?

Online master’s in social work full-time programs normally take two years to complete, whereas on-campus MSW programs might take anywhere between two and four years to finish, depending on how many classes are taken. 

A BSW holder can earn an advanced standing MSW in as little as 12 months online.

What Are The GPA Requirements For MSW Programs?

The minimum GPA required for MSW degrees varies per institution. 

For the majority of programs, universities may demand a GPA of 3.0 or better although some programs might call for at least a 2.5.

The university might ask for a GRE score if the applicant’s GPA is lower. 

We advise you to always find out about the entrance criteria for your selected MSW program before you apply.

Can You Study For An MSW Without A BSW?

Yes, applicants without a BSW may submit an application for a traditional MSW If they satisfy the university’s standards. 

But this is not usually the case.

Most traditional MSW admission standards often demand a bachelor’s degree from an authorized institution, any necessary prerequisite courses, a minimum GPA, and other application materials such a personal essay, undergraduate transcript, and letters of recommendation.

Is Financing Available For Online Master’s In Social Work Programs?

Yes, there are several financing alternatives available, so an MSW online degree doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. 

Many colleges offer scholarships, and certain employers may offer potential students financial aid for their education. 

You might also be qualified for loans once you submit your financial aid application. 

It’s crucial to conduct as much research as you can on your possibilities and pick a program whose cost you feel comfortable covering.

Which Online MSW Program Is The Best?

Your personal interests, online alternatives, and admissions requirements could all come into play when you look for the perfect program for you. 

We will suggest a few master’s in social work programs that will think is the best for you.

Keep reading.

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How Much Does An Online Master’s In Social Work Cost?

According to NCES data, graduate tuition on average cost $19,314 during the 2018–19 academic year. 

However, depending on variables such as state residency, program length, and funding possibilities, this number can vary greatly.

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What Are The Best Programs And Schools For Online Social Work Master’s?

Now it’s the time to make your best decision…

We recommend some of the best online social work master’s programs below.

1. Western New Mexico University

The online MSW program at WNMU is available in non-advanced and advanced standing and doesn’t involve any on-campus visits. 

The Master of Social Work program at WNMU places a strong emphasis on social justice, integrity, and service. It was initially certified by the CSWE in 2010.

2. University of Houston

The CSWE has recognized the University of Houston’s MSW program since 1970. The foundation for the online MSW consists of 16-semester credits spread over two semesters with fieldwork.

3. University at Buffalo

Since 1934, the CSWE has granted accreditation to SUNY University at Buffalo. 

The emphasis of the online MSW program is on evidence-based practice that incorporates a trauma-informed and human rights-based viewpoint. 

Both classic and sophisticated standing options are provided.

4. Rutgers University

Clinical social work is the main focus of the online Master’s of Social Work (MSW) program at Rutgers.

It offers full-time, part-time, and advanced standing options. 

Online MSW applicants are also given the option to enroll in the Violence Against Women and Children Certificate (VAWC) program. 

In 1957, the CSWE first granted initial accreditation to the School of Social Work’s master’s in the social work program.

5. Louisiana State University

LSU’s online MSW program offers part-time, full-time, and advanced standing options with no mandatory on-campus visits. 

Asynchronous learning is used for the seven-week modules of the MSW online program. The MSW program at LSU received its original accreditation in 1940.

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6. Humboldt State University

Students can enroll in the online MSW program at Humboldt State University part-time or full-time, with the option of advanced standing for BSW candidates. 

The CSWE has certified the MSW program, which emphasizes working with indigenous and rural people, since 2003.

7. Columbia University

An online Master’s of Social Work (MSW) program is available from Columbia University, with options for part-time, full-time, and advanced standing. 

There are no on-campus visits necessary because the curriculum is taught online in synchronous and asynchronous versions. 

The MSW program received its initial accreditation from the CSWE in 1919.

8. California State University, San Bernardino

The part-time enrollment option for the distance learning MSW program at CSU San Bernardino (CSUSB) includes online coursework and a few on-campus trips for orientation. 

Since 1989, the MSW program at the School of Social Work at CSUSB has been recognized by the CSWE.

9. Boston University

Part-time students can enroll in Boston University’s online MSW program, which has three track options: conventional, advanced standing, and human service experience (HSE). 

On-campus visits are not necessary for this program. 

The CSWE first granted MSW accreditation to the School of Social Work at Boston University in 1939.

10. Arizona State University

The School of Social Work at ASU provides more than 25 programs online, including an online MSW degree that has received CSWE accreditation. 

The MSW program’s faculty members have experience in a range of fields, including child welfare, policy advocacy, and behavioral health. 

Asynchronous content delivery and no on-campus visits are prerequisites for the online MSW program at ASU. The CSWE first granted accreditation to ASU’s MSW in 1965.

11. Adelphi University

Since 1951, the MSW program at Adelphi University School of Social Work has been continually accredited by the CSWE. 

For those with a BSW, Adelphi provides an advanced standing option and a part-time online MSW program. 

There are two on-campus learning opportunities each year and no GRE is necessary for admission.

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What Degree Is Best For A Social Worker?

You will need a social work degree from a recognized college or university program to work as a social worker. 

A bachelor of social work is an entry-level qualification.

You can also get a master’s of social work (MSW) and doctorate (DSW) or Ph.D. in social work to advance your career.

What Are The Top 3 Industries That Employ Social Workers?

The highest paying sectors for social workers in terms of average income are those that manufacture pharmaceuticals and other medicines, work for insurance companies, and run primary and secondary schools.

Do Social Workers Work 9-5?

Yes, you can work a 9-5 as a social worker, but a lot of social work positions necessitate working other hours than 9 to 5.

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Will Social Workers Be Needed In The Future?

Social workers’ total employment is expected to expand by 12 percent, faster than the average for all occupations between 2020 to 2030. 

Also, there are expected to be an average of 78,300 job opportunities for social workers over the next ten years.

What Social Work Can I Do As A Student?

Professional social workers are employed in a variety of fields, including the family, child, and women welfare.

They also work in the disability, education, and paramedical services departments.

You can be employed in youth welfare, community development, criminal justice, human rights, corporate social responsibility, and human resource management.

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What Is The Difference Between A Social Worker And A Therapist?

While social workers frequently concentrate on a client’s broader social and economical situations, therapists place a greater emphasis on psychological techniques. 

Ultimately, both disciplines strive to offer solutions to human problems.


What next after getting an online master’s degree in social work?

Many different social work careers are normally open to professionals with an online MSW. 

After your masters program, you will have more opportunities to focus on the social work part and grow in your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Masters In Social Work

What is the fastest-growing field in social work?

The fastest growing social work field is the home healthcare Social Worker.

This is because the number of people dealing with various chronic illnesses and functional disabilities will increase as the population ages.

Are social workers happy?

In terms of happiness, social workers fall below the national average. 

At CareerExplorer, it turns out that social workers rank in the bottom 23% of professions for professional happiness, scoring 2.9 out of 5 stars.

What social work can I do without a degree?

You can do the following even without a social work degree: teacher’s aid, childcare provider, community health worker, case manager, substance abuse counselor, social service assistant, etc.

Is social work hard?

Yes, being a social worker is a difficult job. 

This is because human cases are ever-evolving and continue to increase so social workers will frequently face an endless amount of labor.

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