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Madewell Student Discount, Promo Codes, & Coupons in 2023

You’re already spending a lot of money on tuition and books, so why not save some cash on your everyday purchases? I know you want to wear high-quality clothing, but you don’t want to go beyond your spending limit. Well, there’s good news. A Madewell student discount is on right now.

We are all aware of the impact a little increase in price on any clothing can have on you as a student. Therefore, we have explained in this article how you can get a student discount for Madewell.

Also, we have added multiple ways you can save money at Madewell. In addition, we have listed similar stores that offer student discounts.

So, sit tight and see how you can get the student discount on Madewell.

About Madewell

Simply put, Madewell is for denim lovers or anyone who appreciates timeless designs that make them feel comfortable. Their denim masterminds design three signature fits, each with an old-school rigid look and a super comfortable feel, using the world’s best denim and the latest stretch technology.

Madewell is an American company that has been manufacturing jeans since 1937. J. Crew purchased Madewell’s trademark and transformed it into the company’s “little sister.” The company now manufactures women’s clothing specifically. They make great jeans. They also focus on everything you wear with denim, such as easy tees, timeless bags, elegant jewelry, and eye-catching shoes.

One beautiful thing about Madewell is how they set their prices accordingly. People can go into one of their stores and get fashionable clothing without breaking the bank. That is one of the primary reasons they have performed so well thus far.

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madewell student discount boutique

How to use the Madewell student discount

Here are simple steps to follow to use the student discount Madewell has for you.

  • Firstly, sign in to or sign up for your Madewell insider account. Also, you can find more information about this store’s policy on their official website. You can see the categories on the home page after you enter them.
  • Secondly, look for “special offer” and click it. You will see the phrase “student discount.”
  • Enter your school’s email address. (This is to prove that you are truly a college student. So make sure you can back this up. There are several methods for verifying this).
  • Open the confirmation email sent to you
  • Click the link sent along with the email.
  • Your discount is applied to the eligible goods in your cart.

How to use the Madewell student discount

Simply follow these steps as written to apply the Madewell student discount

  • If you want to take advantage of the discount, you must bring your student ID card.
  • The Madewell official website and third-party websites such as SheerID and UNIDAYS invite you to register and confirm your identity information.
  • Following that, you are eligible for a Madewell student discount.
  • When you pay your bill at Madewell, enter the coupon code.
  • Discounts are applied to the corresponding items on your bill.

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What to know about the Madewell student discount

We’ve provided you with a considerable number of things to bear in mind about this student discount. They are quite helpful, so note them down.

  • Only purchases made in Madewell stores or online within a certain period are eligible for the 20% discount. This period isn’t fixed, because it largely depends on Madewell.
  • The student discount is not valid on phone orders.
  • You can’t apply the student discount for Madewell for previous purchases, alterations, or the purchase of gift cards.
  • Student discount on Madewell is not valid on Madewell Archive styles or third-party branded merchandise.
  • You can’t redeem the Madewell student discount for cash or combine it with any other offer.
  • You must present a valid school ID at the time of purchase to redeem when shopping in-store. To redeem online, you must sign in to your account. Also, you must have an eligible school ID on file with Madewell’s online eligibility verification system at the time of purchase.
  • Offer valid in the US only.

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Shopping tips to save at Madewell

Extra tips are provided here to help you find more discounts if you’re searching for something other than a student discount.

  • Start by paying attention to gift cards. You might be able to obtain a greater bonus with Madewell since it has a gift card. For instance, you may earn more rewards or points, which you could then use as money the next time.
  • Second, be kind when providing honest comments after receiving the package. Most businesses place a strong emphasis on client evaluation. And if you provide a positive review, the business might offer coupons or even free samples in the hopes that you’ll bring in more business.
  • Lastly, always time your shopping trips. Nowadays, holiday sales are prevalent. Take advantage of the opportunity and buy now to receive two discounts.

So, if you wish to purchase anything that is not urgent and this item is not on sale, you may hold off until a holiday sale or a special deal.

Ways to save at Madewell

So, let’s also see some other interesting ways you can save more on Madewell asides from their student discounts.

1. Check out Madewell coupon pages online.

You can check for Madewell promo codes online.

2. Follow Madewell on social media.

Madewell frequently posts special offers to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites for their followers.

3. Check Amazon for Madewell items.

Products from Madewell are on sale on Amazon, and Prime subscribers may get free shipping. View Amazon’s Madewell specials.

4. Shop used Madewell on eBay.

If you are unable to locate a discount elsewhere, it can be worthwhile to search eBay for used Madewell products. View eBay for Madewell bargains.

5. Save Money With Coupons

Always keep an eye out for those exclusive Madewell Coupons & Promo Codes mentioned or posted on their official website. Currently, there are seven or more active deals that you can’t use.

6. Super Madewell Sale.

Check out the Madewell sales page to see items with discounts of up to 70%.

7. Subscribe to newsletters

To sign up for a monthly or weekly newsletter and receive exclusive coupons in your inbox, visit Brands frequently send newsletters to their subscribers.

8. Free Delivery

All Madewell Insiders receive Free Shipping from Madewell. Joining Madewell entitles you to free shipping with no minimum purchase need.

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What happens when the order is delivered but not received?

Orders are occasionally mistakenly counted as delivered while they are held at the post office for pickup. Please do the following actions before we continue our investigation.

  • Consult your roommates, neighbors, property management, or the front desk.
  • Look around your porch or yard to see whether the package is somewhere safe and secret.
  • Verify with your delivery service whether they held the shipment.

Please contact if you don’t get your order within 14 days.

Is Madewell a good Jean brand?

Yes. It should not be surprising that Madewell is one of the go-to brands for varied fits that are neither too hefty nor too elastic because denim is their specialty.

Without the need for tailoring, the brand offers a large selection of straight and size models with perfectly measured inseams for short and tall lengths.

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More Similar Stores with Student Discounts:

Madewell student discount policy

Students can receive discounts from Madewell with the condition that they present their identity documents. Note that, you can’t combine the Madewell student discount with any other discount. Also, only students are eligible for the Madewell discount.

However, you can visit the official Madewell website to learn more about the student discount program.

Returns Policy

You can visit the returns page to initiate your request if you determine that an item isn’t the correct match for you. Thus, within 14 days of delivery, you need to return any bad package you receive or need to change.

The 14-day period begins when Madewell delivers the item, not when they ship the entire order. So, you can have various return window choices when they deliver your item in several shipments. One shipment can contain multiple items as long as the return slips are also enclosed.

Conditions for Refunds:

  • You must return items in the same condition as they were before delivery(i.e., You mustn’t wash the clothes or wear the clothes and they must come with their original tags).
  • Madewell doesn’t reimburse the original shipping fee for returned goods.
  • Sales of final products are not returnable.
  • Again, please be aware that your refund will not include the $5.99 shipping price for your return.

How to Verify at SheerID That You Are A Student

Don’t fret, to get verified as a student is quite a simple process and I’ll show you a clear way to achieve this. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  • Register or log in at SheerID.
  • Pick International students from the menu.
  • Decide on the brand you want to buy from.
  • Include other information, such as the name of the college or university, the applicant’s birthdate, and their email address.
  • Upload your tuition receipt, class schedule, or school ID card.
  • After your verification is complete, then you are sent a promo code to use at the checkout.


The student discount for Madewell is a way for the company to help college students afford clothes that allows them to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time. So, whether you’re already a Madewell fan or looking for your next top brand, you’ll find plenty of Madewell styles to obsess over.

The best chance you will have to use it is right now, so seize it! You will be able to purchase the majority of items for less than the suggested retail price once you have established your student status. So, you can save money at quite a few places if you have your student ID on hand. You can always rely on them!

So, you can go over the article again to learn more about the student discount for Madewell. Also, you can look at similar stores that offer student discounts.

Moreover, you can share this article with your friends and family members so that they can also save money using the Madewell student discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for the Madewell student discount?

This discount is valid in-store and online for any active teachers or college students who are 16 years of age or older and possess a valid ID. Also, employees of Teach for America and Donors Choose may also avail of this discount with a legitimate company ID card or a business card bearing a photo ID.

2. Can I use this discount for other promotions?

This discount isn’t used alongside select promotions and if there is another promotion on the website or in-store, you need to apply a deeper discount.

3. How long will I be verified?

Your verified status will be valid for one year, and your discount will be applied automatically when you log in to your Insider account. So, to renew your status after a year, you must go through the verification process again.

5. When will the Madewell student discount end?

There is no guarantee of when exactly the student discount will end. However, you should check the Madewell website regularly for updates.

6. Is there a shipping fee?

There is a $5.99 cost for each shipment from each shipping location for all orders. Also, on the item information page, under “Shipping Location,” you can see where your item is being shipped from.

7. Can I change the shipping address on my order?

Please send an email to with your order number and the new address to see if a shipping address change is possible. Also, the shipping address of an order cannot be modified after it has been processed.

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