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How To Buy A Macbook With Student Discount

You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to get a student discount on MacBook and other Apple products. 

If you’re a student, receiving an Apple student discount is a necessity.

Returning to school can be difficult, but you shouldn’t make it worse with an expensive gadget. 

Apple recognizes the tremendous amount of effort that students put in while still operating on a very tight budget.

This inspired them to create a student discount program. 

This discount has been widely accepted over time due to Apple’s loose policies on student discount eligibility. 

So you should take advantage and save yourself some money if you’re still in college or university.

With a better tool like a MacBook, you can finally sail through your academic assignments, increase productivity and free up time to complete other items on your to-do list.

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Should I Get A Macbook?

There are so many reasons to get a MacBook.

Some of these reasons include:

1. MacBook is beautiful

It’s important not to ignore the design. 

Fair enough, appearances do matter. 

Apple loves to keep things simple, as evidenced by the clean, rounded corners, and minimalist design of a Mac. 

Despite its slim appearance, the MacBook feels trustworthy and solid. 

The lightweight is another perk. 

This means that you won’t have to get a bulky bag to carry it.

2. MacBook is reliable

The Mac operating system is very reliable. 

MacBook is particularly stable because the software and hardware interact efficiently. 

There aren’t as many viruses available on macOS, so you don’t need to worry about them. 

However, your MacBook includes more built-in security measures to keep it secure and dependable.

Apple also releases updates often to keep the macOS up and running. 

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3. MacBook is user friendly

Apple’s products are renowned for being user-friendly. 

You can discover all choices and programs with ease because macOS is straightforward. 

This is more effective when you are accustomed to Apple’s ecosystem as a result of already owning an iPhone or an iPad. 

The compatibility of every Apple product is excellent. 

An email can be started on an iPhone and finished on a MacBook, for example. 

And what about adding a second screen to your MacBook using an iPad? The options are limitless.

4. MacBook is durable

MacBooks last longer and consistently receive high marks for durability, which is not surprising. 

This is because the entire MacBook is constructed of aluminum. 

The substance is long-lasting and retains its beauty. 

Additionally, it has a high value as a trade-in. 

So when you want to upgrade after a few years to a newer model, your outdated MacBook is easily worth a few hundred euros.

5. MacBook has a good battery

You can test a computer’s battery life on top of its durability. 

This is another area where a MacBook consistently performs well. 

It can easily go the entire workday without needing to be recharged. 

That means if you neglected to pack your charger, you don’t need to be concerned. 

The battery life of a MacBook is about 12 hours, but it also depends on how much you use it.

Can I Buy A Macbook With Student Discount?

Yes, Apple’s education program can get you a MacBook with a student discount.

What Is The Apple’s Education Program?

Apple education program is a free professional development program created to encourage and support educators who use Apple products in their classrooms and throughout their classrooms.

It comprises three branches:

  • Apple student discount
  • Apple teachers discount
  • Apple employee discount

Am I Eligible To Buy A Macbook With Student Discount?

You are eligible if you’re currently in college. 

Parents and teachers also receive discounts.

How Much Student Discount Can I Get On A MacBook?

With the Apple Student Discount, you won’t necessarily save a specific amount, but you may anticipate saving about 10% off the retail price of Apple items.

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How Do I Get The Student Discount With Macbook?

If you’re qualified, visit the Apple For Education website.

The website highlights the current discounts offered to students and staff.

  1. Click on ‘Shop with Apple Education Pricing’. This will then prompt you to choose the MacBook you want.
  2. After this, they would want to confirm your student status by getting you to log in to your university portal. So fill in your university name and they’ll redirect you to your school’s portal.
  3. Once they’ve confirmed your status, you’ll now be eligible for a student discount on your Mac

You can order your devices after you’ve been approved. 

Note that you are only allowed to buy one desktop, one Mac mini, one laptop, two iPads, two screens, and two licenses of software from Apple each school year.

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The Apple Education Store also offers discounts on iPads, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad mini. 

The iPad base model discounts are listed below:


  • iPad: regular price $329; student price $309
  • iPad mini: regular price $499; student price: $449
  • iPad Air: regular price $599; student price: $549
  • iPad Pro: regular price $799; student price: $749


  • iPad: MSRP £329 Student price: £309.60
  • iPad mini: MSRP £479 Student price: TBC 
  • iPad Air: MSRP £569 Student price: £526.80
  • iPad Pro: MSRP £749 Student price: £711.60

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Frequently Asked Questions On Buying A Macbook With Student Discount

Do students get a discount on Macs?

The Apple Education Store provides student discounts for MacBooks all year long.

The program allows students, teachers, and others who work for an educational institution to save money on a new Mac, MacBook, or iPad.

Do students get free AirPods with MacBook?

Yes, you can get a free Airpod with your MacBook.

Although complimentary AirPods are no longer available, the devices themselves are still inexpensive.

How does Apple prove you’re a student?

They make use of UNiDAYS.

Institutional Verification is Required in Apple’s US Education Store to Purchase Discounted Items. 

You have to prove that they are current students, teachers, or employees at an educational institution.

How does the Mac education discount work?

The operation is simple.
Log in to the site, verify youre eligible and the discount will be yours.

Can high school students get Apple discount?

For Apple to give you a discount, you must be a college student.


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