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Lenovo Student Discount (2023)

Don’t start thinking that you don’t need a laptop because you don’t have enough money. You can’t make presentations or attend online classes with your notebook. The truth is that a laptop is equally as important as going to class every day. When it comes to laptops for college students, you want something fashionable and up-to-date. So, what if I told you that there is a Lenovo student discount?

However, with such high expectations, you also want something reasonably priced so that you don’t go into debt to purchase a laptop. This is where it gets interesting. Lenovo is one of those laptop manufacturers that provides slickness and efficiency.

However, quality comes at a cost, and Lenovo’s products are not cheap. Lenovo understands your plight as a student and will give you up to a 25% discount on student laptops if you can show proof of enrollment. This Lenovo student discount is all yours as long as you’re able to prove that you’re a student enrolling in a qualifying college. It doesn’t apply to primary and secondary school students.

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What is Lenovo?

Lenovo is a manufacturer of personal computers, smartphones, televisions, and wearable devices. Lenovo is a well-known global technology company. The company was founded in Hong Kong and has offices in Beijing, Singapore, and the United States.

When looking for tech items like laptops, desktop computers, or smart devices, most students have probably heard of the Lenovo brand. It has a wide range of products to suit all budgets, whether you want high-spec gaming equipment or a low-cost laptop for your university assignments.

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Who is Eligible for a Lenovo Student Discount?

To be eligible for a Lenovo student laptop discount, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to qualify.
  • At the time of application, you must be enrolled in a college, university, community college, or technical college.

For clarification once more, if you are a primary or secondary school student, you are not eligible for the student discount for Lenovo. College students under the age of eighteen are not eligible for the discount.

Furthermore, if you are currently enrolled in professional training courses but not at a qualifying university or college, you will not be eligible for the Lenovo student laptop discount.

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How to Get the Lenovo Student Discount

Due to the fact that Lenovo uses ID.me to verify your enrollment, you must create an ID.me account and set it up before you can take advantage of the Lenovo student discount.

1. Go to ID.me and click “For Individuals.”

2. Select the “Create an ID.me account.”

3. Enter your email address, create a password, and click “Sign up.”

4. In the upper-right corner of the page, click “My Account.”

5. In the My IDs section, click “Manage IDs.”

6. Select “Add” from the Student button.

7. Select “Confirm your school enrollment” from the pop-up window that appears.

8. Choose Begin.

9. Select your school, fill out your information, and click Continue.

10. Your ID.me account is ready to use if the system automatically verifies your enrollment.

Follow any additional instructions on the ID.me website before visiting Lenovo.com to redeem your discount. If the system is unable to verify your enrollment, proceed to step 9 and choose Upload student documentation.

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What Should You Do If the Automatic Verification Fails?

Due to the fact that Lenovo uses ID.me to verify your student status, the verification process is usually automated and painless. However, if the process fails, you can access your student discount by uploading your supporting documentation.

ID.me accepts the following forms of identification:

  • A current student ID card with an expiration date is visible.
  • A transcript that demonstrates current enrollment
  • A letter of enrollment confirmation from your school’s Office of the Registrar

If you still cannot access the student discount after manually providing documentation, contact customer support for further assistance.

How to Take Advantage of Your Lenovo Student Discount

The Lenovo student discount for laptop purchases works in the same way as a coupon code does. When you’re ready to check out and buy your items, you use it. Instead of a coupon code, you’d enter your ID.me information in this case.

Lenovo discounts your laptop purchase because your ID.me information confirms that you are a college student. The steps to taking advantage of your Lenovo student discount are as follows:

1. Select “Shop ThinkPad laptops” or “Shop IdeaPad laptops” from the drop-down menu on Lenovo’s Student & Teacher Discounts page.

2. Look for a laptop that piques your interest, then click  “shop now”.

3. Click “view”to choose a specific laptop.

4. Select a model, then click “add to cart.”

5. Verify your identity at ID.me.

6. To receive the Lenovo student discount, select “Student, then click “Continue” to sign in.

Before completing your purchase, double-check that your discount has been applied to your item.

What Happens to My Lenovo Student Discount When I Graduate?

Remember that the Lenovo student laptop discount is only available to students who are currently enrolled in accredited colleges.

As a result, you will no longer be eligible for the Lenovo student laptop discount if you graduate or drop out of college. If you decide to become a teacher or a service member in the future, your ID.me account may need to be updated. You will be eligible for the Lenovo student and teacher laptop discount in this case.

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What does the Lenovo Student Discount Get You?

Lenovo student discounts range from 5 to 25% off popular brands like the Thinkpad and Ideapad. There is no set discount amount, but you can view the current deals by visiting the Lenovo Student and Teacher Discounts page.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Laptop

1. It will help you to access the internet and send emails.

A laptop enables students to conduct essay research on the internet. The internet provides easy access to any information needed to complete essays on time. The internet also helps me understand what my professor expects from assignments.

Laptops enable students to email their essays to the professor and have them returned with comments, suggestions, and edits.

2. You spell words correctly with a laptop’s in-built Grammar and spelling checker.

Laptops include a built-in spell checker, allowing students to ensure that their essay’s spelling is correct. This is an excellent tool for any student because it ensures that their essay will be well-written and error-free.

Laptops also include a dictionary, which is helpful for students who are not fluent in English. When they don’t know what words or phrases mean, they can look them up in the dictionary.

This feature of a laptop is particularly useful for students writing essays on subjects such as history or science, as it allows them to check the meaning of specific words in the text.

3. Laptops allow you to store large files.

Due to the fact that you will need to accomplish a lot of projects and research while in college, a laptop is a necessity. There is a lot of storage space on your laptop.

Your essays can be simply stored for reference or editing in the future. If you choose, you can even save images or videos from the classroom or educational events.

4. Laptops are portability and easy to carry along.

Laptops are lighter than desktop computers and can be carried in a bag. As a result, laptops are more convenient to use.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Lenovo Laptop

1. Lenovo has innovation:

Lenovo laptops have recently seen significant improvements in the areas that matter. With powerful processors and graphics cards becoming the norm, their graphics are better than ever.

All of this while laptops have shrunk in size, making them far more convenient and travel-friendly than ever before.

The screen-based keypad available in many models that transitions from a traditional keyboard to an illustration pad to an e-reader at the touch of a button is a great example of why you should buy a Lenovo laptop.

2. Their laptops have longer battery life:

Most Lenovo laptops can run continuously for half a day before needing to be recharged. Many of Lenovo’s newest products can last up to 15 hours before needing to be recharged. Especially if you use the laptop for casual applications that use less power, such as typing, internet browsing, and so on.

That is practically unheard of in the laptop industry and can provide you with more power without having to worry about running out of battery power as you go.

3. They are affordable:

A laptop can cost as much as a car payment, creating a financial burden. This is especially true if you plan on running high-performance applications on your laptop.

Lenovo provides reasonably priced products. Instead of spending potentially thousands of dollars, you can get a Lenovo laptop for much less: typically half that price, and even less if you want a basic or refurbished model to meet your everyday needs.

Similar Stores with Lenovo Student Discount:

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What Happens When I Can’t Afford to Buy a Laptop for a Student?

If you can’t afford a Lenovo laptop but want to take advantage of the student discount, Lenovo offers a computer financing option.

Lenovo’s flexible laptop financing option is available to students and teachers. This is to keep you from submitting late assignments or failing to adequately prepare for your next lecture.

Lenovo’s computer financing allows you to obtain computer financing without a credit check. Lenovo provides a computer loan option- Lenovo klarna


The student discount for Lenovo is a way for the company to help college students and teachers buy a laptop that will allow them to complete their tasks effectively.

All Lenovo Ideapad and Thinkpad laptops qualify for the discount. It’s a 20% discount on the Ideapad and a 25% discount on the retail price of the Thinkpad.

To be eligible for this Lenovo student discount, you must be a current student at an accredited two-year or four-year college in the United States.

You can go over the article again to learn more about the student discount for Lenovo.

Also, you can look at similar stores that offer student discounts.

Moreover, you can share this article with your friends and family members so that they can also save money using the Lenovo student discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I confirm my status?

On Lenovo.com, you can verify your college student or teacher status by clicking the verification button in the shopping cart. Simply log in to your account to receive discounts on future orders after completing your verification.

2. Are there any items that are not eligible for the Lenovo student discount?

All items in a specific Student Store are discounted for students when you access it. All items from the main site may not be available through the Lenovo Student Store, but you should be able to find everything you need for university life.

3. What is Lenovo’s estimated delivery time?

Lenovo takes about 5-7 business days to deliver its products in metro cities, while it takes about 12-14 days to deliver a product in non-metro cities, depending on the pin code where you want your product delivered. When you confirm your order, the estimated delivery time will be displayed on your screen.

4. Which is better for you: a laptop or a tablet?

You’re thinking about getting a new computer but can’t decide between a tablet and a laptop? That should come as no surprise, given that today’s ultraportable, highly functional tablet PCs have the capabilities of a full-fledged laptop. Read this: Laptop or Tablet?

5. What laptop is the best for a student?

When shopping for the best student laptops for school or college, it’s critical to select features that fit your budget as well as the student’s educational and lifestyle needs – both now and in a few years when they finish their course curriculum. Check this out: What Is the Best Student Laptop?

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