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How to Get LA Fitness Student Discount in 2023

If working out is your forte or you clear your head by gyming then you would love to know about the LA Fitness student discount. Most people prefer to work out at home because of how expensive gyms are. Because of this factor, they result in apps and homemade equipment.

However, as creative as this is, working out at the gym has numerous advantages, you have real equipment that works more effectively.

You have a gym supervisor who can guide you on your routine right and so much more. Well, if you have realized this already, I have a solution that will make a whole lot of difference to you.

LA Fitness student discount is offering you 15% off on their gym plans. So, this way you can resume doing what you love and have access to all these advantages. You can take advantage of this offer by just signing up.

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About LA Fitness

LA Fitness is an American-based Gym chain that has about 700 clubs in the US and Canada. It was founded on November 1st, 1984, in Los Angeles, California. Its headquarters is in Irvine, California and it was founded by Chin Yol Yi and Louis Welch in Los Angeles, California.

The company expands its clubs by focusing on finding better ways to improve the physical and emotional well-being of its members.

With over 700 clubs spreading all over the US and Canada. LA fitness’s growth it’s contributed to its commitment and understanding of its customer’s unique needs.

Also, they have a wide range of equipment and highly trained staff, and they also offer workout plans to family members of all ages.

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What Is LA Fitness Student Discount?

LA Fitness’ student discount is just like another student discount. It aims at the cost of membership plans for students. Students spend a lot on other needs and might not have extra money for gym fees.

So, the 15% LA fitness is offering will do a whole lot of good for them. Despite the discount they offer, LA has amazing offers like good equipment, helpful service, and many more.

How To Use LA Fitness Student Discount

It’s important to note that the LA fitness student discount varies on the location and manager. Not all LA fitness clubs give discounts so you would need to make inquiries with the manager of the LA fitness store near you.

So, stop by or get their contact info and see if they have any discount that will work for you. Most gyms near schools will most likely give you a discount because they will benefit from it. So, don’t lose hold of this opportunity.

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Reasons You Should Use LA Fitness Student Discount

LA Is a great gym with a lot of great things to offer from equipment to gym instructors and the health benefits gyming does for you.

So, it’s a truckload of benefits for you at a low price. But if you are having second thoughts about paying for a membership plan. Here are a few reasons you should use the LA Fitness student discount.

1.   Quality Equipment

This gym doesn’t only offer an amazing LA fitness student discount, they have quality equipment that will make workouts better and more effective. In current times there are a lot of options that show people how to exercise without tools.

Although, as amazing as this is, the truth is that it won’t have the same effect as equipment will. The weights, treadmills, and other things will help you build your dream body faster. So, do away with those makeshift tools and no tools routine and sign up for the LA Fitness student discount.

2.   Saves Money

Everyone likes a student discount or discounts as a whole, it’s a way to save money and use them for more essential needs. LA fitness is offering students 15% off on gym plans and as I said earlier, it may differ depending on the location and the manager at that particular club.

But it is assured either way you are getting a slash of the original price but you are getting the same quality! Amazing!

So if you have been shying away from the gym because of the expensive fees then LA has created a solution that will favor you, all you need to do is sign up and you’ll enjoy this bonus

3.   Professional Gym instructors

Gym instructors are like your guardians in the gym, they help you 2ith your routine, show you how to do a workout properly, and help you stay committed to your schedule.

Honestly, there is only so much a mobile app can do, you can simply silence the notifications or skip a few days and do them whenever you feel you should do it.

Because with that kind of behavior, you might not get anywhere close to your dream body or even keep fit.

So, if your goal is super important to you and you know you need guidance then you should sign up for the gym.

4.   User-Friendly Mobile Apps

Now, LA fitness mobile apps are used as digital membership cards. to access the equipment, facilities, or services of LA fitness.

This is super great if you like to go to the gym to clear your head or live far away from the gym. Also, you don’t need to turn back home and get your membership card. You just need to open the app and you’re good to go!

Apart from being amazing, you can use the app to book personal sessions and get information about gyms and group exercises.

You don’t need to call the contact number on their flyer, all you need is the mobile app and you can set up a training session.

Also, you would get notified on things like group gyming, some of the things you might not remember even with a good memory.

 All you need to do to enjoy this offer is sign up and download, their apps are on Google Play, apple, and other app stores. Click here to download their mobile app on Playstore, or on Appstore.

5.   Excellent Services

Good services are always received warmly. Everyone wants good reception and LA fitness is providing that to its members, they are constantly looking for ways to help their members benefit from gyming or meet their member’s wishes.

With top-notch equipment, professional gym instructors, student discounts and so much to offer, LA fitness has the best service you will need. To enjoy all the benefits just sign up and start enjoying any of these benefits.

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Ways to Save On LA Fitness

After seeing the benefits, you get from joining LA Fitness, you must want to sign up now.

But the 15% LA fitness Student Discount isn’t enough or the slash still doesn’t meet your budget, I have other options you can try. So, I’ll be making a small list of ways you can save and you can see if any first your price range.

1.   Employee Discount

Just like they offer student discounts, LA fitness has employee discounts for those employees that get paid peanuts but work a lot.

If you fit into the category or know someone who might fit the category, let them know.

So they can head down to any LA fitness club and make inquiries about the employee discount they have to offer you, you never know how far that slash or discount could help your salary.

2.   $1 A Day.

LA fitness has a $1 Day offer, which is great! You pay $29.99 monthly and it’s a nice slash on gym prices.

If you are a new member at LA fitness you get an initiation fee of $99, if you want this fee removed you can join a single club and access the lotion of your choice, you just have to pay $1 a day and $29.99 monthly.

If you want multi-club access then, there’s an initiation fee of $49.99, this amount is only for the first payment after that you can pay $29.99 monthly. Please note You can’t use coupons to pay for an initiation fee.

3.   Use AAA

AAA gives amazing discounts and almost everybody knows this. If you are an AAA member you get access to a truckload of discount codes and deals. To get access to the LA fitness discount, here is a quick guide on what to do:

  •  Signup or login into your AAA account
  • At the top menu, click on “Discount & Rewards”
  • Once done, click on “Browse All Categories”
  • Search LA fitness, and select stores, “Stores: LA Fitness
  • Check the coupons they have to offer and select the best. And that’s it.

If you follow these steps you can get access to a lot of beneficiary discount codes that could make a whole lot of things easier for you. So, don’t let go of this opportunity.

4.   Free Trials

Gyming is a sacred practice to most people, some people can’t work out in gyms because they can’t connect with the environment and some other factors too, whatever the reason is, it’s understandable and LA Fitness allows new members to use the gym with a guest for free. These free passes can be used 5 times before they expire. So, head on to the store and see if LA is your place.

5.   Talk to The Manager

You never know who is willing to give you a discount until you ask. So go on to that Gym club close to you and speak with the manager, try to negotiate a price or find out which deal is the cheapest around there. You never know what offer they have that might favor you so just ask.

Although it is necessary to keep an open mind while talking to the manager, please remember that not all managers might budge and give you a very low discount. But again, just go with an open mind.

6.   Sign Up for Newsletters

Newsletters, this way you get the latest info whenever and wherever you are. The hottest deals, coupons, and best offers are sent to your email.

All you have to do is click on them and view the best offer for you. Just sign up and enjoy getting the latest info about LA Fitness. Also, you could subscribe to get notified about their blog articles.

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Past Offers

Over the years, LA Fitness has offered amazing discounts to its members. Here are a few of the coupons that they offered. We hope more coupons like this make a comeback.

  • 25% off LA Fitness gear at LA Fitness
  • 15% off any order
  • 30% off; CYBER WEEK CODE
  • Black Friday offer; Join online for as low as $34.99 per month
  • Cyber Monday; Get started for as low as $24.99 per month
  • Black Friday special; Single membership for as low as $ 24.99
  • New arrivals start as low as $4.99

And many more offers.


In conclusion, gym membership plans aren’t always that expensive. LA Fitness is proof of that, so if you have been looking for something that can meet your budget then LA Fitness is your place.

You don’t have to stop gyming just because you are a student. They offer you a large way to save with them, so sign up or browse the internet for codes that will help you save your money and still do what you love, it all depends on you. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does LA Fitness Offer Students?

LA Fitness offers students a 15% discount on membership plans

2. How Much Is LA Fitness’ Monthly Fee?

LA fitness has several plans, some cost as low as $29.99 monthly.

3. Does Every LA Fitness Club Offer Student Discounts?

Unfortunately, not every location offers a student discount. These discounts vary on location and managers.

4. Do I Get A Free Trial At LA Fitness Gym?

Well, yes. You do! LA offers a 5day free trial to you and a guest.

5. Where Is LA Fitness Gym Located?

LA Fitness has about 700 clubs that are spread across the US and Canada. If you want to know the one next to you, I suggest you check online.

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