Jobs That Hire at 15 in Kansas City

jobs that hire at 15 in kansas city

At age 15, you can work in Kansas City. There are so many entry-level jobs that hire at 15 in Kansas City. 

A teen in Kansas can work as a Barista, Busser, Caddy, Camp counselor, Cashier, Dog walker, Dishwasher, Grocery bagger, etc.

Some of the jobs that a teen can do in Kansas City include 

Teaching jobs

Anybody can teach anything. Whether it’s academic-related, artistic, or something related to sports. Any teen can take up any subject, skill, or craft and teach others for money.

The beauty in teaching is that it’s not limited to any pay or setting. You can teach anywhere and any time and fix the pay suitable for you.


Most teens apply for a front desk jobs in companies as a receptionist. Their job would be to attend to visitors and direct them to the necessary section or person. 

This job would only require the willingness to work and good interpersonal skills.

Sales rep

A sales rep’s job is to sell. As simple as that sounds, sales is a major part of the business. If a teen at 15 would put in the work, he or she will have a higher chance of growth in the sales sector of any brand.


It could be as a personal assistant or for a brand. Your job here is to help out. 

As a team, you can assist companies to meet their sales or customer acquisition target or any other business goals. You can also serve as a personal assistant where you help busy people organize themselves and perform some tasks. 


As an attendant, you will perform a variety of customer support and service tasks for establishments like hotels, dining establishments, parking operations, outdoor facilities, and retail businesses. 

Your job is to assist clients, provide information, and ensure orderly and efficient operations.

This also requires good interpersonal skills, a willingness to learn, and dedication.

  1. Brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is required to spread the good news of a brand. Your job here is to support a brand by creating and uploading content that encourages the public to engage with its products and services.

Brand Ambassadors work with the sales and marketing team to come up with unique strategies to market their products and services. 

You should have strong interpersonal and marketing skills to be successful at this.

Brand Associate

As a brand associate, you will be responsible for engaging and connecting with customers by providing excellent customer services that would result in brand loyalty. 

You should be an expert in a particular field and offer these services to a company’s customers. 

Crew team member

As a crew team member, your role and the kind of industry you can work with are specific.

A crew member works in a restaurant to do tasks like completing food preparation, customer service, and sanitization tasks. 

A crew member may work in the kitchen, following recipe and food preparation instructions or at the counter, taking orders, answering customer questions, and operating the cash register.

Jobs in Kansas that are hiring teens right now include

  1. Store associate at CVS health retails in Kansas City MO
  2. Library Assistant at Kansas City Library 
  3. Part-time cashier at Nebraska Furniture Mart, Kansas City
  4. Part-time crew team member at McDonald’s, Kansas city
  5. Brand Ambassador at American Eagles Outfitters, Kansas city
  6. Store Associate at Big lots, Kansas City 
  7. Summer painter at Park Hills School District, Kansas City 
  8. Brand ambassador at Aerie, Kansas city
  9. Information and reference service associate in Kansas public library
  10. MCteam member at McDonald
  11. Retails sales clerk at Russell Stover Chocolates LLC,  Kansas City, KS
  12. Sales Associate at Hot topic Inc.
  13.  RBI-Concessions Crew, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City
  14. A part-time retail sales associate at Hallmark
  15. Daytime lifeguard at YMCA of Greater Kansas City
  16. Team member at Hamra noodle and company, MO
  17. Part-time Sales and retail associate at Addidas
  18. Child care ministry aide at the Salvation Army church, Kansas
  19. Stylish sales associate in Maurice, Liberty, MO
  20. Activities Assistant at Tiffany Springs Retirement Assisted Living in Aegis Therapies, Kansas City, MO
  21. Food and Beverage Associate in LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Kansas City

You can apply for these jobs here

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FAQs on Jobs that hire at 15 in Kansas City 

Do companies hire teens at 15 in Kansas City? 

Yes, companies hire teens at 15 in Kansas City.

Most teens who are 14 or 15 years old can be hired to work up to three hours on a school day, 18 hours during a school week, eight hours on a non-school day, and 40 hours during a non-school week.

What are the requirements to hire a teen for a job at 15 in Kansas City?

Most times, all you need is a work permit and a means of identification.

Although some other companies can have other requirements.

How much does a job that hires at 15 in Kansas city pay?

In Kansas City, a living wage starts at $11.85. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. So it is normal to pay within these ranges.

Summing it up on jobs that hire at 15 in Kansas

Because not so much is required to be hired for a job at 15, it makes sense to think that what would set you apart in these jobs is your hard work and dedication.

Don’t just go for the money alone, go for the experience, do your best, learn from the job and become a better person with the job.

It will all pay off in the long run.

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