10 Best jobs for retired teachers 2023

The best jobs for retired teachers are numerous. As the saying goes, “once a teacher, always a teacher.”

As a one-time teacher, there are other jobs you can partake in after you retire. Even if you retired at an old age, there are still jobs that would be suitable for your age.

And another interesting part is that these jobs may pay you higher than your past teaching job. So why wait?

By the end of this article, you will be able to pick which of the jobs for retired teachers suits you best.

Good paying jobs for retired teachers


The national average salary is $50,000 annually.

Legal research and preparing documents relevant to a specific case are some of the tasks that a paralegal can assist a lawyer with.

No matter what type of case you’re working on, the role of a paralegal is critical to the success of a lawyer’s client representation.

Teachers who already possess strong organizational abilities may find it easy to transition to this new role. However, because it isn’t the most traditional method of instructing others, not everyone considers it.

Because of the nature of this position, you must be certified and have a bachelor’s degree to apply.

Educational consultant

The national average salary is $51,000 per year.

Underperforming teachers can benefit from the guidance of an educational consultant or advisor.

In the classroom, you can help teachers improve their communication skills, and technology proficiency, and teach them the most effective ways to instruct students.

Also, advisor duties can be performed by a company that sells educational resources.

Leadership and effective communication are two of the most important traits that educational consultants should possess.

You must have an advanced degree in education in order to work as an educational consultant.

If you have a clear vision of what you want to do when you retire, it may be worthwhile to pursue a master’s degree, as most of these jobs require one.

Sales representative

The national average salary is $57,896 per year.

This is one of the best jobs for a retired teacher. A sales representative convinces people to buy from a company. With your speaking and communication skills, you are likely a natural at this type of work. 

Many retired teachers choose to work in this field part-time. If you love speaking with people, this would be a great fit for you.

There is no specified educational pathway to work in this position, but an uncapped commission can lead to high earnings during retirement. 

This is a good position to work in if you like to be around people, and a retired teacher’s experience is valuable for this profession.

Corporate trainer

The national average salary is $65,342 per year.

With the help of management and employees, a corporate trainer aims to improve the company’s efficiency and productivity.

To help their employees improve their performance, they devise training programs and provide ongoing education about industry best practices.

You’d teach them how to conduct technical research, as well as how to improve their writing, communication, and leadership abilities as a result of this.

As part of this collaboration, trainers and managers look for new ways to create a strong culture and link it to the company’s objectives.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in education, which can easily be obtained by a retired teacher.


The national average salary is $77,552 per year.

As one of the best jobs for a retired teacher, you will gather data from a variety of sources, analyze it, and present it to your boss.

Many ex-teachers have extensive research experience as well. There are jobs out there for you because not everyone has the confidence to do this.

Many different industries may employ them, but the research they conduct is critical to their goals.

You will be conducting research on trends in the stock market, the environment, medical science, consumer behavior, etc.

Part-time and even online work options are available in this field.

Adjunct professor

The national average salary is $135,320 per year.

Adjunct professors and instructors work on a contract basis and are typically part-time.

To stay active while still enjoying your retirement, you may be able to teach one or two classes per semester.

Adjunct professors are viewed by universities as contracted employees who teach a single course each semester to students.

In the first week of class, adjuncts prepare a course plan that they present to students and are responsible for the student’s learning environment throughout the semester.

It depends on the school, but you’ll need at least a master’s degree and relevant work experience to apply.

To get a better salary in this position, you should still go back to school for a master’s or doctoral degree.

Career coach

The national average salary is $30,960 per year.

A career coach helps people find the right path in life. In order to help their clients better manage stress, communicate effectively, and solve problems, they work with them to identify their goals and objectives for their work life.

Organizations can also work with them to develop a strategy for employee development and training to help them achieve their goals.

However, the educational experience and certification that teachers have earned during their careers make them qualified to work as counselors when they retire.


The national average salary is $42,640 per year.

Tutoring is a great option for retired teachers. You’ll be working one-on-one with students as a tutor, so you’ll be putting your skills and knowledge to good use.

If you want to continue having a positive impact on the lives of students after you retire, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Aside from test preparation and note-taking techniques, tutors teach their students valuable study skills that help them succeed in the classroom.

Math, science (particularly chemistry, biology, and physics), and English are some of the most in-demand tutoring specialties.

Tutoring can take place in person or virtually, depending on where the student lives. An increasing number of websites offer online tutoring services.

ESL instruction is in high demand around the world, making English a popular subject for online tutoring.

In order to keep up with the latest teaching methods, retired teachers should obtain a tutoring certification from a recognized organization.


The national average salary is $47,140 per year.

Writing a client’s stories is the responsibility of a writer. Individuals are targeted with content that encourages them to take action in the client’s favor, such as purchasing a product.

Researching facts is also necessary so that you can tell a truthful story and connect with the audience.

On Upwork, you’ll find thousands of new writing jobs being posted every single day.

For those with some writing experience, the job boards at ProBlogger and Blogging Pro are excellent resources.

There are no educational requirements for this job, but retired teachers are encouraged to build up a client base and increase their earnings by establishing a portfolio.


The National average salary is $50,258 per year

A writer submits a piece of writing to an editor, who reviews it. An organization’s style guide is the basis for whether or not the content is approved for publication.

Edited content can be published for public consumption in books, magazines, and websites, but editors have the authority to offer suggestions for how the article can be improved.

It may include fact-checking to ensure that the data is accurate, but the editor also ensures that the article is useful and interesting to readers by implementing the editor’s vision.

Increasingly, editors are required to work with online content. Of course, there are also editing positions available for print publications, but they may be more difficult to find. “

Upwork is a great place to find editing work. Your rates and the jobs you bid on will be under your control, as new job openings are added daily.

Companies look for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in English and have worked for a publication in the past.

When it comes to supplementing their retirement income, retired English teachers should strongly consider working as editors.

Technical Writer

The job of a technical writer is to read a lot of complicated information and make it understandable to the general public.

In fact, teachers may already have had some experience with this. It’s likely that you had to take scientific findings and simplify them for the benefit of young readers.

User guides, legal disclaimers, reports, and more are some of the typical tasks of a technical writer. When working as a technical writer, you may need to upskill as a data analyst. Hence, you should be prepared to work with a wide range of information.

Events Manager/Planner

As a teacher, you’ve likely arranged one or two events in your time. Most likely, you’ve had to coordinate a large group of students for an event like a parent night, school fair, or even a play or musical.

It’s essential for a successful event manager or planner to have this skill. Which makes this career a fantastic choice for those exiting teaching for something new.

Whether supporting a local government to plan events or working as a party or wedding planner, the level of organization and preparation you need in the classroom will pay off nicely.

Charity Management

To get away from traditional teaching while still being in the field of education, start a charity or non-profit business. Working with children or other vulnerable people can also be an option.

Teachers develop a wide range of management skills that translate well to work in non-profit organizations, such as time management and budget adherence.

In addition to their work in the classroom, many educators gain managerial or supervisory experience over time, making them ideal candidates for positions in nonprofit organizations that focus on helping and supporting children.

For the best results, look to charities near you or ones you’ve previously worked with in a teaching capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which of the jobs for retired teachers is the best?

All jobs are good for retired teachers, but for the best, it is better to get an online job.

For example, you could start a blog, and make passive income from AdSense.


For most teachers that retire during their old age, getting a new job may be stressful. But if you fall in this category, you could do well as a baby sister.

Just as established, a teacher remains a teacher. And after retirement, you can still apply your teaching skills to other sectors.

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