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How to Get the iPad 10% Student Discount in 2023

Student discounts are the best, I mean they help you save money. Even better, an iPad student discount is one of the best you can get when it comes to gadgets because it saves over 10% of initial spending. Well, I’m here to show you how this works. Here all you need to know about the iPad student discount, Apple is providing is available.

 Information about who is eligible, products available with the same discount, just about everything. You can save on the newest Apple products. Also, you can save on the latest iMac and iPad Pro.

Also, if you buy any of the Apple products, Apple will gift you a card worth about $150/£120 as part of its student discount. So, let’s find out all about the iPad student discount.

Who is Qualified for the iPad student discount?

If you’ve been wondering who qualifies for the iPad student discount, then they are:

Further/ higher education students

If you are up to 16 or older, enrolled in further or higher education, and have a valid student ID. These make you eligible for the iPad student discount from Apple, it is accessible. As soon as you enroll in the sixth grade, college, or university, you can sign up to access the discount.

Parents of students

Apple has been so kind as to extend the Apple student discount to the parents. So, the parents of eligible students get the chance of the discount benefits. That means you can get to save money when you buy an Apple product for your child. So, to avoid confusion though, you can’t access the deal you are purchasing a device for yourself.

People working in any educational facility.

If you have an interest and you are not a student or a parent, but you work in education then you are lucky. Any member of staff working at either a college, sixth grade, or university is also able to sign up for the discount. Thus, to claim your iPad student discount from Apple though, you have to provide a few documents to prove where you work.  Also, even those working for the PTA or PTO can get access.

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How to get a Student Discount from iPad.

It’s hard to believe I know, but you do not have to be a student to get this discount. The iPad student discounts are available for literally anyone in the education industry. So, this includes teachers, education workers, parents, school board members, or PTA members. However, all that is needed is to visit the Apple Store and search for discount options. Also, verifying your credentials is that easy.

Although, how you can get your discount varies depending on the location. In the US, you can just go to the US Apple Store for Education. So, you can do this by the following process

  • Open it in a new tab, preferably use your university network for this.
  • Visit the Apple website
  • Then, follow the steps to choose your items.

 It would help also to have your proof of eligibility available when signing up. It may not be required, but it is better if it is available to have in case required.

Over in the UK though, it is honestly not as simple. When processing your student discount,

  • Go over to the UK Apple Store for Education.
  • Open a new tab where you can sign up
  • Visit the student discount website Unidays, opening a new tab is necessary.

 Unidays are free for discount processing, but you have to provide a little information about your course and university, to make sure your account gets checked.

Does it sound like a lot? There is help if you call Apple (1–800–692–7753). Also, you could chat online with their correspondent, then they can help you with information or directions. Simply, visit their customer care website for any further inquiries.

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Things Necessary to Obtain iPad Student Discount.

If you are searching for how to get the iPad student discount, here are very useful tips you could use.

  • You need to own and use a valid College ID card.
  • Please it’s not available for students above 25. 
  • The discount is available also for students from Class 10 and above only.
  • In some countries, you can get it through an Apple Premium Reseller or Apple’s official Online Store. That being said, be sure to fulfill the requirements in both cases.
  • For online transactions, an iPad discount for students needs you to verify yourself as a Student on Apple’s website. So here are more options.
  • Head to the Apple Education Pricing page on your browser.
  • Click on “Education to access packages” in the US. While you can click here for students in the UK.
  • Make sure to sign up with Unidays to verify your age and student status.
  • Then select your year of study and the course’s length. Next, you provide the email ID given by your university.
  • Then, you upload the ID the college or university issued as instructed.

Once these steps are taken and your student status is verified, you’ll be able to access the Ipad student discount from Apple’s Education Store.

That done, you can select desired products and checkout to proceed with discounted purchases.

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Pricing for IOS products.

The student discount is also available on the following IOS products:

  • MacBook Air
  •  MacBook Pro
  • iMac Pro, iMac
  • Mac Pro
  •  Pro Display XDR
  • Mac mini
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini versions and
  •  iPad.

You cannot claim these offers on other products like the iPhone, Apple tv, Apple Watch, or Air pods.

But, if you realize that the student discount does not apply to you, then there is something else for you. You can save some money by checking out the best MacBook Pro deals available for iPad deals and iPhone 13 deals.

What are the products that are available with the iPad student Discounts?

If you are on the hunt for a Mac, then the iPad Student Discount here applies to the MacBook Air with the M1 or M2 chip. Then, the MacBook Pro 13,14, or 16 inches is included in the discount deal. Also, as the iMac, Studio Display, Mac mini, Pro Display XDR, the Mac Pro, and even the Mac Studio.

 But, if you are on the lookout for something portable like the iPad, you can save on the iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad Pro. You can get awesome brand-new devices with some of the best Apple apps working with the Pro Apps bundle.

This bundle includes the Logic Pro X, Motion, Compressor, Final cut pro, and MainStage. This is the perfect app bundle for any young creative.

The other big Apple student discount at the moment is for Apple Music users. This is a bit simpler: a straight 50 percent off, meaning you pay $4.99 / £4.99 monthly instead of the normal $9.99 / £9.99 per month for about 48 months.

 Then as an extra, Apple is offering also two months of Apple TV completely free – sounds nice right? You ask, what is the best part of the Apple student discount? The amazing thing about the discount is that it applies to all of Apple’s brand-spanking-new products. This means that you can save money on all products, ranging from the 2022 iPad Air to the Mac Studio which is fully equipped with the powerful M1Max or M1 Ultra chip.

If you finally get to the Apple Store and can’t decide on a product you fancy the most, then the website is available to help again (you are welcome). It brims with tons of information about various Apple Products. Perhaps the Apple iPad Air review may aid the choosing process of the tablet of your dreams.

N.B: Read a bit more about the products for more information.

Education Discounts Outside of the U.S.

Apple offers educational discounts outside of the United States, and the method of verifying varies by country. In the UK, for example, the enrollment must be verified using the UNiDAYS service or with Apple using the student ID or university acceptance letter. It’s worth of note that not all countries require this level of verification, so it’s best to look at educational sites for the verification process in the country where you live.

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Deals Available from Apple in the United States.

Save on MacBooks

Whichever kind of MacBook you are after, whether the newest MacBook Pro which is equipped with the incredibly powerful M1 Pro chip, or the light and portable MacBook Air, you can get an Apple student discount. A beautiful example, you can get a MacBook Air could for as little as $899.

Save on iPads

There are some amazing savings to be accessed across the range of iPods, making it the ideal solution for taking notes during lectures. You may pick up a basic iPad for $309, while the iPad Pro is available for $749, and expect discounts on the iPad Air, too, the price starts at $549.

Save on an iMac, Mac Pro, iMac Pro, or Mac mini

Do you prefer a full-sized computer to a MacBook? That is cool; there are Apple student discounts that are available across the Mac range. You can check from the little Mac Mini-price range of $649 through to the iMac which is from $1,249. Also, up to the mighty Mac Pro which is from $5,599. A discount on the brand-new Mac Studio is available starting at $1799.

Get the Half-price for Apple Music and Free Apple TV Plus

As a student, you can get Apple Music for half the price, paying just $4.99 a month instead of the usual $9.99 for up to 48 months. You will not only have access to about 75 million songs, but you will get also, Apple TV plus for free for a limited time. This way you can binge-watch award-winning shows like the Morning Show or Ted Lossa.

The iPad student discount offered by Apple allows you to get pro app bundles for $199.99

Do you need to understand industry-standard creative apps? Using your iPad student discount, you can get five of Apple’s top apps for $199.99. This Pro Apps Bundle includes Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Compressor, Motion, and MainStage. These bundles are perfect for any creative.

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The iPad Student Discount offered by Apple is a great way for students to save money. They save while buying productivity-oriented products like the Mac and iPad. Though there is no set amount on how much you get to save with the Apple Student discount, however, you can expect to save a rough approximately 10%.

So, you get 10% off the full-price Apple products cost. I know, that does not sound like a reasonable amount of cash, but I assure you that all the savings add up eventually. With that being said, I most definitely recommend shopping around a little too, just to make sure you are saving the most money. There is a roundup of the best Apple deals to assist you to shop for the best price, so you should check that out.


1. Are HDFC Card Discounts applicable to Apple Student Discounts?

No, HDFC card offers cannot be used together with student discounts in Apple Store. However, some resellers like Imagin may allow clubbing the card and student discount. It’s advised to check before making the purchase.

2. Does the Apple India Store offer GST Input for purchases made under the Student Discounts?

No, the GST input is not available for purchases under the Student offer available.

3. Can one combine Apple Student Discount with other offers?

You cannot combine Apple Student Discount with either HDFC Card Offers or a GST Input. For other offers, please double-check with the retailer.

4. What if the college is not listed in MyUniDays for Student Verification?

If you are not able to use MyUniDays, Apple, on the website, mentions that it can also verify a student’s status through chat and call with the ID and acceptance letter which was issued by a university.

5. How long does the Apple Back to School deal last?

Apple’s Back to School deal lasts about two months. Its 2022 promotion is ongoing now in the US and is available from June 24 to September 26, 2022. However, this promo period works differently from one eligible country to another.

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