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Top 10 Interview Secrets Every Professional Should Know

To be a professional in a particular field, you must go through a series of job interviews to prove your competence. Job interviews can be tricky and to ace these interviews, you need to know the top interview secrets.

In the course of this post, we will walk you through 10 out of the many interview secrets you should know.

An interview is simply a situation where the candidate sells him or herself for a particular job or position.

To get that dream job, you have to have these job interview secrets at your fingertips.

10 top interview secrets to getting your dream job

Prepare well

Physically and mentally, make sure you’re ready.

For your prep, ask yourself these two questions:

  • If I were the interviewer, what would I expect?
  • As the recruiter, what questions would I ask?

Prepare your questions too. The question should be relevant to the industry and the position you applied for.

Get the paper works ready; Your CV, cover letter, work samples, etc.

If you get the chance, ask what to expect of the interview or the type it would be so you prepare accordingly.

Make your research 

Doing background research on the company and what they stand for; its ideologies, worker profile, goals, future plans, etc. would give you an edge during the interview.

Don’t forget to know more about your job description and the kind of thing expected of you in that position.

During the interview, make a great first impression

The few minutes before the actual interview is very crucial.

Arrive on time, connect with other candidates, wear an honest smile, greet naturally, don’t force it, allow it to flow.

Dress accordingly too.

Listen well during the interview

Listening Is key. When you listen and understand the question you’re asked, it will be easier to answer accordingly. 

Keep up with the flow, don’t automate your answers. Giving correct answers to questions is a crucial interview secret.

Stay organized, Don’t rush, Be authentic, Focused, and Confident

These qualities would boost your self-esteem.

Being organized and calm would reduce tension to the barest.

Get your composer right and the interview would come out right.

A good sense of humor 

During the interview, lightning up the room with a good sense of humour. Don’t fake it, make it as real as possible.

While the other candidates struggle to be formal and serious, add some humour, but be professional about it.

Don’t be too theoretical, give practical answers

Use analogies, site instances, and examples. You can even use personal experiences.

But don’t include examples that are irrelevant to the interview.

Be honest

This might sound controversial. A lot of people prefer to lie about themselves and their qualifications and then grow themselves to meet these expectations.

Honesty is everything. Whether you’re already what you claim to be or you’re still preparing to be, be sure to be up and doing when necessary.

From your Cv and cover letter down to the interview proper state only what you are and can do.

Have a personal story

A good personal story should include; how you handle situations, stress, pressure, what you have learned so far, your failures and mistakes, your skills and talents, etc.

Remember to tell a story, but don’t go out of context.

Show a positive attitude and enthusiasm

One of the ways an employer would know you’re interested in a job is your attitude, your aura, and the kind of energy you exude.

It is natural to be uncertain and afraid, but being positive about the whole thing would make a lot of difference in your overall performance.

One good tip is to make peace with the fact that you might not get the job as there are other people available to take the job. This would make you less uncertain and worried and would generally affect your attitude and performance.

Just put in your best and wait for the outcome.

Bonus interview secrets to Ace your job interviews

Ask questions

During the job interview, ask relevant questions, Seek clarity on things you don’t understand, ask for more insights, make contributions, and, follow up on what is being said.

Asking questions is one way to show you’re interested in a job and give a good impression.

Let go of the things that would make you appear too comfortable

Turn off your phone, don’t chew gum, don’t isolate yourself, relate with other candidates.

Be free, but don’t appear too comfortable to be professional.

Consider yourself as a salesperson selling a product: 

That’s what an interview is all about: Selling yourself as someone fit for a particular position.

Be sure to showcase your skills, talents, strengths, and even your weaknesses.

The goal is not to sound perfect but to present yourself as someone fit for a particular role.

Don’t talk bad about your previous work experience or your boss

Focus on what you can do and not what the company would do for you

Don’t be so eager to ask about your pay

 Allow your interviewer to ask you before you answer.

Toward the end of the interview, ask questions on when to get feedback

This shows your interest in the job and informs you of the post-interview actions to take.

Saying Thank you can make a difference

Saying thank you would make you stand out from others. 

You can send this by email or any other means.

This would keep you in their good books and their minds for consideration.

Over to you

Although there is no particular template for job interviews, these interview secrets will serve as a guide.

Be as flexible as possible while making sure you’re professional.

Before you go for that interview, make sure you’re ready for the job. Keep working on yourself, grow your skill sets, build capacity, and develop soft skills like Emotional intelligence, teamwork, collaboration, discipline, self-reliance, etc.

This would give you an edge and also boost your confidence.

Remember, to always have a Cv and the necessary job requirement paperwork ready.

Plan ahead and apply these top interview secrets in your interview.

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