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5 Best Interior Design Online Courses You Can Take

Aspiring interior designers find it difficult to identify a good course among the pool of interior design online courses available.

In this article, we will take a look at the best 5 interior design courses available online.

The criteria for this selection are very simple. We took a look at the course contents and picked out the ones filled with so much value. Another factor considered is the reviews and ratings from previous students.

We also looked at the courses from accredited institutions and mixed them up with a few free courses. In case you want just an introductory course or a refresher.

The interior design courses listed in this article are so rich. Anyone you pick will give you all you need to get started as a professional interior designer. Even the refresher and introductory courses are the best you can find out there. With them, you’re sure you have the right foot at the door.

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Understanding What Interior Design Is All About

Interior Design is the art of decorating the interior of a home or office to suit the user’s preferences.

Have you ever been to someone’s house or office and got really fascinated by the look of the place? The way the chairs are arranged, the color of the paintings and furniture, the windows coverings, and even the lighting in the room. Everything looks aesthetically appealing.

That is the work of an interior designer. They make you want to stay in a place longer than you should. They make the interiors of a space look safe, welcoming, and beautiful.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer ensures the interiors of a space look their best by doing the following things:

He looks at the size of the room and plans on how to maximize it with the resources available.

Studies on how to place furniture and how people will move through the space.

Ensures the furnishings meet the user’s tastes. He does this by choosing the lighting, furniture, wall designs, flooring, and electronic gadgets.

He orders these materials and oversees their installations.

Works with the building engineers to execute the specified plans for the project.

Interior Design Software Programs

Here is a list of software programs interior designers use:

  • SketchUp
  • Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design
  • Easyhome Homestyler
  • AutoCAD
  • Roomstyler
  • SmartDraw
  • Floorplanner
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Cedreo
  • HomeByMe

What To Consider When Choosing An Interior Design Online Course

This depends on your expectations. If you are a student who is looking to get more insight into what interior design is all about, then the free introductory courses would be ideal. If you are a graduate who wants to beef up his resume to get better chances at interviews, you might want to consider certified courses.

But if you’re looking to be a licensed interior designer and run your own company, taking interior design online courses from accredited institutes might be your best bet.

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Top Interior Design Online Courses

1. Diploma In Interior Design – Interior Design Institute

This interior design course from the Interior Design Institute, United States is the best you can find out there. The course is structured to give you all the skills and training you need to excel as an interior designer.

It contains 12 modules, and one practical assignment follows each module. It is designed in a way that four to five hours of study every week for 24 weeks will see you through the course. However, you have access to the course for 12 months. And you can purchase extra extensions if need be. You are not under any pressure to complete the course.

The assignments provided at the end of each module are designed to help you build your professional portfolio. This is because they require you to participate in residential renovation tasks. These tasks require you to prepare and upload floor and lighting plans, provide color schemes, suggest accessories and furnishings, etc.

The most interesting thing is that you have access to a closed Facebook group where you can share ideas with previous students. You can even get your first interior design job or contract from the group, as there are over 20,000 students from different parts of the world.

The institute has full accreditation from relevant bodies like IARC, BBB, BAC, SBID, BAC, and CID.

The course is available for $999. You get a $100 discount if you are paying in full. There are other payment options available to make it easy and affordable for you. The course is made affordable and accessible to all as there is even a payment plan where you pay as little as $45 weekly. You also have a 7-day money-back guarantee should you change your mind after purchasing the course.

The instructors are not just great teachers, but experienced experts in their fields. You have a full guarantee to receive much value from this course.

Click here to go to the Institute’s website.

2. Online Interior Design Course – New York Institute Of Arts And Design

The New York Institute of Art and Design has made this course available to everyone who desires to become a professional interior designer. The course is designed to introduce you to design trends and history, furniture styles and fabric, color theory, and lighting.

You will have access to design projects that will help you master these skills. The course has four trained and practicing interior designers who will guide you throughout the course period.

The instructors will teach you how to source and work with interior design clients. You will learn all the skills needed for a successful career in interior design. From the point of pricing and contracts to purchasing, scheduling, and execution.

The course is approved by the Designer Society of America (DSA). Therefore, upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to take DSA’s Residential Interior Design Qualification Certification (RIDQC) Exam.

This certificate presents you as an authority in the field of Interior design. It enhances your professional image and increases your chances of earning higher.

The Online Interior Design Course costs $495. It gives you access to free membership with DSA for a year.  And you have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

To access the course, go here

3. Professional Interior Design Course – British College Of Interior Design

The British College of Interior Design is a household name in the industry. They’ve provided comprehensive interior design training to students in more than 80 countries for over a decade now.

The Professional Interior Design Course is structured in a very practical way. You will be assigned to an experienced mentor and tutor who will give you practical guides as you navigate the course modules.

The British College has made a bold promise of taking you through every aspect of the interior design profession. From the point of developing design concepts and applying them in real life to the business aspect of the job, where you learn to sell your design skills and services.

You will also learn the psychological aspect of the profession. Where you will discover how lifestyles and social preferences determine interior designs.

All you need is an interest and the willingness to learn about interior design.

The college has accreditation from IARC and IAPCC. With a certification from the college, you’re free to practice in the UK and any other part of the world.

It costs $460 to enroll in the course, and there are flexible payment options available. A full payment comes with a discount of $15. But you can split your payments into three, four, five, six, or even thirteen installments.

There’s a 7-day free trial for you to access the course contents and know if it’s worth your time and money.

Here is a link to access the course.

4. Making Architecture – Coursera

Coursera offers a wide range of quality interior design online courses. The interesting thing is that you can audit most of them for free. Even when you need a certificate, it comes at a very low cost.

The IE School of Architecture and Design, Spain, has made this course available for everyone who wants to understand what goes on in the mind of an Architect.

Taught by three of the best professors in IE, the course ushers you into the mind of a designer. You’ll learn what they do to train their creative minds and how they draw inspiration from their environment to make beautiful designs. You’ll also get to understand the technical aspects of design. Here are the course modules:

  • Welcome to the Mind of an Architect
  • Design Analysis
  • Creating Spaces
  • Design Process

You can access the course from here.

5. Interior Design Specialization- Udemy

This Interior Design Specialization course taught by the London School of Trends is designed to be so interactive that you will feel like it’s taking place in the traditional classroom setting.

There are 20 modules in the course, summing up to approximately 9 hours of study.  The instructor made sure to explain the psychology of designs in detail. You will learn how to transform your design ideas into reality.

So, whether you’re taking this course to refresh your memory or to get a comprehensive introduction to the world of interior design, you will gain value from it. Below are the modules of the course:

  • Introduction – The Design Process
  • Interior Structural Details
  • Creating Additional Space/Storage
  • Turning Ideas into Reality
  • Color Therapy & Psychology
  • Working with color, pattern & texture.
  • Developing Interior Styles
  • Room by Room Considerations
  • Entrance, hallway, stairs & landing interior
  • Living room and dining room interiors
  • Bedroom Interiors
  • Kitchen Interiors
  • Bathroom Interiors
  • Furniture, Fittings & Equipment
  • Furniture Concepts
  • Furniture Finishing
  • Lighting Concepts for Interior
  • Material Sustainability & Recycling for Interiors
  • Upholstery & window treatment
  • Bringing everything together (Final Project)

The course is available for $20 and can you can access it here.

Wrapping It Up On Interior Design Online Courses

Every day, thousands of clients are seeking interior designers who know their onions to help them beautify their homes or offices. There is always a surging demand for designers who are capable of giving homes or offices that pleasant, professional touch.

You can begin your design journey by taking one of the interior design courses listed here.

Interior Design Online Courses – FAQs

Can I Work As An Interior Designer Without A Degree?

You do not need a degree to work as an interior designer. All you need is to have that creative mindset of bringing ideas into reality and the willingness or desire to do it.

Do Interior Designers Need To Draw?

As an interior designer, you do not necessarily have to be an exceptional artist. But a basic knowledge about drawing would go a long way to help you. You will be required to sketch on some occasions. That is the only way you can communicate some of your ideas.  

Can You Learn Interior Design By Yourself?

With our carefully selected interior design online courses, you can teach yourself interior design. All you need is the dedication and desire to stick to the end.

What Is The Difference Between An Interior Designer And An Interior Decorator?

The major difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator is that an interior designer is more detailed and technical. From the onset, he imagines and considers how a space will be used and who will use it. He designs from scratch while having the finished project in his mind.
On the other, an interior decorator is more focused on the surface layout of the designs. He cares more about how the decorations (paintings, furniture, etc.) appear to the eyes and less about how the space will be used.

What Skills Do You Need To Be An Interior Designer?

To be a successful interior designer, you need the following skills:
You have to be creative and detailed. This is because you’d be required to come up with different ideas to match your client’s preferences.
You also need to be able to identify trends. Know when a particular design is in vogue and when it is phasing out.
Communication is key in this field. Your ability to effectively communicate your ideas to your prospective clients is what determines if you’ll land the job or not.
You need to know how to sketch. Either with pen and paper or with a computer. Knowledge of interior design programs will set you apart from others.
An interior designer is an organized person. You need to be really organized to be able to deliver to your customers without incurring extra costs or delaying the agreed delivery time.


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